Saving Maddox and other achievements in Choice of the Cat


I somehow got the cat in catharsis achievement. It should be somewhere in Claire’s route. I will be on the lookout.


Found it. Follow Richardf8 instructions halfway into the earrings meeting. When the cat basher leaves don’t join Bene as audience but sing along with Andre. That’s how I got it.
Was an accident. I wanted to follow Richardf8s path but messed up. :confused:


Finally got it!! Thank you!! Such a minor deviation its crazy how some of these achievements work. You’re awesome! :slight_smile:


Now if only we could figure out Maddox new home and how to get your own cat door. Also still struggling with becoming a social-media star.


I’ve found nearly all the achievements other than clawed despot, a feline iago, top cat, and maddox’s new home. Can anyone help me out with any of these?


Thanks. I didn’t really consider that part of the story as being about more than the PC/Maddox relationship.


Cat Door - I’ve gotten this one, but frankly, it’s not fun. You need to pick a fight with Maddox and then play the victim for each of Claire and Andre. It’s definitely a Pyrrhic victory if you do get it.