Seven days in purgatory (2020 Sept 5th, Chapters 3/7) (ko-fi open: Jan 6)

oh god, I think I want so much romance in games etc. that the only thought i had when A did the ceremony with mc is that A is so romantic and sweet (i mean i was like :grimacing: "are u ok??? I don’t want to eat ur blood :sob: and A whines when u say it’s ew!! sigh…) anyway i gave up with the creepy…A is so sweet, and they’re so happy when you give them kisses and hugs…:pleading_face:…im a very weak person who’s just looking for love :pleading_face: dammit i’m one of those people who would be killed at the beginning of a fricking movie :sob:


So lol you’re like the main lead’s best friend?!?
And you’d probably be killed by (your partner) the one you (love) has a crush on according what you said


Gosh I’m falling for this one :yellow_heart:
I love your writing, it’s incredibly immersive
Literally can not wait for the next update
While the spouse is certainly not right in the head and potentially dangerous, I still want a happy ending for them :sob:

I don’t think the spouse is lying about their past. Omitting some truths maybe, certainly concerning the accident. They do know each other intimately. Their professions are as he says they are.
The spouse wants to…ease the mc into their true lifestyle perhaps?
Whatever it is, I think they were both in on it. Two misfits with an " both of us against the world" kind of mentality


“can I trust (insert spouse)”

“I don’t know, I did”

aw crap is that the bird speaking? ohhhh no…
Auuuugghhh I hope for a good ending but I don’t know if that makes me a fool or not ahah


Found a small pronoun error for a female MC

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omfg yea :sob::broken_heart::joy:

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I just devoured the whole demo within a day and I’m HOOKED! Really really love your writing style, it’s honestly such a joy to read it.


okk so I’ve been thinking…

theory that's probably going to age terribly (SPOILERS)

the guy/gal the MC’s with is not entirely right in the head but I feel like they really do care about the well being of the MC… I also feel like they’re not really lying about the MC’s past , just purposely omitting crucial truths (but I do have some doubts about the whole “car accident” thing, the MC most definitely almost drowned but idk… I feel like something isn’t right about that and I see this as the only thing the spouse might ctually be blatantly lying about… I’ll get to that in a sec).

There’s a recurring theme of cannibalism and violence that seems to come from the spouse…

BUT here’s the thing: what if the real “problem” wasn’t the spouse, but the MC themselves? Think about it: anomie, nightmares, feeling of not fitting in and “weird desserts”… it does feel like the we’re hiding, but what if the spouse isn’t hiding the MC because they are doing something wrong, but because the MC THEMSELVES did something wrong?
What if the MC is unknowingly being protected by the spouse from the authorities?

What if, in the past, just before going in a coma, the MC did something terrible (COUGH shovel COUGH) that forced them both to leave in a hurry, crashing in the commotion and not even having enough time to go get the cat?


things that made me think this might be the case:

-why not go get Hannibal? (sure the MC was probably DYING right then but I mean, THE CAT.)

-the MC doesn’t feel normal in the sense that they feel like they don’t fit in, and this reaaaaally triggers them, they might throw hands.
“Not enough blood”, -the nightmare about the people posing weird

-gore in the nightmares. sure they were a nurse but still such violence is uncommon even in that line of work, and with what I referenced in the point above you might see where I’m coming from:
what if the MC themselves was the one causing such violence?

-“Funny, I was sure I was damned to Hell…”. Like, that could just be a bitter joke, but also an admission of some sort of guilt…

-If the SPOUSE was the one who did something wrong, unless they’re more insane than I thought (which could definitely be but whatevs lol) they wouldn’t really encourage the MC to get their memories back, on the countrary, they should fear the MC remembering something terrible about them, which doesn’t really seem to be the case tbh…

-and finally, our spouse feels greedy. Now hear me out on this one. this point could be interpreted as something that confirms that the spouse is guilty of something and not the MC, BUT things might not be as they seem…
In fact, keeping someone from getting arrested and maybe even getting the help they need after they’ve done something very wrong just because you don’t want to let them go is, technically, a form of greed.
If our MC is disturbed in a way that makes them potentially dangerous in certain situations, keeping them from getting the help they need enables them to hurt others and most importantly (for the spouse), themselves.
Sure an arrest might mean they wouldn’t be able to see each others for a long time, heck, maybe even forever, but if the MC actually was a danger, turning them in would still be the right thing to do even with their best interest in mind, and the spouse would know that and feel guilty cause they’re not doing so.

wanting to protect them and care for them might actually be doing them more harm than good, hence THE FRIGGING BIRD PARALLEL (poor birdie :,(


Things that make me think this might NOT be the case:

-if something terrible happened, the shoveling at the start is probably referring to that and not just coming from the spouse gardening. BUT IF THE MC was the one who did it, why aren’t THEY the ones digging?

-The spouse might be innocent but they’re still very sus I mean who the hell drinks blood?? But then again the MC also used to do that so wth what do I know lol

aaannd this is my theory, thank you