(Sequel)Equia: The Forbidden Kingdom (WIP) - Chapter 5 Start!(13/1/2020)


“Time is free, but it’s priceless. You can’t own it, but you can use it. You can’t keep it, but you can spend it. Once you’ve lost it you can never get it back.” - The Four Serpents.

Welcome back to the world of Equia. Continue Trinog’s journey in this sequel, the world is a lot darker place now, and the fate of many hang by a thread. Discover more mysteries, and learn more about your origins…travel back three thousand years in the past to change things for the present time. (Careful with consequences!)

Perhaps you will find new love? Or will you perhaps be the one who is responsible for the new dragon age?


After centuries they’re back. The demons have returned, the seal is weakened. And once more these ancient creatures are roaming the world and infesting the lands.

Their shadow has spread across the Kingdom of Gantrick, and now the said kingdom has completely fallen under their influence.

You’re Trinog Dragonhold, from a child with past of mystery, to a king of city of Ergas and Skyguard Empire. But not all of your mysteries have been resolved, the truth waits to be found.

Travel three thousand years in the past and make changes, but be aware of consequences…because once you come back, nothing will be the same.


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Latest Updates
  • 25/12 - Some typos fixed, 50,000 words for Chapter 2 released, added “Load” option for those who can’t read in one go.

  • 30/12 -Typos hunted down like demons are. Finished with the first part of the story related to chapter 2, started chapter 3.

  • 3/1/2020 - Fixed some of the bad labels. Chapter 3 is finished, started working on chapter 4.

  • 6/1/202 - Added “Codex” under Stats section. It serves as a mini wiki on Equia, where you can check and obtain some information regarding people of interest, or areas…more will be added in time. Chapter 4 has started, and it currently contains 12,225 words available to go through.
    I’ve added Loading of Chapter 4 under Load section of course, be sure to answer questions asked properly!


  • Codex Updated.
  • Chapter 4 is finished, Chapter 5: Shadow and Flame starting.

This game may contain mature themes, mentionings of nudity, tobacco usage and so on. You’ve been warned. Read according to your own wishes.

As always, feedback appreciated and welcome.

Poll: A little pool to help me with something if you would be so kind as to show me who did you choose as a romance partner in Sequel. Amynth or Estrella. ((NOTE: Vote based on your decision within CHAPTER 5))

  • Amynth
  • Estrella

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well i might as well give feed back started up the game and noticed there no save uh i guessing you proble gonna put that in later on?.

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Hey, and thanks. As i always say any sort of feedback or comment is welcome.

Regarding the save stuff…maybe…i am still debating with myself on that. Unlike in the first book, there are death scenarios here, and wrong routes you can bump into so…that would be smart i guess.

But i will put up SOMETHING, now it may be something like…unlocking certain chapters or parts of chapters where there are some really important decisions, so if you like…die there, that you can go back to that point or something.

Or just a regular save…not sure yet to be honest. :thinking:

No worries though, it is on my mind. :grin:

Any feedback regarding story so far though, especially if you’re someone who played the first one, would be grateful for something on that. :slight_smile:


The first was really good and the Second Will be even better


The sequels is fun I wish you luck on the story PS because of you I want to plan to make fanart weapons again I might deliver a staff for you your story impacted me and and other people too impacted me to do more in my life

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Can you only romance females?


@Gabriel_Arcanjo_Aman I would hope so! And thanks :slight_smile: Glad you liked the first.

@Takashi_Shin Thanks. And happy to hear so, if stories impact you in such a way…what more can someone ask! Keeping my fingers crossed for you! :slight_smile:

@Koda222 I imagine something many would not prefer, but sadly yes. It is a story about a specific individual and as such it is, how it is. Sorry if it is not up to your taste. :confused:


This might be a really dumb question but can you tell me this is a sequel of…?


Ahh i see thank for the reply.

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:shushing_face: thinking of ideas for the game hm…oh got it how about since in last one you introduced demons into in the first part of the game what about adding angels into this part of the game.

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So is the game always gonna tell me my choice to romance Liliana is boring and force Estrella on me and even have the character thinking about cheating.


@John_Hindley A possibility, but that is something that is debatable. Having angels would mean gods would be present, and if you went through the first part, you already know there are none…at the moment at least. Still, let us tackle one threat first. Got your hands full as it is.

But there is a high possibility for that, is all i can say at the current point. Don’t wanna spoil stuff too much. :slight_smile:

@Regularcheese Don’t take that on a personal level. That is MY…PERSONAL perspective on TWO characters. I was already asked this before, ah you’re favoriting Estrella more than Lilian, this and that. No, allow me to clarify that.

Lilian has her role to play, just as Estrella does. Lilian is more of a…hm…emotional support? On the other hand, you have Estrella who is…more useful in terms of action.

As for the example you have in the second screenshot. First option serves as a compliment, second option serves as a sarcasm. Sure i don’t expect everyone to have my viewpoint, so its natural to presume things your own way.

I like both, as they both have different things to offer and different personalities, so honestly, i am not favoriting one or another. And truth be told wouldn’t be fair if i did. But that being said…that’s why YOU are here. If i see feedback like yours, of course i will do something about it. After all my intentions are not to make a reader feel that way.

So you can bet i’ll change that. Just that as i said before, my intention was not to make you think in that way. Sarcasm and jokes is all. :slight_smile:

And the last on the list, regarding cheating. Can you blame the guy? Keep in mind he is like REALLY young, just twenty years old. Unexperienced, big imagination, cut him some slack. :stuck_out_tongue: Seeing beautiful women makes him have all sorts of thoughts. Just because he thinks about it, doesn’t mean he would do it…

Or to be precise, would YOU? In the end that’s going to be your choice to make, not his. :slight_smile:

And once again, sorry if i made you look at it the bad way, or feel bad about it…not my intention whatsoever. But thanks a bunch for your feedback, i can’t exactly improve things if no one talks about them and seeing as you did. I’ll be sure to do some adjustments there. Hopefully, that satisfies you.


actually i have a theory since in the next chapter he be going back in time he might be able save the god from whatever happened to them, or if he couldn’t he could save the angels instead.

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Well doesn’t really matter anymore I guess since Liliana is dead. Will Nirissa be a RO?

An interesting theory i suppose. But…uh…allow me to offer a small spoiler. Nothing major of course, something that is LOGICAL and something that you surely assumed by now. But i’ll say it anyway…regarding his journey 3000 years back.

You were pushed down a tower that’s around…well let’s say its as if you fell down a building that has like…35 floors…your primary task is to SURVIVE above all, falling down that height, by all means you are dead. And if he dies there, he will be found dead in the world he left behind, so your first task is to make sure you don’t die. Not sure if that is correct way to put it though…since you’re basically already dead. Eh its complicated, but i suppose you will get to see the point as you go on.

And no, sad to say you can’t save gods or angels…but…there are other important things you can do, truth be told if you are paying attention…as things are right now, demons are literally stomping on the world…you need some sort of advantage, something to go against them…i do recommend hatching a dragon! Well that’s just me.


Maybe…maybe not. Not like you found or saw the body did you now… :ghost:

Regarding Nirissa Eladi…

If you did not pay attention, she was left in the city when you left, she is dead as well. I must admit i am surprised to see you ask that, she is by far one of the most hated characters, aside of Queen Luviel, she was a real bit–beep …yeah. Err…so no, sadly not her. However…there are other figures…ONE especially, IMPORTANT in the past that you can meet and romance…like…if you ask me, she is by far the best one so far. And in present time, there are new ones…for one, Irina in short i call her, she is a Demon Princess. So yeah, a variety of choices incoming…i don’t doubt you will find someone to your liking from all of new ones…

So if you’re dating Estrella how is that gonna work? Will she be pissed, she already doesn’t like it when she sees you with Nerissa, or will she not care?

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Depends. It’s not like Estrella is your mother…both of them are grown-up people. I mean, up to you? Can’t you like talk to her, have a change of heart…this and that?

I mean sure, won’t be easy but…why not attempt and talk things out with her. Besides, i am going to give you a BIGGER SPOILER down below…regarding new romance option you can gain while in the past…and then you tell me something after that…

You have A POSSIBILITY…to romance with a Dragon Queen…she is like, mother of all dragons, now let us say you manage to do this…let us talk about dragon’s personality, clingly, attachable to things that they believe they own like gold…arguing with a DRAGON is a bad idea…they’re prideful creatures, intelligent…say you pick her instead of Estrella, what’s Estrella going to do? Scold her? I mean …she would chew her and spit out her bones lol. But no, Estrella is not that stupid first of all, and second of all…she would respect your choices…

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one its just a theory its up to the creator to decide if he likes the idea or not and how they would input if if they decide to do it its his/her to decide all we can do is help give them ideas/suggestions for the game and two dont go doing spoilers most people dont like that its like if you know what a movie is like before someone watches it.

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Oh no, that is perfectly fine. I am more than happy to get feedback, criticism etc. After all i am up for theories etc…you make things interesting. And your viewpoint HELPS ME write matter of fact.

Regarding spoilers, i would not worry too much about that. Keep in mind that nothing i say is ONE HUNDRED PERCENT. It is always at the possibility to change.

Truth be told i will never give out a spoiler that’s one hundred percent fact…unless someone literally asks for it and SPECIFIES it.

Sure i can talk about lore things, world-building…etc. Besides, i won’t reveal anything MAJOR so don’t worry about it.

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