Scripting holiday events using gosub command

So I was thinking of having a go_sub command along with a day of the month system (which I already implemented), to activate in my game. ie.

*If (month = 2) and (day = 14) Valentine’s Day
*elseif (month = 12 and (day = 25) Christmas Day.

But I could use a little more help with the go_sub command.
Holidays I need to add: CNY (Chinese New Year), Valentine’s Day, Easter, Halloween and Christmas.
Minor Holiday: Waffle Day.

Text text text
*gosub checkholi
*label checkholi
*if (month) and (day)
   Good day
*elseif (month) and (day)
   Pretty good day
*elseif (month) and (day)
   Another good day
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