Seven Kingdoms, The Princess Problem

My first playthroughs of a game tend to be a self insert, and after the personality establishment I ended up as a Corval Court Lady, so I’m biased towards that MC. Plus I love Hamin and the angle of Hise and Corval about to go to war. That’s also probably part of the reason I also love being a pirate from Hise and romancing Zarad! I mentioned in the other thread that depending on my romance end goal for that playthrough, I choose an MC that fits best with that particular RO!

The Corval and Hise MCs are great because they’re both great at persuasion overall, and everything is easier when you can get people to do what you want (and do it happily) :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Corval MC is extra great at politics and scheming, while Hise MC focuses more on courage and general badassery.

Tomboy is a lot of fun but doesn’t have the social graces to really accomplish her goals or enact a lot of change. At least, not easily.

The Sheltered Princess is cute with Emmett, but otherwise, not my cup of tea. It’s great that she’s the stereotypical perfect princess, but she’s a bit too mild-mannered for me to really get into her character.

I like to use ambitious widow for my more evil playthroughs, she can get a lot done.

The Scholarly Lady is also interesting, but doesn’t stand out to me as much as some of the others.

That being said, since it’s harder to get what I want right off the bat with the scholar, the princess and the tomboy, they can provide a more interesting/challenging playthrough!

What about you? (like wolfsra said)

I AM SO EXCITED YOU DO NOT EVEN KNOW. This game looks like everything I’ve ever dreamed. :heart_eyes:

Thanks so much for sharing!


No problem!! Let me know what you think and if it meets your expectations :blush:

I just finished my first playthrough. Hmmm. It is very good. I’ll definitely be buying this once it’s finished and released.


This is exceptionally amazing! Thank you for sharing it! (I’ve played through it so many times and there is still more content. AHH.)

Questions for anyone who knows the answer. It’s about one of the ‘secret’ romances, I think.

First, Jaspar is one of them, correct? Just confirming to be sure. c;
Secondly, …how do you unlock his route? I’ve visited him in the room once each week, invited him to my first event, introduced myself to the maids in a friendly manner, compromised between him and Hamin, didn’t say I want marriage when asked what my goals were (not sure that changes anything?, and then I told him that people are horrible when asked what’s wrong. Halp please? <3

Anywho, awesome game! I added it to my list of ‘make sure you buy this’. I think my favorite character is Zarad because the banter between him and the MC is brilliant and hilarious. My favorite background also depends on the route because some are so complimentary to a certain character/political aspect it’s delicious. 10/10 ambitious, exciting, game.

For the secret romance you are asking about:

First of all, yes you’re right! Jasper is a secret romance option! Here are the steps to unlocking his route:
-Introduce yourself in a friendly manner
-Invite him, Ria, and Sayra to breakfast
-Chose the explore the castle option and go to your room during week 1
-Invite him to your event
-Compromise with Jasper and Hamin
-explore your room week 2
-explore your room Week 3
-“People are terrible, Jasper”
-Ask to hear his advice before the final meeting with the Matchmaker
-Choose not to marry or romance anyone

And that should do it :slight_smile:

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I am very much enjoying being a delegate from Jiyel. :blush: Nerd Nobility unite!


Who’s your favorite RO when playing as someone from Jiyel and what stats do you focus on?

I’ve picked up this game recently. God, the Matchmaker made ME want to cry. Her leitmotif should have been Darth Vader’s theme music.


I’ve only done one playthrough so far! I wound up with Emmett because he seemed trustworthy and clearly someone doesn’t like the Jiyel MC, as evidenced by her poisoning. Plus, herbs seemed useful for mitigating that!. I also think Arland and Jiyel would be a highly intriguing combination.

However, Lord Claremont and Duke Lyon are probably my favorites. Unfortunately I couldn’t figure out how to unlock their paths!

As for stats, very high intelligence, grace, poise, manipulation, history, politics, academics… The matchmaker bluntly told me to focus a bit on looks so I managed something there. :wink: But unfortunately my Jiyel MC is gutless and frail.

Can we talk for a minute though about how the Jiyel MC is COMPLETELY CHILL with the fact that she is fatally poisoned in the first week and is convinced she is smart enough to outwit her poisoner? Because that girl ought to come with her own insane courage stat. Like whoa.


I’m so glad to see this game on here! I’ve been following it pretty closely for a while now and it’s just so much fun! I’ve made too many playthroughs and I still don’t think I’ve even scratched the surface yet!

I think my favorite guys as of the three week mark are Clarmont, Hamin, and oddly enough (since I also don’t typically like the over-zealous flirts) Zarad although honestly I love most of them a lot. It’s such a good game. I can’t wait to purchase the full version.

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It’s a really good game. I liked being able to make so many friends. There were certain people I really didn’t like though. And some that surprised me how much I did like. Those I met in the first greeting and I initially thought that I’d like to get to know better, didn’t want to know more of me. And some surprised me by how willing they were to stick around.

Mostly I liked the friendships. I was really surprised by how kind and understanding people were about being rejection.

I wish I could play matchmaker. (Actually would love to play a game like this where I am The Matchmaker. She has the best job. In fact I’d love to write that sort of game, but I’m awful at writing on my own.)

I am certainly hoping a few others pair up. I like watching their interactions with each other. I kept inviting the same people to my parties in the hope that they’d click, but so far only Hamin and Zarad conspired together. to ruin/improve my midnight picnic which I absolutely loved even if that totally wasn’t the point. I’ve likely missed other interactions. I really wanted to spy on them all, see how everyone else is getting on with each other.

So, I have a question.

If you could play matchmaker, who would you pair up? (And who would you kick off the island).


I like this question. :grinning:

Penelope and Emmett. Because they both like flowers and are adorable.

Ana and Gisette because Ana would soften her up and would laugh at every barbed thing she said.

Cordelia and Lisle because they are both such proper nobles and I really like the idea of Cordelia and Penelope and Emmett being in laws.

Jarrod and Avalie because she could manipulate circles around his arrogant self.

I would play a Matchmaker game to death. Omg.


@SwanMaiden You know, I forgot about how chill the Jiyel delegate was about the poisoning! That makes me respect her so much more. You’re right, that girl has insane courage! I wonder who did it. I wonder what groups are threatening each MC actually, and it’s interesting to see the huge differences in what each MC is threatened with.

Also, to unlock Clarmont’s path, when you introduce yourself to him the first time you have to choose to go save Penelope yourself, which you can do one of three ways: 1. You’re really brave/strong and can pull her away 2. You are smart enough to confuse Jarrod with technical jargon or 3.You are manipulative enough to convince him to go talk to someone else. Also, Clarmont will NOT get together with an amoral MC, so when you go on your first date with him a maid drops a personal letter. DO NOT TAKE THE LETTER! Sometimes there is the choice to take it or leave it if you’re really manipulative. If you’re completely amoral there is no option to leave it, but if you’re really moral there is no option for you to take it!

To unlock Lyon when you first meet him and introduce yourself, choose the option that says something like"that’s ridiculous, you’re assuming there’s a standard objective…" After, do NOT just gossip or smalltalk, then when saying goodbye choose the option where you tell him you enjoy time with him. He doesn’t invite you to an actual “date” during week 1, but Jasper tells the MC that during the week you can go to the library and find him. If you say yes to that, at some point during the week you’ll go to the library and find him there. If you don’t have a certain level of intelligence the date ends quickly. I think it ha to be over 50 at that point? Not entirely sure, but that’s it!

Penelope and Emmett would be adorable!! I hadn’t even thought of matching up the others. Clarmont and Penelope would be cute together too, since his default is chivalrous. I could see her and Emmett being the kind of couple that are also best friends and garden together while when I picture Penelope and Clarmont I see him doting on her, trying to make her smile and open up and her blushing furiously.

@FairyGodfeather I love the friendships too! Everyone being so kind about the rejection makes me love them even more, and I can’t wait to see how those relationships grow in the future. The rejection scene makes me feel so guilty, it would be so much easier if they weren’t so darn kind about it!
Being the matchmaker would be a lot of fun, but right now I’m curious about exactly what is going on with the people who live on that island. There are a lot of scenes you can find where you can tell something is weird, and Jasper has apparently been a butler at a lot of Summits but he does not look as old as he should, and a lot of other things. I want to know exactly how old the matchmaker is as well as more about her background too!
I really hope that at some point the game will allow us to push people together, whether because we think they’d be good together or for our own schemes :wink:


My favorite WIP is now this game. I love this! But is it really not a CS game? I mean, in that I recognize beta-testers from this forum.

Also, I played through the first three weeks, and there are supposed to be four more, but … well, how do I ask… I expect this probably took quite a while to get to this point? Uh, should I expect the finished game anywhere within the next couple years? I mean, I -reeeeeallly- like this game.

I’ve only played through once (so far) as a Hise Pirate- and romanced Ana (who just seemed to naturally like me) - but ohmahgawrsh I wanna play it again! I absolutely adore how it’s put together so far! I mean -adore- it! Some of the things feel like what I want to achieve with one of my games, but done better. Well, you have the romance down just right, imo. I love it; I’m buying the game when it’s done. Absolutely.

I need to try again to find out how much opinions from people shift. Or if some individuals just plain don’t like you. I have new favorite ROs in this game, if this is (kinda) a CS game (kinda). And characters! Oh! explodes with happiness The characters are all so fun and interesting!

Mooooaaaaaaaar! : D I wanna preorder this.


It’s made with Ren’py instead of Choicescript so it’s not a CS game, but it prioritizes similar things like stats and a variety of customization options. So the style is similar!

And I knowwwww I super want to buy it now but I also know the last few weeks must take forever to write and code. :smile:

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It’s crazy when you think that, in scope of things, the game is less than half done.

If you look on the website under the state of the game tab it says the game is still on track to be released by the end of the year! Which is AWESOME!!
Here’s the site
And I think she’s planning on creating a kickstarter! If/when she does I’ll definitely put a link here


I’m loving this demo (thanks again for sharing it alliebee), however, I have a couple questions. Does anyone have any idea how to raise Insight?

And if there are some tips to romancing Gisette, I’d highly appreciate ie.

@Shawn_Patrick_Reed, @SwanMaiden is absolutely correct on the engine. Doing coding for a game on RenPy, you can do pretty much the same thing in RenPy as you can with Choicescript. It’s just RenPy has a reputation for Visual Novels. If someone included images with ChoiceScript, it would serve a similar purpose.

The only way I know of the raise insight is to choose the correct responses when first meeting everyone. These charts show how they effect stats. Like, when you talk to Jaslen, if you greet her politely you can etiquette and if you ask about the attendees you’ll get insight (yay!).

Here’s the link: Insight Guide!

I don’t any other way to get it. If you choose to arrive early and speak to 13 people, you can get 70 points (cause Ana introduces herself.)

EDIT: also oohh! I did that (romanced Gisette). High manipulation is ESSENTIAL (I think) and you can get it up to 80 in the beginning by picking the 3 options that are “I talk my way out of things” in character creation and, when saying goodbye to Ana redirect her to Gisette. Manipulative gets the most respect/romance and you’ll fail her first date if you’re not persuasive enough. It helps too if you want to lie to her, unless you’re willing to lose morality.

Here’s a character creation guide: Origin

Interpersonal insight should help too but idk. Hidden origins are gonna be so cool! I want to play through all of them.

Here’s a good all around Guide too.