Saving Maddox and other achievements in Choice of the Cat


I somehow got the cat in catharsis achievement. It should be somewhere in Claire’s route. I will be on the lookout.


Found it. Follow Richardf8 instructions halfway into the earrings meeting. When the cat basher leaves don’t join Bene as audience but sing along with Andre. That’s how I got it.
Was an accident. I wanted to follow Richardf8s path but messed up. :confused:


Finally got it!! Thank you!! Such a minor deviation its crazy how some of these achievements work. You’re awesome! :slight_smile:


Now if only we could figure out Maddox new home and how to get your own cat door. Also still struggling with becoming a social-media star.


I’ve found nearly all the achievements other than clawed despot, a feline iago, top cat, and maddox’s new home. Can anyone help me out with any of these?


Thanks. I didn’t really consider that part of the story as being about more than the PC/Maddox relationship.


Cat Door - I’ve gotten this one, but frankly, it’s not fun. You need to pick a fight with Maddox and then play the victim for each of Claire and Andre. It’s definitely a Pyrrhic victory if you do get it.

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Thank you Richardf8. I hated being a jerk to Maddox but at least I only had to do it once to get the achievement. You’re great!


Can anyone help with Top Cat or Maddox’s New Home?


Top Cat Guide

After 9 careful play-throughs, I have finally managed to achieve Top Cat and Clawed Despot. Inspired by this forum, I documented all of my steps in a detailed walkthrough. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you BangBangBang, a selfish, needy, manipulative, vicious, two-faced cat who in spite of all his personality flaws still manages to enslave all of his fellow pets, gain the goodwill of both his masters, and also get a longer write-up than all of my nice cats combined. Be glad you only have to deal with this smug bastard once instead of nine times.

In case this wasn’t clear, massive SPOILERS below.

For those who want to figure it out themselves:

You need:

  • Over 70% Audacious to win a fight with Maddox
  • Over 40% Self-interested so he assumes you do not mean well
  • “dislikes you intensely” or worse Maddox relationship so he hates you enough to attack you.

The fight scene occurs the night before the party. It is meant to be a second chance to earn points toward your goal, so it can only be unlocked if you are sufficiently terrible at achieving your goal. In particular, do not, I repeat, DO NOT get a cat door before the party. If you are a perfectionist like me and can’t bear to fail that many tests, split your attention between multiple goals so you don’t advance too far in any of them. After you are woken by Moon looking for her parents/Claire pulling an all-nighter/etc., choose to go outside. You will run into Maddox. You will have a bunch of ways to put him off. He will attack you if you choose the selfless choice and he doesn’t believe you. Then, choose to Fight.

For those who wish to minimize the number of games they are mean to Maddox:
Note: This walkthrough also achieves Breaking the (In-)Law

  1. Brand New Home - Gain Audacious
    1. Tip the box over
    2. Make a leap for the mantelpiece - Gain Audacious
    3. Smash something - Achievement: Breaking the (In-)Law
    4. Yes
    5. Take a swipe at her
    6. I’m staying put
    7. I’m hardly fussy
    8. I’m going for that barbecue - Gain Audacious
    9. Employ leverage principles
    10. Scratch and meow
    11. Hide
    12. Refuse. I have a serious suspicion - Guilt is useful!
    13. Dodge her
    14. Launch an attack
    15. Sniff my bowl
    16. Hop into the laundry basket
    17. The noise
    18. What a shame. I’d love to goad
    19. The darkened room
    20. Fearlessly jump up - Gain Audacious
    21. The coat closet
    22. I feistily pull down - Gain Audacious
    23. Upstairs
    24. Meow pitifully
    25. Andre’s studio
    26. Sit on the paper
    27. Play bat-the-flailing-string
    28. See who Claire is talking to
    29. Prance across the keyboard
    30. (Choose whatever)
    31. Give the bathroom a cursory check
    32. I note it in my inner map
    33. Find a place to sleep
    34. Sneak into Claire and Andre’s room
    35. Away from these fools
    36. Check out Moon’s room
    37. Kids believe such utterly ridiculous stuff
    38. Decide against untested beds
    39. Curl into an even tighter ball
  2. The Mystery in the Kitchen - Enslave Bene
    1. Steer her
    2. A graceless, slavering fool
    3. Claw him in the nose
    4. Bare your fangs
    5. (Choose whichever)
    6. Blatantly scratch him - Gain Audacious - Gain your first slave
    7. Analyzing the radio
    8. Employ a dopey but endearing purr
    9. Make him do bad things
    10. Let Bene take the blame
    11. (Choose whatever)
    12. Sit smugly
    13. Shimmy up Helmet’s leg
    14. Roll on my back as cutely as I can - You’re going to need Claire’s Like for the Lego brick stat check
    15. Tough or not, this place is taken
    16. (Choose whatever)
  3. Being “Only Cat” - Antagonize Maddox
    1. Let him pick me up, but only because
    2. He’s likely as wary of me
    3. I jump up on the counter
    4. Gain a duel advantage
    5. Who cares?
    6. Stay down here to defend against Maddox
    7. I fold my ears back
    8. I’m not sure what Helmet is up to, but I can guess
    9. I hiss at Helmet
    10. The chunk of drooly biscuit - Gain Audacious
    11. (Choose whatever) - The begging contest doesn’t really affect this achievement
    12. If I act cute enough
    13. Spring gently into Claire’s lap - Ah, the benefits of being favorite cat
    14. Stand strong, waiting for Maddox to attack. Bring it on, Grandpa! - Gain Audacious - The first of many catfights
    15. Intriguing possibilities
  4. Family Tension - Antagonize Maddox Some More
    1. Sneak out after Claire
    2. Use stinky tactics
    3. The door is open
    4. I turn my nose and wander off
    5. You should be thinking about
    6. See what those two fools are up to in the kitchen
    7. Controlling idiots has a formula
    8. Why would I fear this mangy heap? - Catfight the Second
    9. (Choose whatever) - Both choices advance your central goal
    10. Why can’t they obsess about me? - Important, since both other choices will get you a cat door
    11. (Choose whatever) - Amusing commentary
    12. It seems likely
    13. Bored
    14. Prowl around to check that Maddox isn’t lurking - Finally, Maddox hates you
  5. The Big Decision - Filler/Decision
    1. I zip into the bedroom
    2. Go watch this postal-service cat
    3. (Choose whatever)
    4. Do some last-minute brown-nosing
    5. Bring it on
    6. Run out into the hallway
    7. Head to the living room
  6. Making a Meal of It - Filler/Nola
    1. Cheer Claire and Andre up - The only chance you have to catch a mouse with your current stats, very important if you also want to catch mice later
    2. Sidle up to her
    3. Let Bene out
    4. Lick Claire’s feet fondly
    5. (Choose whatever)
    6. I may have an inferiority complex - Failed on purpose, otherwise you get a cat door
    7. Help Andre show
    8. Randomly knock stuff over
  7. Invites Only - Beware of the Cat Door
    1. I have bigger plans
    2. Humans know cats won’t come when called - do NOT manipulate Maddox into attacking you, this guarantees a cat door the very next day no matter what you previously chose
    3. It’s canvas - Given your current stats, this is the only way you can successfully put on a collar. Skip if you don’t want this
    4. That sentence barely made any sense
    5. Enjoy my power
    6. Demand Andre hang up
    7. The food in the kitchen is unguarded
    8. I stare hard at both of them
    9. (Choose whatever)
    10. A party without the potential for embarrassment
    11. Use a power scowl
  8. It’s My Party - Showdown!
    1. Distract Bene
    2. Declaring war on my cat tree
    3. Curl up in the crook
    4. He doesn’t have the time to enforce this
    5. Stealing slices of kielbasa - Last minute Audacious points!
    6. This fish-rain thing
    7. I give them their space. They have a big day tomorrow, and I’d like to go find Maddox -READY
    8. Say I’m going to teach Helmet a lesson even though I’m really not - SET
    9. Arch my back and make a hideous noise. I’m going to fight! - GO!


–> Achievement: Top Cat
–> Achievement: Clawed Despot

This walkthrough ought to get you to the end with over 70% in most of your stats. Hope this is helpful!

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