Scarlet Sorceress - Making an otome CSG (WIP) - 45k words, 3Apr UPDATE

hello i also want to try the demo

I’ve reached out. Next update might take a while as I’m switching to work on Dragon of Steelthorne 2 first.

Hey can i get the demo link

Id like to try the demo ^^

does increasing our level give us anything other than stats increase each break?

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and if i am a universalist who became an engima would i be able to contend with the S ranks of other professions? like in healing or alchemie

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I asked similar questions some time ago, and apparently classes won’t mean much in this game, other than bigger bonuses at the end of days. Speaking of classes, I believe that the all-rounder class may be buggy. We only seem to receive bonuses at the end of one or two days, though I will need to do another playthrough in order to pinpoint those exact days. For the rest of the days, no class bonus is given.


I’ve reached out.

Give and take. The universalist class receives bonuses in all three stats, but only one third of the time, picked at random.

The all rounder class has a one in three chance of giving you a bonus at the end of the day (I admit - this was not communicated very well). I have a few plans to revise this class, one of which is it giving you the full bonus every day, but requiring more experience to level up. Anyways, game balance will be worked on after the story is complete.

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Could I get a link to the demo please.

I will try my best to find any bugs or writing errors that my play throughs come across.

So far I have played through the character creation part and I see potential in the story; but I have some critiques. Hopefully these sound more helpful than just sounding mean.

  1. This could be just me, but I feel the story from what I read so far is more descriptive than story. You started off strong with the opening scene. But when describing the history of the MC it feels less flowing. From there the Character creation stops the flow altogether.

My suggestion for this is is try rearranging the history into something more like this.


As the cauldron boils, your mind starts to wander…
To your past.
You had never known your parents. Instead you were raised by Lord Gendrik Howthorne, a powerful nobel of the highest regard. For the longest time you thought yourself his own. But when you started to show signs of sorcery, he decided it was time for you to know where you came from. Ect…

  1. I would suggest not linking stats to how the character looks.

It is an interesting point. I didn’t want to hand the player too many details in the beginning, as I do have a flashback scene planned down the road, so I chose the short and descriptive option during the starting scene. Probably might not put those details at the start, but more details will come later.

I expected this at some point. :sweat_smile: I’m strongly considering an option to disconnect appearances and stats, but that will come in the stat overhaul which is planned once the game is content complete. I have actually received quite a bit of mixed feedback regarding MC appearances, so I’m consolidating everything before deciding on changes.

Thanks for the feedback!