Sealed Away (25 Nov 2020)

Hi, hello.


I started working on my first game in choicescript ever. It will be a wild ride… At least for me :sweat_smile:

Short summary:
You are one of the Mar, or “monsters” as humans like to call you, and some scared yet powerful humans sealed any nonhuman creature in another dimension. Doesn’t sound really nice but there is nothing you can do, you’re just a random Mar that stills goes to school. Well, there is that one group… Maybe you can help them in breaking that seal or maybe you should just mind your own business.

It’s nothing much right not, real action is approaching tho.

Planned features:
-play as one of the five playable races: demon, werewolf, seafolk, ghoul, vampire
-fall in love with one of the 5 ROs (2 male, 2 female, 1 non-binary)
-play as male, female or non-binary who is straight/gay/bi or ace
-help to break the seal or be a good kid
-make sure you graduate
-talk to your Duckbear figurine and teach it some history
-deal with a jackass shapeshifter

Also very important:
I’m not a native English speaker so expect some odd sentences or just some stupid typos.
I’m not a writer too…


  • 26 Nov - added stat screen and character customization

Hope you will stay with me!


This good I’m liking it so far. Its a bit short on the prologue side but still good. Keep it up :+1: :grin: .


A nice intro. Keep up the good work


buddy, was that a karen joke? oh i’m saving your story in favorites haha! keep up the good work!


Makes me miss Monsters of Haven High but otherwise interesting opening. :slightly_smiling_face:


@Ene Haha, the urge was stronger than me.

@derekmetaltron Oh, I remember this one. It was so good, I miss it so much.

Thank you all for such nice responses under this mess :heart:


Great start! Could end up being very interesting. One question though, what are the seafolk supposed to be? Similar to mermaids and the like?

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@Jackpot1776 Well, thank you!

When I first imagined seafolk and how do they look I was thinking about something similar to Lagoona Blue from Monster High. Half-person and half-fish but in a different way from the mermaids (who will also appear here). They have two legs but their overall appearance is rather fishy (scales, small fins etc.).


Can’t update original post so here we are.
Small update, now there is a stat screen and character creation (may change in the future).
Next update will contain the rest of chapter 1 and some real action this time.

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@shadyShadow – If you want, I can turn the original post into a Wiki; you should be able to update the post then.

Unfortunately, the title will only be able to be updated by a Leader or a moderator, so if you need to do this, pleasse let one of us know.

Oh, thank you so much! Now it will be much easier to arrange things!

For my feedback, I recommend adding highly-detailed description of the so called “Mars.” Tell us how picking one of the five choices influence the stats.

@Vuhfy Thank you for your feedback!
I’ll do something about better descriptions.

Also, picking your race doesn’t really change much in stats, except having different options in character creation and other people will call you different names or just comment something.
I’ll think about it if anything changes to that concept tho.

Soo ghoul are failed victims of vampire or necromancy. But for that you mean every race can become a ghoul?

@AstinFamily By necromancy, kinda yeah.
By vampire? Not really, a lot of races are “immune” to them in some way.

I like it so far it’s interesting and humerus. I was interested in why you choose ghouls for one of the races, as it is not one of the first monsters that comes to most minds. That being said I love the background for them because it’s close to a traditional ghoul but has a unique twist with it being failed necromancy.

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@Kane_Smith_B_In_K_Pa I’m glad you enjoyed it :heart:
As for adding ghouls, I just thought about zombie-vampire-puppet type of thing and regular zombies seem a little… Boring to me in this case. Unfortunately, not an exciting story ^^" (I also started reading Hellsing so this was a little help)


the abrupt end shookt me. xD

  • But, supernatural stuff is right up my alley so I will be looking forward to this :smiley:
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So we are gonna have a bad time? :grin:

But if all race all immune, how are we ghoul and still at school, since human banished the monster many years ago