Sentinel (WIP; updated 05/10/19)

Gosh, I love everything about this. Everything. The horror aspect and the level of detail you put into those scenes is awesome, the romance is adorable an you’ve created a great mix of characters.
I have just one problem…how am I supposed to choose between Levi and Shaw?! They’re both great in their own ways :cry:


Thank you! This is really good to hear, especially that last sentence - it’s very easy to go overboard when writing horror and just make it silly/absurd, glad to hear I’ve struck that balance.

Thank you! I’m glad you’re enjoying it (and Reese!).

The idea with these things is to set up Shaw as a character who has little to no personal boundaries - do you think it would be better if I included a choice for your MC to be uncomfortable with it (ie. a chance to tell him ‘stop doing that’), or is it something you think would be better off changed completely?
Thanks for the feedback!

Thanks! If you’re torn between them that just means I’m doing a good job with both, hopefully. I’ll leave it up to you :kissing_heart:

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I get what you’re going for. And in that case yeah- some option to indicate that this is maybe a bit more physical than the main character is comfortable with (or that they secretly love it, or are used to it because they just have that kind of friendship, etc).

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OK, I’ll see about adding an option to react there. Thank you, specific feedback like this is really helpful!

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An option to know what he’s going to try and do (because we are used to his behavior at this point), and stop him with an extended arm and a glare would also be nice, for me and my fellow brooders.

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