Seven Bullets error?


I’ve been playing Seven Bullets and whenever I die, I get something like ‘error hell line 5’. I’ve reported it but I was wondering if anyone knew whether the game is supposed to continue after ‘you don’t feel quite dead yet…’ or whether you’re supposed to restart the game from there because all I get is a white screen unless there’s another option that was available for me to choose. I don’t know if I should restart or just wait for the patch so I can continue from where I left off (assuming you’re able to continue it).


unfortunately, you’ll have to start over.

And yes, you pretty much have to just wait for the patch. We asked Apple for an expedited review, but they seem to have turned us down.


The patch has been approved. Should be live in an hour or so.


It’s definitely live now. However, I’ve also received notice that the Achievements don’t work on iOS.

Has anyone been able to get an Achievement to fire on iOS since the patch?


Turns out, I didn’t need to restart the game and it just continued where it left off after it got patched but I haven’t been able to get achievements either.