Seasons of the Moon: Part One (UPDATED: 5/26/21)

Seasons of the Moon: the demo

You just moved to a small town called Moonvale.

Out of money, you’re quick to pick up work as a bartender. Got to pay the bills somehow, right? On your first night in your new home, you have a dream that leads you running to a graveyard, lost in a fit of possession.

While digging for something once lost, you encounter a creature of nightmares, one who tries to kill you. Leaving you not only mauled, but marked. You always thought the world was simple, but now everything is starting to shake up, and turn complicated. Is there something more to you than meets the eye? Discover the past of what you are and fall into the wonderful world of the supernatural!

⦁ Play as male, female, trans or nonbinary; gay, straight, bi, or ace.

⦁ Romance or befriend one of five characters: polar opposite werewolf siblings, a vampire, demon, or an angel.

⦁ Build the character of your own creation, deciding who you are as you read. Pick from a selection of personality traits ranging from friendly to hostile—brave to cowardly and many more!

⦁ Take that extra step and let your soul tilt the scales of morality: good vs evil.

⦁ Struggle with or give into one of five addictions.

⦁ Learn the background stories of the supernatural characters who surround you, understand what motivates them into being who they are.

Latest updates:

Added Ko-fi link: 6/20/21
Re-worked the opening scene: 6/2/21
Added poll: 5/27/21
Chapter 2 released on: 5/26/21

Romance Options:

Taj/Tara: (male or female)
TA is a werewolf, and owner of the bar called the Howling Moon. They are also leader of the pack. They have a flippant attitude toward life in general but can be headstrong when it comes to protecting what’s important. They are extremely confident in their abilities, often times blunt, and have a hard time giving up. Their only family is Trent/Tress. They love the outdoors, along with playing the guitar and working out.

Trent/Tress: (male or female)
TR is a werewolf, and younger sibling to Taj/Tara. They are co-owner of the bar the MC works out. They have difficulty interacting with others and push themselves to remain in a working environment, despite their anxiety—which results in them often lashing out in frustration. Closed off in nature, and even slower to trust, they are hard to get to know and even harder to romance. They appreciate a good book and time to themselves.

Gable/Gabrielle: (male or female)
G is a vampire. A loner by default despite their friendly demeanor. They struggle with holding onto the last shreds of their humanity. They find respite working at a bar, enjoying being able to people watch and surrounding themselves with humans. It is a way that allows them to not only keep their distance but forces them from their solitude. Their greatest enjoyment comes from spending time with the people they trust, often holding the role of peace keeper.

Unknown: (male or female)
Unknown is a demon.

Unknown: (nonbinary)
Unknown is an angel.

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Additional Information:

If you come across grammar/spelling/coding issues, please post it. I am human and make mistakes. This is my first ever attempt at coding, along with writing out a full story of my own, one that is not fan fiction.

To be perfectly honest, I have not wrote anything in a very long time. I’m sure my writing reflects that and I’m hoping to grow with the experience. This is a WIP in the early stages of development and many things are subject to change. Thank you so much for reading and helping out in any way that you can. I am always open to suggestions! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :beers:

Who is your favorite RO so far?
  • Taj/Tara
  • Trent/Tress
  • Gable/Gabrielle

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i like the premise though the pacing could be slowed a little since to me it seemed like there where times when it looked like entire paragraphs where missing since things where developing and escalated at such a fast rate if that makes sense?? or maybe it’s just me anyway i’ll be sure to keep an eye on ur wip’s development. gl :heart:


Thanks for giving me something to work on and for reading! The beginning of the story has been changed a lot so I’m sure that can explain some of the issues with the pacing and jumping around. Thank again!


its a nice demo cant wait to find out the mc past


Hiya! I have some typos for you

in my play through Gable is a guy but was referred to as male


Thank you so much! I hope you enjoy what I have come up with.


Yes! Thank you for looking out for me. I’ll change it when I next open up script. I tend to overlook a lot when it comes to my writing.


I like the premise so far of the story. Very interesting concept by the way. Really interested to see where the story takes us.


I like it. Can’t wait to see what happens next.


i’m having a similar issue to others regarding pronouns. i’m playing with mc as a dude and when he wakes up to gable and trent, they refer to him as “she”


I agree with the other comments, but other than that here’s what I think so far:
I find the plot extremely intriguing! There’s so much potential in it, and I’m hyped to find out what our MC really is:D And how our weakness plays into it (lowkey thought it had to do with the Seven Sins lmao-). I also really like the other characters so far, especially Mersus! I’m already simping for him, is he a RO? Cause then I would like to ask for his hand in marriage please, thank you very much​:ring::pensive::sparkling_heart:

Tl;Dr: I love the first demo and I can’t wait to see how it plays out! Take care dear author:):sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart:


I agree on that.
Also have some problems with wrong pronounces.
But overall, interesting, good luck with this!


Hello! Agree with what @Cicada pointed out. The pacing needs to be slowed down. As it is, the fast pacing is eating away at the immersiveness of the story and providing continuity problems.
For ex; when we suddenly find the book at the beginning, there’s no context. OR. When in our dream MC referred to the RO by their name. A line regarding how that suddenly popped into the MC’s mind might help with that. Things like that.
All in all, I think if you bring the pacing down, you shouldn’t have much problem with the rest as it’ll fit in like a puzzle. Also, this is my personal opinion so don’t worry about it a lot!

What I really liked was the concept. Although there are a lot of supernatural stories/wips in cog I’m always intrigued by new ones as the avenue for the “supernatural” is so exciting and you can dwelve into this world and create an utopia unlike any other. The potential is limitless. The conversation with the RO’s were great and there weren’t any typos as such so great job.

Error :

My MC is male.

Great job. Can’t wait to see what more you bring to the plate! Cheers :beers:


Sounds interesting give it a go


Awesome! Kept me hooked all the way through! Can’t wait to see what happens next!


Nice! Looking forward to this :+1:


Thank you so much for your lovely message! Mersus is one of five ROs to pick from. I’m delighted you enjoy them as much as I do! They are a lot of fun :grin: Funny you should mention about the seven sins! In the start, I had thought about doing something with that… (pride/envy/wrath) seemed too complicated for my poor mind to work with. Also, I imagine with wrath, the MC would be wanting to fight everyone especially Trent/Tress. Lol.


Thank you so much for taking the time to better help with my story! The example of where something needs to be worked on is just perfect. Sometimes when writing if I have a block with a certain scene, I will jump to something else just so I’m still making progress. It’s both good and bad. I see where some of that is showing up in the writing. I’ll work on it. Thanks again!


I cleaned up some of the typos that have been found. I also lengthened a few scenes to help with pacing. As well as added more toward what will help with plot for some of chapter two. Thank you everyone for your help and interest. It makes me so happy! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


No worries🍻