Scarlet Sorceress - Making an otome CSG (WIP) - 45k words, PUBLIC LINK AVAILABLE

Some time back, due to certain events, I wondered how an otome VN could possibly be adapted to the choicescript format. Scarlet Sorceress is the result. Capturing the anime vibe in an all-text medium was very difficult, so I’ve probably botched this experiment, but let me know your thoughts.

Unlike Dragon of Steelthorne, I’m now offering a public link. Unlike Dragon of Steelthorne, please bear in mind that this WIP is not a full draft.


Blessed with the gift of magic, you are a sorceress, able to manipulate the power of fire. Sorcery is tightly controlled in the Kingdom of Seraphine, forcing spell casters to live under the watch of the Guardian Order, or live as outlaw mages. Living in the Eterna Forest, away from the city, with your pet cat, you soon find yourself tangled in a conflict between both factions.

This game has a management system based on Dragon of Steelthorne, and will have a mix of romance-focused chapters and story-focused chapters. There are currently four ROs, two male and two female, but the full romance plotlines are still incomplete. Another two from the opposing faction are planned. There are four classes, with three main stats (Alchemy, Healing, Destruction) as well as a rank system.

Jewelry and physical appearance will affect player stats. Jewelry can be swapped around freely each turn. The MC can adjust her appearance using the enchanted mirror each turn.

Other notes:

  • This game has passed both randomtest and quicktest.
  • Sidequests are still incomplete. If you want to buy from the jewelry store, please use the cheat under the “About” option at the start of the game as there’s no other way to make enough money.
  • I retained the minimalistic writing style, because that’s more VN-ish and because old habits die hard.
  • The game is very easy as of now, as I have not balanced the stats at this point. This is a TODO item once more of the game has been written.

Please feel free to put any comments in this thread. Please blur spoilers if you wish to put them in the thread. If you’ve any general questions, please feel free to put those in the thread as well. I’ll try to respond quickly.

On future plans:

We’re shelving the IF comp plans and aiming for a HG release. I’m planning to work on this again in late May, but feel free to leave a question, comment or feedback anytime! There’s no need to wait till late May.


I want to try the demo

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I would like to try the demo plz

hey there, would like to try the demo

I’ll be withholding judgement until I see your Spring Thing work.

Since I’m also planning something to send in for IF Comp, evaluating your stuff now would make it unfair for both sides.

Ok… but either way, this project is independent of my participation in the upcoming Spring Thing, and will not be entered there in any form.

By all means. That’s your prerogative. :innocent: Best of luck with your upcoming IFcomp entry!


Everyone wants the demo just gotta wait For them to give you a link

I’ve reached out to all who’ve posted or tried to contact me by DM. Both options are still open.

Do you want the link? I can give it to you.

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I want to try the demo

Definitely I would love that

I’d like to try the demo.

Hey can i try your demo

I’ve reached out to everyone who had asked for the link, I believe. (By both comment and DM)

Anyway, tentative art:



I would like to read your demo please.

Hi by the way can you make the cheat mode more op please

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Would love to try the demo

I would like to try the demo please🙂

Could you please send me the demo? I love otome games! I would love to see a gender-locked female game get the success of something like the infinity series.

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Would love to try the demo I love to try WIPs