Seven days in purgatory (2020 Sept 5th, Chapters 3/7) [LF Nb betas!] (sfw thread)

Ahhhhh…this wip gets me every damned time :heart: It’s just so well written! The atmosphere is comfortable but creepy at the same time, as is your relationship. It’s unlike anything else I have read and I. Am. Here. For. It. ☆

My MC is sarcastic and flirty. She enjoys her hubby because…what other choice does she have at this point? But he is also very endearing in how he treats her, and a gal has needs. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: She IS quite unnerved when he won’t answer her questions though. She hates feeling in the dark about her own life. So yeah, trying to piece things together is her main goal at the moment…I love how slowly things are faintly revealed. It’s just such an interesting approach to play an MC with amnesia I LOVE IT SO MUCH!!! GREAT JOB!


I’ll be trying to expand the options and add narration differences between low and high attunement! But there still will be certain parts of the story (especially in earlier days) where you can’t control your reactions because you haven’t been able to cast away your past self completely. This will usually be characterised by a strange physical reaction or trance like mood, as it was in the vows.


At first I was kinda confused about the title and description, thinking “Ok this spouse person is kinda nice I guess”

And the line: “I will always get you back”

I am concerned, confused, scared, and very intrigued.



Playing the new chapter gave me awesome shivery feelings of creepy delight. I love the hints that, if you so choose, your character is just as creepy and, uh, unconventional as A is. Also, as someone whose country had an ancient tradition of drinking the other party’s blood to solidify a covenant or brotherhood, the vow renewal gave me the shivers. Granted, it’s super duper creepy in our more modern times, especially when it was dumped on the character with little to no context beforehand, but knowing my country’s historical traditions gave it a different… taste? (pun unintended) than just creepy, possibly obsessive people making over the top signs of love. It gave it a different kind of weight. Or maybe that’s just me. The tradition I’m talking about is called sanduguan, btw! In case anyone’s curious :slight_smile:


Heeeeey, do you have tumblr? I would like to follow you there, if you have any.
I loooveee the plot line, the concept, and will definitely waiting for your every update and buy your game when it finish. Good work!


Now that I’ve seen this, i cannot unsee it! I’ve adjusted my mindset according to this theory and proceed to go through several playthroughs, and everything just simply makes so much sense! This actually fits waaay better than my own theory of us being a victim of Stockholm Syndrome, or that we’ve run away from an obsessive ex-lover; especially after the blood-exchanging ceremony scenes. And I’m really thrilled to find out how much of a monster that the MC was. I’m totally in the bandwagoon of the MC being a cannibal


So I played the demo. I’m confused as hell but I like how its written.


Thank you! I do have a tumblr account but I don’t really use it for any particular purpose. I’m not really familiar with the platform.

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I really enjoyed reading your story it actually gave me both a sense of wonder and slight bit of fear towards the end. Really am looking forward to the rest.


With this version’s ending ceremony I’m now quite sure either MC or the ‘partner’ is missing some screws in the head. Story is now extremely weird, creepy and totally unique. Loved every bit of it. Also your writing style is perfect for this story.Who said cannibals don’t like fresh vegetables and fruits right ?


exactly yes!! at first I was just thinking maybe I’m simply biased bc I watched and adored that show but, it makes sense. there is no way in hell mc is a sane person themselves, the theory that the crash was just A trying to injured mc to not let them get away after mc possibly suggested breaking up with them didn’t really…
sit right with me?
I more felt like mc, before losing their memories knew who/what A is but they were… alright with it, or did relate to them.

also how on earth did A manage to get mc, an unconscious patient to travel from the states to finland?? A definitely is shady enough that they get to pull off something like that, I didn’t believe A saying their job is just “analyzing,” but apart from that mc’s behavior weirded me as well. at first I went with my to-go loving mc and, I was confused. there was just something wrong with them. whether if mc accepted A’s love or rejected being touched, they still were… weird.

and about my mc, finally figured him out!! he does trust anthony but, is internally very conflicted. the absent of his memories/the unknown is very much scary, and A’s love feels like the only grounding and secure thing. I doubt he actually does have feelings for anthony. :man_shrugging: sucks to be him ig haha.


I’m trying to add reaction options in chapter 1 right now. Do you have any suggestions for the

Now, ${Anthony} smiles with affection and mischief. Another familiar look.

“How can I not when I behold such rare beauty?”


Maybe a blushing option, and like different remarks? (Like a denial, or like a sarcastic response?)