Selecting a rating for the app stores: mild/infrequent vs frequent/intense

Just wondering if I could ask about the content rating for the submission process. (Was trying to get things together for Oedipus Rex).

There’s a mild/infrequent and a frequent/intense category for mature/suggestive themes and realistic violence.

While I’m pretty sure Oedipus Rex would come under mild/infrequent for violence (intense would be graphic hack and slash kind of stuff wouldn’t it?) There’s a few sword fights without graphic detail through the book, as well as perhaps a stronger scene near the end which again I would class as relatively tame description wise by many standards, but possibly tips it over into the second category? If you’re fighting mythical creatures as well as people, does that mean it has a rating in realistic as well as fantasy violence? Or being a fantasy novel, is fantasy violence only. (I’m guessing both?)

I’m not certain about the suggestive themes. What would constitute the difference between mild and intense?

Thanks :slight_smile: