Setting a simple counter along with *hide_reuse

Hello everyone,

I’m new on Choicescript and I may need some help if u don’t mind, i’m a French guy so maybe it play a little on how i’m searching my answer without find it (And god knows i’m searching a lot before creating a topic, i mean it’s quicker to find it myself if i’m able too)

So there is my issue :

I’m trying to create 2 hobbies for the character, named :

  • First hobby
  • Second hobby

But the problem is I don’t know how I can disable the first choice they made when they have to choice the second one, and I don’t know how i can block the number of choices to 2.

I tried a lot of things, tried to create 2 labels “Hobby1” “Hobby2”, the *hide_reuse command which work but I have to use *goto Hobby1 so I can’t go to the introduction of the story unless I select all of the choices available…

I really need help on this, thanks you !

I would start by taking a look at


Those should give you some basic pointers. If you like, post your code, and we can give you some specific tips.

It sounds like you want to set a variable like *temp hobbychoice 0 at the start of your file.

Then each time you choose a hobby, after the choice, *set hobbychoice +1.

Then you can make the options in this format:

*hide_reuse *selectable_if (hobbychoice < 2) #A choice

And then have something like

*selectable_if (hobbychoice >= 2) #Done!

at the end.

Thanks you, I managed to fix it with an another topic and your post ! :slight_smile:

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