Selectable_if not problem

So I’m having an issue with the selectable if. I have several subbreeds, but instead of putting 5 *selectable_if (subbreed = “Working”) (would have up to five), I want to put it as *selectable_if not (subbreed = “Companion”)
Here is the first error I get (using *selectable_if (not(subbreed = “Companion”)
Error: puremom line 534: Invalid expression, expected CLOSE_PARENTHESIS

Second error (using *selectable_if not (subbreed = “Companion”)
Error: puremom line 534: Couldn’t parse the line after *selectable_if: not (subbreed = “Companion”) #Agility Training Here’s the scenes

Both should be formatted like this

*selectable_if (subbreed != "Companion") #option

I think not(variable) is only for boolean checks, but I could be wrong. Either way the format I gave you should work

Edit–in the future it would be helpful if you formatted your code. It can be difficult for us to read it and tell what’s wrong when it’s unformatted

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The “not” will work if you add another set of parenthesis from what I remember.

*selectable_if (not (subbreed)) #option

Stil I don’t recommend using “not” in choice options as it’s buggy. You should do as @sviyagin showed and falsify the condition instead.

Here is an explanation of the bug, it needs to be on a line of it’s own to work:


I use not all the time, and it’s never bugged for me? But yeah, you got to be careful with the parenthesis.

I had no idea that other ! command even existed… (takes note to try it, because it does sound easier)

I tried the *selectable_if ((not (subbreed = “Companion”)) & it worked ^^

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