Scarlet Sorceress - Making an otome CSG (WIP) - 45k words, PUBLIC LINK AVAILABLE

Hello, can i try the demo?

If you’re still looking for more testers I would be happy to help.

I say we’re getting a decent amount of interest. :slightly_smiling_face:

I’ve just reached out.

It should be more than enough for you to buy out the shop and hit the max level. The cheat mode does not affect the skill checks, but you should have no problem passing almost all of them since I’ve yet to balance the game.

Nahh… I don’t think I’m that amazing a writer. :sweat_smile:

Tentative art (this is the same as what I put on the interest check thread, minus the title):

Splash Screen:


Would love to try the demo

I’m planning to do another update in a week.

Also, hopefully, the respose rate from the first week gives me a good idea of which plan to go with.

Can I try the demo please

I would like to try the demo

I sent out the links.

Also, I realized I just accidentally sent someone a message without the link. If I message you and there’s no link in the message, please shoot me a reminder. :sweat_smile: When you’re sending tons of messages, it’s easy to get careless. :sweat_smile:

I would like to try the demo too

Can I also try demo

May I try the demo?

Ok, I’ve reached out.

Also, please do not feel strictly obligated to provide feedback if you receive the link. Nevertheless, feedback/comments are always welcome if you’d like to provide it. You can post on the thread.

I’d like to try the demo.

I’ll be happy if i can try the demo

i would also like to try the demo

I’m currently having some difficulties with my account. For those who just left a comment and/or tried to DM me, I’ll try to get the link to you in a few hours, once I resolve this.

In the meantime, for anyone else, if you want the link, do continue to leave a comment or message me for it. I’ll try to get it to you as soon as I fix this issue (won’t be immediately, but hopefully in a few hours).


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I would like the demo pls😄

I’d love to give the demo a shot! The premise seems interesting!

I would like to try this demo

I have sent out the link to some… unfortunately, the forum software is giving me a hard time now.

I will clear the rest of the requests ASAP. In the meantime, if you haven’t done so, just leave a comment or message me if you wish to have the link.