Seven days in purgatory (2020 Sept 5th, Chapters 3/7) (ko-fi open: Jan 6)

bhsjd I love this thank you xD

A definitely would let u peg

In the nb option, you can choose to appear feminine regardless of your assigned gender and use she/her pronouns if you want!

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I think I did mean it to be seen in that context. Well, multiple contexts, but part of why I wrote this was to reach out to the misfits and the anomies. Everytime someone says they’ve related to that feels like I’ve succeeded in that.

I’m actually changing the title to La Jalousie lol

Oh, I definitely will see what I can do.


Alright, so here’s my theory

I think the spouse is a serial killer living in Finland. The spouse lured tourists and killed them but this time the serial killer has a change of plans and wants to live a normal live. So, this person finds a “perfect” tourist candidate to kidnap so then the serial killer can cause MC’s amnesia and makes them wheelchair bound forever. With this, the serial killer tries to live a normal live pretending to be your spouse.


Your brain says that you loved your spouse. Idk if they’re reliable but i do think they were married


I’m just gonna ignore how suspicious the spouse is because some of their interactions are cute even if they might be keeping the MC locked up or be lying to them.

In any case this game is amazing and I can’t wait for more.


That’s… actually a good plot, for me.

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Waaaahhh I’ve read the demo and I love this kind of sorry for the word mind fuck scenarios, plus I have an inkling that Yancy my spouse is hiding a dark secret lol maybe he killed Nico? Because Nico was actually the MCs real frigging partner meehh I don’t know haha its tickling the gears of my brain~ but its really great!! Well Done!!! Heres a heart for u :heart:

Edit: lol cant help it, heres some theory
1.MC was in an induced coma due to Hypnosis, therefore everything about his husband is fake, and like a brainwashed pup the MC is … leading to Nico, MCs real husbando.

2.MC is a clone? Ahaha like in the Movie Elizabeth Harvest check it out


First of all, I love the pacing, the feel and the suspense it builds. I am certainly looking forward to more updates :heart:

My theory is that both the MC and our spouse have some sort of “abnormality”, for lack of a better word, someone that does not conform to the norms of society and that is why our MC often encounters prison memories maybe because they were imprisoned themselves. Knowing this, they develop a sort of bond and then they marry. There is also a scene where the spouse asks us on our opinions on how people consume meats and I think it correlates to how they commited their “misdemeanors”. Lastly, at the time where we re-enact our vows, it gave me vibes where the MC and our spouse’s last crime will be to eat each other… literally.

Well, whatever the truth is, I am definitely interested and excited.


I haven’t finished the demo yet but there’s so much I already feel like might be leaning towards the theory of MC being a serial killer. The triggers were a huge clue, tbh. The spouse isn’t abusive in any way, and if they were, you’d have mentioned it. Then there’s the stuff about the cat being named Hannibal. Who the eff names their pet Hannibal? There’s the stuff about child abuse, pretty run of the mill serial killer origin story. MC can be very self-righteous; our attunement increased when we blamed the humans; and of course, lots of empathetic people also hate the meat industry but then they just turn vegan and don’t start hunting. What does “hunting” mean? Whom are we hunting? Also, we’re anomic. I know our spouse downplayed its meaning but saying we’re anomic in the psychiatric sense rather than the sociological one is pretty damning. Our spouse knew us when they were 15 and we were 20 and I feel like we might have “groomed” them to assist us in our madcap killing sprees, and they might have been instrumental in helping us cover up some of our crimes. Then there’s the hospital stuff and the brain stuff. We’re obviously very intelligent and multilingual but we never really achieved the great heights we could have…and there is a slight hint of bitterness there. And when we nearly drowned, everyone thought we died, so it all “worked out”.

Anyway, that’s my theory. There’s plenty more contributing to it, but if all of this ends up being a red herring, I salute you and your writing. Speaking of the writing, it’s very evocative and I really like it! :slight_smile:

I did notice a small typo though.

Schrödinger is misspelt.

Anyway, instead of sleeping, I’m now going to finish the demo and come back and edit my reply if it ends up being something else!

Edit 1: Oh, and obviously I forgot the import of our dream where everyone was mocking us. No matter how much we tried to blend in, we stood out and were mocked and called all sorts of names. A remnant from the time we were abused by our foster parents? (I’ve decided our spouse and we were foster siblings because why else would we have lived together without being in love for so long?) Or simply paranoia?

Edit 2: All right, I agree with everyone on MC and Spouse being the c-word. And I’m going to go right ahead and say that it all started when MC murdered and ate the abusive foster parent. Lol! The scene with the blood delicacies killed me.

Edit 3: Erinyes, the dispensers of righteous punishment. Oh my gosh, at this point I really hope it isn’t what we think it is, because it has become too obvious. And hey, if it really isn’t and these were all red herrings, I will flood this post with surprised Pikachu faces!


And then TWIST : MC is the serial killer and the spouse the victim with Stockholm syndrom ! :joy:

This theory had to be said ~.


Yo, so in the beginning, “It worked”, my husband/wife says. In my first playthroughs, I initially thought that the thing that worked was “bringing mc back alive” or “curing mc’s coma” or just “making mc recover”.

But what if the thing that worked is actually “making mc forget his/her memories



Semester’s over and I’m taking a year off uni, so I can focus more on writing now.

Bad news: I’ve barely even begun writing chapter 4.
Good news: I have time and motivation to do so now, and you can follow the progress on ko-fi!
You don’t need to pay to see what meagre content I spew out there, but a donation would be awesome nonetheless.

Example page:



Oi @Sel_Lee

MC’s spouse is a female and it says himself…

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fix updated.

I knew I should suspect but well I am weak against man who take care of me even I don’t know their motives.


hooo boy my therapist would kill me if they found out i was reading this.
does it make me uncomfortable beyond what is probably advisable ? absolutely
do i have to take momentary breaks to calm down and continue reading ? ah yeah
am i still reading it because goddamn the writing is goooood ? obviously

can’t really say i look forward for what’s to come but i do hope you enjoy writing whatever brilliance you have thought up. it’s not often you find someone that can consistently draw out such vast emotions from the reader


to say i’m intrigued would be an understatement. your writing flows so nicely and really sucked me in, and you do such a good job of setting the domestic and calm facade before a dream sequence or an offhand comment made by the Spouse reminds me to confront the absurdity of MC’s situation and the (pleasantly?) unsettling feeling i get thinking about it :sob: this has got to be one of my favorite WIPs right now, and i can’t wait to see what direction it goes!
also i don’t know if you’re still looking for enby beta readers, but i’m nonbinary and i have decent writing experience.

here are my theories/thoughts about what i've noticed so far:
  1. okay, so it opens up with the MC hearing someone in the garden shoveling dirt. we later find out our Spouse tends to the garden quite often, but of course we don’t remember if they did frequently before we woke from our comatose state. then the MC remembers being in water, and drowning. our spouse says we crashed the car and fell into a lake, but what if the spouse drowned us? alternatively, our spouse could be burying poor Hannibal, and the vegetables and herbs we picked could be grown from the poor cat’s remains. :crying_cat_face:
  2. the spouse’s story about how they killed that bird, unsettled me, to say the least. i have a feeling that it’s a metaphor about us. did they squeeze us to hard too? is that why we can’t remember?

  3. i’ve noticed (three?) reoccurring themes in the story. water (the bathtub, the beach, the river/creek, the siren that MC appears as), birds (the spouse’s bird that they killed, the MC’s dream siren, again. ), and blood/cannibalism (that,blood chocolate? blood in the bathtub, the spouse’s talk about,everything? :sob: the talk about hunting, i don’t really know where i’m going with this one, but it freaked me out enough to take note of
  4. i’ll probably update my theories as i replay and look at the next chapter titles :flushed:

With all due respect and no offense intended: you Bastard ! Could you perhaps have made me feel sympathy for a couple of sociopathic cannibals ? Is this what you have done ?
You may be wondering where in carnation I’d get this crazy idea from, but hear me out, people of the interwebs, there are serveral clues:

  • first of all, we all know something is wrong with our spouse. It seems like they are keeping us in this isolated finnish summerhouse, without disclosing why we are there, how we got there, why they are treating a serious head injury by themselves, and how the heck we even got that injury in the first place (maybe not only to our head, but also our arm and leg in some more minor way, as they are sometimes described as feeling strange or being injured. This may all have happened in the crash, but it feels kinda weird that our spouse doesn’t elaborate what kinda injury it is or how exactly it might have happend, since we should understand that, as a nurse.)
  • this also all feels kinda planned. I mean, who has a confenient self-sustaining summerhouse in the finnish countryside with all kinds of appliances specific to their tastes just laying around, for such an occasion ? It seems like it’s being regularly used which brings us to the following point:
  • the fricking goose. This bird haunts me in my dreams. Not only is it implied that either we ourselves or our spouse hunted the poor guy, I hate that your bird-self (also a worrying parallel) nonchalantly tells you that: yes, that meat your partner gave you was indeed a goose. Like, what else would it be ? And how would we know ?
  • the bird analogy does not end there. Spouse’s bird-killing story makes y’all really uncomfortable now that we identify as a bird, doesn’t it ? But maybe that’s not what this is about. Maybe we really are a siren. A monster that lures poor unsuspecting men to our remote rock, where we then proceed to gobble them up. Think about it, as a nurse working in prison, how hard could it be for us to make people vanish ? And it’s not like they’re good people, right ? You would only hunt those that deserve it - set them free if you wish. After all, you don’t like domestication. And to you they are animals, not as intelligent or sophisticated as you or your spouse. Like sheep, they flock together in their sameness and subconsciously recognise you as the wolf in their midst and shun you for it. Is it not natural that you start hunting ? Because:
  • that seems to be your instinct. Your dreams are blood-filled and gruesome. And when you wake from them you bite whoever is near you, dissappointed that you can’t chomp down to bone. You didn’t seem to mind the taste or the idea of drinking blood, even if it comes from other people. After all, humans are only mammals like any other, right ? And the disgust people instinctually have when it comes to eating their own is nothing but a cultural norm, not based on any science or real ethical philosphy.

Or at least, this might be the case. Especially for your animal-torturing spouse and maybe your ironic cannibal-loving catowner self.
Not only the torturing of animals, but the pseudo-intellectual superiority our two characters display, the mc’s inability to connect with others, spouse’s possessiveness, this all reads like bloody red flags to me. And kudos to you, Author, for making me like the bunch, even a little bit. Also, I don’t like it and if I can I will kill everyone on this little patch of corpse-soiled grass, including the mc. I really hope that will be an option in the end, after you find out about the truth. Also, also; I hope our sweet little kitty-cat finds good owners that won’t feed it human flesh or that it does eat our corpses in the end, develops a taste for human cannibals and continues to hunt them down whereever they are. Noone can hide from cannibal-kitty.


please tell me we aren’t imagining everything, like MC’s spouse is dead in reality :persevere: (and our cat too) btw i really like our spouse…please i really wanna be happy with them :pleading_face: (happy ending with them pls :sob:)


i agree :sob: i really love them already help :pleading_face::point_right::point_left:


WoW those are some WILD(est) theories @princessjelliefish and @Darkmelody lol love 'em for how creepy they are…
And @Sel_Lee

Have a lovely day with your Valentine(s) everyone