Scripting help with simbols

what is the simplest method? to replace stats with simbols?
let’s say i want to create skill essence 0 max 3

Essence :diamonds::diamonds::diamonds: maxed (3)
Essence ♢ zero (0)


If max is really only 3, you can do it the simple way with *if statements.

*if (essence = 0)
*elseif (essence = 1)

Otherwise, you’ll need a for-loop. Looks more complicated than it actually is.

*label generate_diamonds
*params number
*if (number < 0)
   *set number 0
*if (number = 0)
*temp ci 0
*label generate_diamonds_start_loop
*if (ci = number)
* set ci (ci + 1)
*goto generate_diamonds_start_loop

Then, you call it in the game like this:

*gosub generate_diamonds essence

Multireplace should also work:

*set essence ":diamonds: :diamonds::diamonds: "
Essence: ${essence}

I agree simplest method period is *ifs.

Smallest method is probably multireplace, if your max is low.

*temp strength 0
*temp dexterity 1
*temp intelligence 2
*temp charisma 3

Strength: @{strength+1 ☆☆☆|★☆☆|★★☆|★★★}

Dexterity: @{dexterity+1 ☆☆☆|★☆☆|★★☆|★★★}

Intelligence: @{intelligence+1 ☆☆☆|★☆☆|★★☆|★★★}

Charisma: @{charisma+1 ☆☆☆|★☆☆|★★☆|★★★}

However, it’s important to note multireplace doesn’t do 0s. So if you want to use a stat that starts at zero, you need to add 1 to the stat.

If the max is higher (but still known), I personally use arrays; I think it’s faster and easier to maintain than a subroutine.

*temp strength 0
*temp dexterity 1
*temp intelligence 2
*temp charisma 3

*temp skill_max 3

*temp icons_0 ""
*temp icons_1 "★"
*temp icons_2 "★★"
*temp icons_3 "★★★"

*temp empty_icons_0 ""
*temp empty_icons_1 "☆"
*temp empty_icons_2 "☆☆"
*temp empty_icons_3 "☆☆☆"

Strength: ${icons[strength]}${empty_icons[skill_max - strength]}

Dexterity: ${icons[dexterity]}${empty_icons[skill_max - dexterity]}

Intelligence: ${icons[intelligence]}${empty_icons[skill_max - intelligence]}

Charisma: ${icons[charisma]}${empty_icons[skill_max - charisma]}

The arrays solution is pretty elegant!

I liked it.

Don’t Choice of Robots has a stats page that used symbols over numbers too? That’s neat!