Scarlet Snake Eyes

Work on Fun Space Opera continues…Slooooowly.

In the interest of keeping up my motivation, I’ve decided I’ll release occasional Gaiden Games to go with the main one. Basically, a quick game (this one is planned at three vignettes) taking place in the same universe following a pre-generated character (typically one of the side characters in the main game). It offers a brief glimpse at what’s going on outside of the perspective of the ageless, faceless, gender-neutral, culturally ambiguous adventurer person who stars the main games, and also provides sort of a teaser for future events, since several of them (including this one) take place at least a few years ahead of the current plot.

Unfortunately, the quick and dirty method of creating these games leaves them without some of the features that make ChoiceScript games so much fun in the first place. It’s best to think of this as a prologue to Fun Space Opera than as a game unto itself (once Fun Space Opera is finished, I’ll add Scarlet Snake Eyes as an option on the menu, along with any other side games I complete in the meantime). The thoughts, feelings, and motivations of Snake Eyes’ protagonist are all pre-determined, and the only choices you make regard how they complete their mission. For example, Scarlet Snake Eyes is a resource management game. You have a limited amount of health, fatigue, and ammo, and must choose which of these you will deplete to complete various challenges in order to reach the end of the plot alive.

Also, I haven’t made a death screen yet, which means even though it’s technically possible to die if you make all the wrong choices and get unlucky, you’ll see the final scene anyway. This bug will obviously be fixed in the final release.

You can play Scarlet Snake Eyes here:

Sometimes you don’t want a complex epic, sometimes you just want to stab some alien zombies in the neck. Thank you, this is fun. Keep it up.