SEAFRONT [Chapter 1 released on 13/04/2024]

LAST UPDATE : Chapter 1 on 13/04/2024

Hi my name is Gokul, i have been a long time fan of the various choice games published by Choice of games llc. Now i have decided to try and create a choice game of my own, SEAFRONT.

Certain disclaimers:

I in no way support the sale or usage of drugs and condemn all kinds of drug related violence.

The game contains mentions of drugs and violence. People who are uncomfortable with this kind of content please refrain from playing.

Also the game is gender locked to male and there are no romantic options planned for now.

Note:English is not my native language so please bare with me.

The plot has been influenced from many places. But the story is still of my own creation.


The story is based in an alternate world in a city known as Seafront.The story revolves around cocaine,a very lethal drug and the race of the distributors to reach the top.The main character is one such person who sets out to make himself a name in this world and the path he chose was to involve himself with cocaine.Little did he know about the path he was going to travel.

Current development information:
Introduction(completed) - 382 words excluding code
Prologue(completed) - 3530 words excluding code
Chapter 1(completed) - 8177 words excluding code
Interlude(writing completed, development pending)
Chapter 2(writing in progress)

*Word count can vary slightly


Currently there are some grammar and language errors but those will be corrected in the next update. Please provide reviews about any possible mistakes you can find.And also let me know your opinion of the game


It has a pretty interesting premise up until this point in the story.

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Thank you for your review. I aim to release the next chapter soon. Hope you will stay tuned.