September 2022's Writer Support Thread

@hustlertwo that’s the perk of doing HG as I see it. It’s done when you say it’s done! And not a minute sooner!

@will sorry to hear that. There are so many games being developed these days, I also constantly get the feeling of being buried. I’d be willing to bet many others feel similarly. What’s your new project?


And both of you are known writers with well received hosted in your belts. Imagine how we feel the ones that never published anything and have no imediate waifu or husbando to sell their project.

So many people don’t even trying to write; because they know that wall of nothingness and lack of feedback exists.

I suffered it enough times to trying to do something about it; so my idea for my workshop and my jams started to try to give a pltaform and experience to new people or people that feels their new projects are forgotten.

My ideas are good but sadly I am not a skilled host or writer so I have to apologise to let some of you down.


Also, your update was the same day Samurai of Hyuga Book 5 was released. I am sure eyes that would have normally seen the update were focused on this.


Sorry to hear it. I think that it’s as much the genre as anything, so at least you don’t need to take it personally. Sci-fi with a little bit of mystery is a poisonous concoction for mass appeal here. Just because Lucid made sci-fi (kinda) work on a sales standpoint doesn’t mean the rest of us can. I think some of the success there was a combo of it being his first game in years and a continuation of sorts to the Life of… series already well-established. And even then, it won’t get close to Lost Heir numbers. I love seeing more sci-fi titles out there, but I know you’ll never catch me writing one again. That dog simply refuses to hunt.

@Eric_Moser That’s also a large part of why I’m not interested in shooting for a CoG release on anything. I want to only be worried about letting myself down when a story takes forever to be done. Not missing actual deadlines.


Wait, hold on, which project is this and how come I missed it? The only WIP of this kind I can remember seeing was the one about a research space station (which was also horror), and I know that one wasn’t by @will .

Thanks. I don’t think I’ve seen it before. It’s time for my daily walk, but I’ll give it a gander tonight.


It’s this one

The problem that i hear about it on a few discord servers is that people are worried it’s going to be one of those you have to perfect manage a bunch of stats in order not to get an ending that sucks kind of game


Did not quite meet last month’s goal of finishing my prologue. I wrote about 60% of it in full, have all the scenes and choices outlined in detail, it was just hard to get the writing to be satisfactory, so I got a little bit distracted and instead went and outlined Chapter 3 in way more detail than before :sweat_smile:

Goal for this month: Continue to work on finishing prologue. If that is met with time to spare, I hope to start writing Chapter 1.

Good luck everyone with your goals


I’m gonna tilt at that windmill one of these years. When XoR is done, look for my next project to be sci fi. :slight_smile:


Asteroid Run really underperformed in sales when you compare to ratings/feedback etc - I agree, sci-fi doesn’t have the same powerful reach.

@will your new project looks amazing! I shall be following with great interest. :heart:

@Havenstone, it’s still a windmill worth tilting at!


Stop! Don’t open…that door!


It’s really good. Probably my favorite thing you’ve written so far.

I just didn’t post about it because I’m still trying to figure out the mystery.


An advice to you and others in general. If you read something and you like it or have any doubt or complaint. Please, please post or pm the writer

As writers we doubt about our work and if people like it. We are a nervous breakdown looking likes or any other small hint about if people like it.

Refreshing page each second wanting for feedback.

I personally had anxiety because no single one person told me their opinions.

Then discovered months later after dropping that game idea as I thought that nobody liked that several people actually liked it.

TELL YOUR FEEDBACK all authors will greatly appreciated that gesture. That is the reason they post free content in first place.


Fantasy, specifically medieval fantasy, definitely seems like the most popular genre around here.


Yes. It’s not even remotely close.


I like writing for HG and having a bit more freedom in what I write but at the same time some of my next projects I think deserve getting a shot of the brand power of being an official CoG game (two I’d submit to HC) but the thought of an actual deadlines does scare me a little.

I already feel frustrated that Season 2 has taken this long despite having genuine reasons for the delay.

I am torn if I am honest. It’s why I’m trying to focus solely on getting season 2 done then future me can deal with what he does next.


I’m not sure this results in the star power you seem to think it does, unless I’m misunderstanding what you meant by “official CoG game”.


I am starting to feel I will never achieve being published at all. I feel each moment more pessimistic.


Oh god, the discord servers! A Yeerk pool of bad takes.


Do your best to push back on that feeling (I know it’s hard). You have come SO FAR from the MaraJade I first met here a decade-plus ago. Your persistence, proactivity, and strength are extraordinary – all the more given the undertow of anxiety and depression. You’re not yet where you want to be, but you’re getting there.


Sorry. I couldn’t think of the right word earlier. I meant brand power.