September's Writer Support Thread

Sorry for brutal honesty… but with that attitude you will never make progress. In the end the time will come where you will have to say “I can’t do better” or, if you prefer, “this is good enough”.
No one can write perfection, what I’m trying to say is: every writer have their low result, the good writers are not ashamed of admit it and try to learn from the critics


Monday and Tuesday were long and stressful for me, so I spent all of Wednesday feeling like a mix of hangover and influenza, because that’s how my body responds to overdoing things, nowadays.
Needless to say, I have written exactly nothing so far this week.

It doesn’t really help, that I also shifted from feeling pretty okay with myself, to feeling like I’m the ugliest, most useless idiot on planet earth. Which isn’t good for getting the creative juices flowing.


I understand the want to perfection. Sometimes you have a story structured a certain way in your head and when you start to write it, it comes out completely different.

What I would suggest would be to continue writing the draft as you are doing, and go back and edit what is already written down.

It would be hard to achieve perfection from the first try, it will take some going back to…changing this…changing that…coding this instead…removing this…adding that… until it comes out to seemingly be what you had previously envisioned.

But you won’t be able to do any of that if you don’t write down the ugly, and rough draft first.

So think of how you feeling right now as a process and path to the perfection looming in your mind.


I have a question about an error and I don’t know where to ask or if it has been addressed. It is about a plug in and saves on dashingdon. I haven’t been able to find anything about this on choice script. I’m admitedly base at codding. But other errors could be more or less identified with the promised tools.

Please, can someone point me out to a “how to”, manual or similar thing about dashington and uploading files there? It is probably a mistake that I need to fix, I just don’t know how


check your private message.

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Sorry for the late reply!

So, basically, instead of using *hide_reuse to hide an individual choice whenever it’s selected and you return to the choice tree it’s on, you can put *hide_reuse at the top of a scene file or at the top of startup.txt to make every single choice automatically hide itself after it’s selected and you return to that choice tree. If you do it in an individual scene file, it will only do it for that scene; if you do it at the top of startup.txt, it does that for the entire game.



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I started writing fiction when I was roughly 13 years old. I wrote because I needed to get things out of my chest, ideas, feelings or just temporary thoughts.
The thing is: I hated my writing. I did and i was so afraid that someone might stumble upon it that sometimes i didn’t even wrote what i wanted. Just to hide it. I know what you’re saying.
But, against my better judgement at the time, I kept writing. And thank god I did. The first thing that I wrote that I actually liked was last year shortly before i had my 19th birthday. It took me almost 6 years of improving and evolving to start liking what i wrote. It paid off. It was a long road, that still isn’t finished, but it wasn’t made by looking for perfection. It was by trying the best i could at that moment.
“I can’t do better than this?” that’s okay. Tomorrow you try again. And over and over again.
One day, you’ll like it. You just have to keep doing “good enough” for now.

Hope this helped,


Coding has been really hard for me…I’m a new writer anyway but I can’t get any work done since I get stuck with the coding…any help or advice for me please :pleading_face:


I suggest you compartimentalize. First of all, structure your story so that i can be applied to a CoG dynamic. Also, it helps not forgetting what you wanted to do with the story in the first place.

Second, pick up a smaller project. Fun, but small and apply coding to it. It’ll help you to learn how to code and still make you want to learn more.

P.S. Don’t forget to read a lot of CoG and HG to get ideas and see examples of what you can or can’t do.

Hope it helps and good luck

Since I’m also a new writer I can say I understand what you’re saying pretty well. This is my first time writing and I’m quite happy with what I have even if sometimes I feel I’m writing nonsense.
Planning the book out really helps you to know what to do (Don’t start until you’re finished planning the entire chapter).

As for the issue of coding you can readthrough some of the projects in the tutorial section of the CSIDE. Don’t forget to practice. If it’s still not clear, the Forum exists for a reason :wink:


Honestly, if you ever feel embarrassed about your writing, don’t. I started writing when I was, like, 12. I wrote Naruto fanfiction extensively. Like, thousands of words every single day. And I did this until I was, like, 15. Then I switched to Hunger Games fanfiction. That doesn’t even count the endless hours of forum roleplaying I did. I don’t think I even started writing an original work until I was 17 or 18, to be honest.

All of this to say, never ever be embarrassed about your writing. It is a constant practice that you eventually get better at. And nobody here is going to tear you down (at least, not without repercussions). We all want to see everyone get better at writing. :slight_smile:


If I understanded well, fairmath doesn’t allocate points. It representen a percentage.

So the number you have should be compares to 100. The closer you are to 100, the better you are. And the smaller your improvements would be. But the higher your decreases. And the other way around.

So if you have a 60, it translates as 60%. And if you write *set var%+10 it would add ten percent of (100-60)=40. So you would end with 64.

It is explained in the wiki.


I made this a while ago:

It’s a handy way to play with the Fairmath Calculator.



I did a little bit of coding today in some spare moments which felt good to get done!


Wow, I must say that i didn’t expect this level attention and interaction on one of my writings.My stories aren’t that commercial, I know that, but many persons in the community seem interesed. My fear from most of my works is irrelevance, is just sad thinking that maybe nobody will see my writing and i will be coding for nobody but myself.


Your works relevance needn’t be defined by others, sure it’s nice to know others like it, but the true pleasure from writing is in watching your own world unfold. The opinions others have of that world are ultimately meaningless.


I’m surprised to see a lot of people writing and coding separately! It’s all one big process for me.

EDIT: ugh it’s Friday in oz — I am 95% done with work but gotta do my email follow-ups and mark any papers that came in yesterday evening. I just want to write!

Of course last night I did spend 3 and a half hours playing a Shadowrun one shot with my dnd group rather than writing so I guess that’s on me lol


Same! I don’t even know how someone would do that. :sweat_smile: