Security Issue


Well. Today, just now actually, and when I tried to play the new game COG put up a security warning popped up, but for the other titles did this didn’t happen. Wanted to ask what’s up with that, or if you aren’t aware bring it to your attention.


I didn’t get any, It might just be your computer… I said might, didn’t I? :expressionless:


Actually I’m here on my phone.


I haven’t any problem with my phone or tablet


Idk. Guess it ain’t nothing. Idk.


First, are you talking about the onsite demo, or did it pop up for one of the downloaded games?

CS does use JavaScript, and I think that can occasionally cause warnings to pop up for certain things. I’m not sure what can actually be done with JS in terms of damage to a computer (one of our resident coders can probably tell you more), but you can always poke around the site yourself. The JS the game uses to run it’s demos is identical (or at least is nearly so) to the JS that CoG releases on GitHub.


Ah ok. Well I visit on my phone, and it’s the demo.