SengokuKronos And Zed's Fight over World DOMINATION!


This is a Thread i’m making so that me and SengokuKronos can argue about fighting over WORLD DOMINATION without Interrupting and causing other threads to get off-topic, “According” to P_Tigras.


Challenge Accepted. :-?

Usagi !_!


@Zed That last bit in your first post is uncalled for. It wasn’t just your fight with SK over world domination, but also the 4th dimension, how intelligent 13 year olds are, etc… You two weren’t the only ones involved, and the off topic stuff kept mutating. There was very little relating to 8 thrones in the 8 thrones thread. My post was directed towards everyone, not just to you personally.


I enjoy branches.


@Neo I’ve been meaning to ask, is that a Cowboy Bebop profile pic?

Usagi !_!


@SengokuKronos No, it’s my avatar. As Rorschach would say, “GIVE ME BACK MY FACE!”


No comment.

Paradox !_!
EDIT: Going to play CoV and AotC, BRB.




No one is here?


Sorry about that, man.
Plus, I wasn’t saying that all 13 year olds are intelligent, some are as dumb as a pile of bricks. I’m just talking about my self there, as one of the exceptions.


*Throws a brick at @Zed* hopefully this will be over soon.

Usagi !_!


*Ducks under the brick, pulls out Desert Eagle and fires several shots @SengokuKronos* A brick dude, seriously? Who throws a brick at someone armed with A Deagle?


Who shoots at a computer screen? *Eats PB&J*


@Zed No problem man.


I have a couple of thermonuclar war heads we could toss around. Should end the fight quickly. :smiley:


Who throws a brick at a Droid Screen?
Yes, I’m using a Droid cause my mom is using the computer that has built-in WiFi and we don’t have any Ethernet cables to connect to the other computer.


No thanks, man. I don’t think me or SK want to kill off most of the world’s population (at least I don’t yet…). Plus you spelled Thermonuclear wrong before, I’ve spelled it correct here.


Lol thanks


@zed can you make another for you me and @SengokuoKronos? And I LOVE COFFE! ~O) ~O) ~O)


Sorry, Just Post on This one. I would change the name but I’m not a Moderator and no one will tell me how to become one.


Coolz them may the world be mine! -pulls out magnum- go ahead make my day -shoots @Zed feet.-