Serious question

#1 the picture with the person falling into the water, I seem that picture a lot but I want to know if its real, & if you dont know its okay, but what do you think of the picture?


I don’t think it’s real considering it’s pretty dark underwater especially without the sun. And as you can see it’s pretty deep which makes it darker down there.

But it could be real abd they just photoshopped the water surface away


It appears fake, since there’s no “emotion” to the piece; the hue of the water doesn’t vary in the slightest.


@MarvelousMatty Where’s the sky? Or the surface of the water for that matter? The splash radius indicates there should be a surface but I cannot see one. As to whether the person him/herself is real; I’m no artist but it looks like the figure is hand drawn.


@P0RT3R yeah, I just thought it was a cool picture