Selectable_if not reading values

I tried looking around on the forum and couldn’t find anything like this issue before, but does anyone know why the selectable_if isn’t reading the values?

Here’s what I’ve got:

        #I want Dzhiya to be my partner!
          Dzhiya is shocked and says that she can't     come with, she needs to stay and direct the club
            #oh, ok. I'll ask someone else.
              *goto partnerchoice
            *selectable_if (Dzhiya < 65) #Please, you really need someone to help you. It's terrifying out there...
              Dzhiya chews her lip and agrees
                *set partner "Dzhiya Godwin"
                *goto next4
        #Wait, i want to learn more about the others...
          *goto partnerchoice

When i run the game, it always shows as greyed out even if the ‘Dzhiya’ stat reads as 65 or over. What have I done wrong here?

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It looks like you’re using it the opposite way. If you want the choice to be selectable if the stat is 65 or higher you need to use *selectable_if (Dzhiya >= 65).


Oh wow, that did it! I can’t believe I brainfarted that hard.

Thank you so much!

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