Seasons of the Moon: Part One (UPDATED: 6/30/21) WIP

Hmm the snippet is cool, makes me even more excited! I love Trent so much hnn…

Please don't answer if you find it too spoilery, but I'd love to ask a few questions!
  • You said the new MC was born as a test subject - but are they like “freshly escaped” (or whatever are the circumstances) when the story starts, or have they lived free / on the loose for some time now? I’m mostly curious about how adapted they would be to “normal life”.
  • I’m assuming the new MC doesn’t seem human to the ROs as the old one did at first sooo… Will Trent/Tress be AS hostile with them as they were in the old MC? I mean, obviously Trent/Tress is still the same person and WILL be hostile, but there won’t be that whole part about “a human about to turn” so yeah, it changes the circumstances…
  • How much angst and pain in MC’s past? Test subject past may imply a life without much affection or human contact and that’s it, but it may also imply awful experiment and deshumanizing relationships so yeah…

Sorry for these weird and very specific questions. I’m quite antsy and that makes my curiosity peak!


They lived their early life as a test subject. Basically, they were created and meant to be used as a weapon to hunt down other supernaturals. They are able to leave the facility as long as their handler, Azell, is present. That said, they have been with Azell for a long enough time to get accustomed to the outside world. They travel often. And Azell isn’t exactly as strict as they should be.

Basically, they can be around humans without freaking out. Azell has also shown them compassion and friendship, so they do have more of a sense of normalcy. They are still rather clueless over much. And large crowds overwhelm them.

Believe it or not, Tr is actually not as hostile. They even right off the bat have a thing for the MC. Not that they would admit that. So that is a welcome change! They don’t disrespect this MC like the way they did the previous. This MC could most definitely kick their ass. Lol.

Oh there’s a lot, and depending on the players choice, the MC can still have a hard time moving forward. Vices still are a thing. Nightmares are an often happening too, no matter how strong they try to be. Relationship wise they have one with Azell. And have made a few friends with some of the other subjects that are stuck in the same position as them. They would have no idea of what love is so there’s going to be confusion. Some MCs can be smooth at small talk or getting what they want but when it comes to actual depth, they will be in over their heads.

Very good questions! I had a lot of fun answering! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: Thank you for loving Trent. He definitely needs the love. I had a fun word prompt suggestion that happened with him and the MC on tumblr, if you would like to read it. It’s angst to the max.

"We’re not just friends and you fucking know it.”

You’ve been at the bar for far too long.

But you can’t seem to get enough alcohol in your system to maintain the level of wasted you need to be right now. Not being able to get drunk is one of the only downsides of being a verewolf. That, and having to be kept on such a short leash—something Azell wouldn’t let you forget anytime soon.

No one’s at the bar, either… except for Trent, who has not left your side since you walked in.

He keeps the two of you supplied with copious amounts of alcohol. The man likes to get shitfaced—it’s not exactly a secret. Somedays you find yourself thinking about him long after you’ve left the bar, when you can’t sleep; dwelling on how miserable he is, and secretly wondering why he enjoys sharing his aggression with you—especially when it comes to matters of the bedroom.

Maybe the two of you are one and the same.

Misery loves company, or so they say.

You don’t know much about Trent. No clue on where he came from, or who he is, truly—when he’s without his high tower of closed off walls. It’s a part of him you have yet to reach. Maybe you never will. Some part of you is terrified at sinking in any deeper than you already have.

Shaking your head, you stop yourself from dwelling any further on that particular hang up. You don’t want to ruin the night by thinking too much.

The two of you sit close.

Close enough that your leg often brushes against his idly.

Leaning over, you rest your head on Trent’s shoulder; he doesn’t stiffen or shy away, not like he used to; instead, he stares straight ahead without a word. Something seems to be on his mind.

“You’re unusually quiet,” you comment. It’s not the sort of thing you normally would prod about, but you feel more open now and free for conversation. Perhaps, it’s the alcohol speaking. Liquid courage and all that.

“Yeah,” he agrees in a somber tone. “I’m just thinking.”

“About what?” you inquire, sitting up and glancing over to watch his face warp into a grimace.


“Huh?” you mouth slurs at the words like you can’t quite process how to speak. “What do you mean by that?”

“You’ve been here every night for the past month, and it’s always the same. We fuck, and then you leave.”

“Yeah,” you nod, not understanding what he’s getting out. You kick back the last of the whiskey in your glass, feeling a flurry of unwanted nerves. You don’t understand why they hit so hard. But you’re not in the mood to deal with any kind of emotion.

You reach for the bottle beside you, wanting to be numb by pouring another shot.

Trent’s sudden grip around your wrist halts your current motion. His grasp is restricting like a vice, too tight for comfort.

“What the hell is this?” he asks, inclining his head between the two of you and sounding angry. “Just what are we?”

“We’re friends.”

“Friends?” Trent’s expression seems to wither over the words, his nose turning up as though he has experienced something unpleasant. “We’re not just friends and you fucking know it.”

He doesn’t finish his drink, deciding instead to rip his hand away and stand.

Picking up the glass he had just been drinking from, he throws it across the room in a flash of anger. You watch it shatter into a hundred little shards, glistening in the overhead light.

Concern for Trent forces you to rise and confusion flares within. “Hey, let’s talk about this.”

When you reach out to touch him, he slaps your hand away. It stings in a way that isn’t physical. “Don’t.”

“What the hell is with you? I don’t understand.”

“Yeah, well…neither do I.”

You don’t go after him when he leaves.


Thanks for your answers!
The situation is quite different than I imagined, so it’s nice to “adjust” to it before starting to read - I didn’t expect the whole situation about MC being created to hunt other supernaturals, the handler situation and so on!
Also nice to know Trent/Tress won’t be as hostile! Not that it bothered me in the previous version anyway though :rofl:

Hmm about the vices, are they a mandatory thing, as they were in the previous version? From what I now know about the new MC, I have a hard time imagining a vice, actually. Which may sound weird in a way, since it would make sense for someone in their situation, but somehow in my brain it doesn’t work :sweat_smile:
If it’s mandatory, eh… I’ll make do.

Ah, I like that!
Though now I wonder if I’ll go for a more affectionate and open MC, or for a more quiet and reserved one… I guess I’ll see what feels better in game, no need to plan ahead for something like that :rofl:

Tried reading it but eeh, had to stop, even though it was well written. Save for very few games where it’s a mandatory thing (and even then, I’m not a fan), I really can’t stand MCs who drink alcohol. And if they get drunk (like, even tipsy)? Oh nooo waaay, I would never go for something like that in my playthrough, so it’s too alienating, actually. Doesn’t help the MC depicted in that story seems more assertive than what I like to play nor the fact they’re a verewolf and one thing I’m 100% certain of is that I’ll have a cambion. :sweat_smile:
So basically, it depicts a character that I already know is SO different from what mine will be, that it won’t do me any good to read it :rofl:

I guess I may go by the tumblr and make a prompt ask of my own if you still accept these, though! But well, I’ll first wait for your answer here :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
Still, thanks for indulging me and my questions!

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Hey, thanks for saying it’s well written! I’ve been going over my writing with more of a fine toothed comb. I understand your reasoning for wanting to experience a situation with your own MC instead. Go ahead and send one or you can just post it on here or DM me, and I’ll post it when finished.


:smiley: came back to see the updates.

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"hey Tara, how bout we ditch the living embodiment of apathy and arrogance(Tress) and then maybe… y’know…we can go for a coffee or something. Ilikeyourhair "

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