Self advertising and its relation to spam


So of course some people are going to think this kind of stuff is spam, some aren’t. The short of it is that self advertisement is spam, most of the time.

The short is, if we were to be talking about an older, established member of the community (and by older I mean having a three or maybe four digit user account number), or a member that has clearly contributed to the community (such as a CoG/Hosted published writer), them promoting their own stuff outside of CS may be okay, to an extent.

For newer members, that doesn’t hold true, and if you’ve joined in the last week or so then self advertisement is purely spam (If you’ve joined in the last day I don’t even take the time to do something like this, I just assume you’re a bot and delete/mail Jason for a ban).

For anyone saying, “but there’s no rule against it,” it should not even have to be said that you shouldn’t spam. Heck, for most of the time we didn’t have any rules up at all and just ran off of, ‘don’t be a dick’. Sometimes it’s just a matter of ‘hey I didn’t know’, and that’s fine. Still, if you want to say ‘hey I’m this dude and I do this stuff’ you’re going to have to be around for a few months, and contribute a little, before it even begins to be considered okay.

~ @reaperoa


I don’t know if this is allowed, but I personally have issues with this type of post.


I don’t think this is allowed. It’s advertisin’, ain’t it?


Kill it with void powers



i thought it is okay cause when i signed up i wrote something like
“i am a lets player and i want to spread the word of my channel”


I just re-read through the rules. There is no specific rule against advertisement, so I think it would be up to the mods.


splendid ^^
well you get the chance to win ac3 in exchange for me advertising here
i think that’s kind of fair :wink:


Sounds like you have an accent


Wait a minute… I think that website has scammed people.(From others who have raged to me before)


im good with my current copy of AC3. dont need a pc version & possibly have spyware/viruses work into my pc from that website


come 1 come all get your free virus and loose your computer :slight_smile:
as much as i want ac3 i will not even bother with clicking that link

as the saying goes if somthing seems to good to be true then it most likely is