Saving Maddox and other achievements in Choice of the Cat


I haven’t figured out how to go with Maddox during the party. Even when I’ve made friends with him, if I try to approach him during the party, he reacts badly. I’ll have to look into more ways of setting up for that. I’d love to ensure that Maddox’ erstwhile owner ends up fertilizing his own garden! :wink:


Yes, that is something I cannot quite figure out again. This variable and that, argh. :cat2:

It was an, ah, interesting turn of events. Quite surprising. Especially for the, uhm, a-pointee? :smirk_cat:


There’s an earlier place in the story when I managed to go with Maddox to Helmut’s garden to wreak havoc a few times. Can’t find it now, of course, but I’ve been there. But the worst that happens to him through anything I can do on that occasion is gets some dirt on the hood of his car or gets Andre to come out and see him attacking the cats. When I try to go anywhere near Maddox during the party itself, I’m told to go away; he doesn’t want anyone to be near him in his condition.

Argh. This is why I really wish there were backtrack options on these games. I know the whole controversy over choices meaning something, and all paths being viable; but that only works for the first twenty or thirty runs through the same story. After that, you’ve done everything you can reasonably do to make changes and see the alternate directions – the only possible way to approach it and succeed at finding the rare and difficult ones is systematically, changing one factor at a time, and progressing bit by bit by bit. Which is incredibly difficult when you have to run through an ENTIRE story from beginning to end, every single time you want to change the slightest variable. You’d think they could at least offer two different modes, and you could toggle a switch on the settings to decide whether you wanted the option to backpage or something. Oh well.


I can’t figure out WHAT the achievements are. Does anyone have a list of achievements and basic ideas of how to get them? (Or just a list of achievements)?


You should have a clickable button in the top right of your screen when you play which said “Achievements” (right next to the one which says “statistics” or the close equivalent). It should list up top the achievements you’ve made, and below that the ones you have left to go.


Followup: OK, I checked the game. There is “Show stats,” and then there’s a three-dots menu button which leads to a menu that includes Restart and, just beneath it, “Achievements.” Here is the list:

The Great Explorer (do a full recon of the house)
Honorary Kids’ Toy (Put up with Moon till she likes you)
Breaking the (In-)Law (Smash the Gladys picture)
Befriend Maddox (self-explanatory)
Best Beggar (engage in a food-begging competition with Bene)
People Training (Wangle a steak meal)
Good Friend (take a hit for a fellow household pet)
The Enabler (encourage Andre’s pipe dreams)
Star in the Making (Ensure you are captured on video)
Diva (Yowl tunefully enough that people imagine it’s singing)
Put the Cat in Catharsis (get into a mess involving Moon and an electrical outlet)
Secure Home (make yourself part of the family)
Insecure Home (become a point of contention without getting thrown out)
Social Media Star (make a Youtube video that goes viral)
Next Big Thing (Helmut’s gimmick plan)
Political Player (make politics all about you)
It’s My Party (fix the guest list for Andre’s party)
Avenging Angel (injure Helmut)
The Activist (cause a protest about Helmut)
Mine All Mine (wangle yourself a cat door)
Reductio Ad Absurdum (reduce a political campaign to total farce)
Clawed Despot (enslave two or more household members)
A Feline Iago (“every human has their price,” it says but I don’t know what that means, since I haven’t achieved it yet)
Clever Puss (get disliked enough to jeopardize their marriage and then re-endear yourself)
Top Cat (take on the neighborhood’s fiercest tomcat and win)
Maddox’s New Home (self-explanatory)
Jaws of Death (get Helmut killed)
War Wounds (discover the secret of Maddox’s lost eye)


Any idea on how to smash the Gladys picture? Where is it, even?


at the very beginning. you need to not really like contact with humans for it


Thanks a lot! 10 chieves remaining for me.


War wounds will be achieved along with Jaws of Death or Maddox’s new home.

I’ve found that Nola needs to be at the party for these.

Gillaine should be the “main party guest.” I am not sure how this is determined except that you need to have recorded your track.

For Maddox’s new home, the final conversation before the Jam will be between Claire and Gillaine, culminating in the PC leading them to Maddox while fending off Nola’s interference.

For Jaws of Death, Andre is Gillaine’s interlocutor. You spring into Helmut’s yard during a gap in which the musicians stand around talking while Andre recovers his wits.

These are both dramatic achievements. But War Wounds is not. It is extremely subtle, just a sentence in the narrative, seemingly offhanded.


Richard8, thanks for the leads. Apparently, I did something wrong anyway! I got Nola invited to the party, and recorded my track, but Magda was still there (even though I thought I got her uninvited by sitting in the bowl of names) and so Gillaine wasn’t the last conversation. She was an earlier conversation with Claire, but not the last, and so there was no occasion on which I could enter Helmut’s yard. Do you remember anything else about what you did in the leadup to (or at) the party which might have influenced it?

Thanks! Still going crazy, but at least I know a rough direction to go.


I finally did it!! What’s more, I think I’ve figured out HOW to do it, which is why I’m posting again. Since I was far from the only person being driven crazy by this one and none of the people who had achieved it seemed to know what made the difference, I wanted to explain what I found.

Yes, you have to make your record. That’s one part of the equation. But also, way back after you’ve just met Maddox for the first time, there is a moment when you can choose to go upstairs with Claire, or go into the kitchen with Maddox and Bene (where you find they’ve been getting into trouble), or else hang out with Andre while he plays. You should pick “Hang out with Andre.” He will start to noodle around on the guitar, and you have a choice between staying as an attentive audience, or else singing along, or else going off to find Helmut and show off for him, or else go off to GET Helmut and bring him here.

I chose “Go get Helmut.” I got Maddox and Bene to help me get Helmut’s attention by knocking over a burning garbage can (Bene did the work), meaning Helmut needed Andre’s help to put out the fire. (You can only do this if you have already managed to make friends with Bene and be at least allies with Maddox, which you do in the first place by taking the hit for him when Moon throws a Lego at the two of you.)

Knocking over that garbage can seemed to make the difference in the story. It got Helmut over for dinner – Andre invited him after he offered Andre good Scotch in thanks for his help with the fire – and that lets you do the rest of the stuff with making your record, but it also led to the only instance I’ve achieved in which Gillaine and Andre were talking just before the band started playing, rather than Claire and Magda or Claire and somebody else. And that, in turn, led to the opportunity to go into Helmut’s yard and wreak mayhem.

Thank you for the pointers, everyone! I hope mine helps you as much as yours did me.


First thanks so much for the post I’ve been checking back regularly to see if anyone else had ideas. I want to see the part of the story so bad!
Can you post some more detailed steps for the parts leading up to the dust bin fire incident? Ive been following the steps detailed above from Richardf8.
In my run throughs Helmut offers a really expensive scotch but Andre looks toward the window and hopes Claire’s still skyping and declines the drink and says he has to hurry back. Never inviting Helmut to dinner. :frowning: any idea what I might be doing wrong?


Huh! No, I don’t know what might be happening there – I’ve never seen that direction. I’ll do a few more test runs and see if I can figure anything out, and let you know!


I did it!! I got there again and I documented EVERY SINGLE LAST MOVE from the beginning until the Jaws of Death. I have no honest idea which of these are actually necessary in order to achieve that result, mind you… I’m sure there are a few here and there which could be done any of a few different ways and still get there. But since I don’t know which ones they are, I present you with the whole sequence, from square one. People who don’t want spoilers for their own quest should not read further:

  1. Yowl
  2. Leap for the mantle
  3. Smash something
  4. Yes (leap onto the table)
  5. (Pick a gender and a name)
  6. Let Claire offer you up as a learning tool for toddlers
  7. Strangled meow
  8. Show some affection
  9. Sharing a burger with Axl Rose
  10. Not as comforting as hamburgers
  11. Go along with it; it’s important to Andre
  12. Yowl with showmanship
  13. Do more yowling
  14. Meow at their feet with theatrical hunger
  15. Purr and rub against Claire
  16. Refuse because the food is questionable
  17. Let her pet you
  18. Nap in the laundry
  19. Purr cutely
  20. Curl into a sweet, sleeping ball
  21. Check out kitchen door
  22. There could be a potential friend in there
  23. Darkened room of mystery
  24. Shred the evil sponge
  25. Coat closet
  26. Flick & pounce
  27. Upstairs
  28. Jump the gate
  29. Andre’s studio
  30. Jump into his lap
  31. Meow loudly and shamelessly
  32. Cursory check on the bathroom
  33. Sit in the sink
  34. Claire’s room
  35. Head nuzzles
  36. So much less cool than guitars
  37. Find a place to sleep
  38. Moon’s room
  39. Sleep at her feet
  40. Get under Claire’s feet to steer her
  41. Clearly keen to play
  42. Hold your ground so he can sniff you
  43. Remove yourself slowly
  44. Depressing smorgasbord
  45. Modern art done in canned food
  46. Keep on Bene’s good side
  47. Analyze radio for clues about ‘hit’.
  48. Dopey but endearing purr
  49. Awesome – play a game he digs
  50. Stare at lever on door
  51. Wild antics to imply you’re the culprit
  52. Burgundy sofa
  53. Doorbell
  54. Show him you’re talented
  55. Distract Moon with cuteness
  56. Calm Claire
  57. Expel a fug
  58. Maybe Helmut is being slandered
  59. Take me to my feline brother
  60. Let him pick you up because you might get treats or strokes (you end up not getting carried after all)
  61. Glint of pure loneliness
  62. Don’t worry Maddox with sudden movements
  63. Good nature to befriend him (he’ll make you back off, but thank you)
  64. Just wasn’t thinking
  65. Stay to help Maddox if he comes back
  66. Make Helmut uncomfortable by tagging along like a bodyguard
  67. Howl to warn Maddox
  68. Keep Moon quiet
  69. Chicken fat
  70. Bat it out of her hand
  71. Other side for double points
  72. Dive past an elbow for the chicken
  73. Reach up from under the table
  74. Snooze underneath the coffee table
  75. Jump in front of Maddox and bravely take the hit for him
  76. Fitting gesture of leavetaking
  77. Nod and slow blink
  78. Fun, joy and adventures
  79. Head out to comfort Claire
  80. Unpleasant tongue grooming
  81. Off to eviscerate something
  82. A shiny thing – pounce!
  83. Does it matter? We need him
  84. Join Andre for some riffing
  85. Get Helmut over here
  86. Ask Maddox nicely for help
  87. Get Bene to knock over the burning rubbish
  88. Appreciate their valor
  89. Let Bene choose

[The above sequence got me to the point where Andre invited Helmut over for dinner. Continuing to the Jaws of Death quest itself…]

  1. Where the Wild Things Are
  2. Patterns everywhere
  3. Warn and fuzzy
  4. Burglars or mice
  5. They grasped it was a gift
  6. Beg Andre for scraps
  7. Prowl circumference
  8. Congratulate Claire
  9. Roll around on the floor
  10. Careen up and down the stairs
  11. Steal cards in pairs
  12. Find a place to sleep
  13. Crap in Nola’s shoes
  14. Meow to be fed
  15. Comfortable and efficient spot
  16. Drag Andre’s Nirvana T-shirt out
  17. Lick the cutlet
  18. Jump into Nola’s lap
  19. Get Andre and Helmut into the studio
  20. Let him go for it
  21. Not living out of garbage bins
  22. Sniff Maddox hello
  23. Go with it (it won’t actually happen)
  24. Sit and listen
  25. Jump in Andre’s lap
  26. Launch toilet paper across floor
  27. Search Claire’s papers for cat rescue
  28. New experience – I think I enjoyed it
  29. Flee the room
  30. Play with your tail
  31. Roll on Nola’s name
  32. Eat Claire’s shoelaces
  33. Pretend you’re ill
  34. Yowl cat swear words
  35. Hope it did happen
  36. Throw yourself between Claire and Bene
  37. Study physics
  38. Go see if Maddox is OK
  39. Curl up in the crook of Claire’s arm
  40. Make Andre let you into the garden
  41. Steal kielbasa
  42. Paw at the water
  43. Closed door alert
  44. Race back and forth
  45. You know they need their space
  46. Approach Claire for luxury foodstuffs
  47. Let Gillaine pet you

[This will lead to a conversation between Andre and Gillaine, in which Nola sticks her nose in to imply that Andre is having an affair with Gillaine. That’s the infamous “last conversation before the band plays” which you need to reach in order to unlock the path to Helmut’s a few moves later.]

  1. Lurk on periphery
  2. Sit on Andre’s foot
  3. Now is the time for bloodthirsty revenge [MUAHAHAHAHAHA]
  4. Hold your ground, hissing

…and VOILA!! The Jaws of Death!


That achievement was way more gory than I was expecting… o.o

But thank you so much! I couldn’t figure out how to even start it.


I think the key to ensuring Andre accepts the invitation for drinks with Helmut after the fire is either: choosing to steal from Claire instead of Andre during the begging war (so Andre is less tired) OR letting Bene decide how to knock over the bin (meaning the fire is started later and takes less effort for them both to put out). One of the two or both - haven’t figured out which.


Got Jaws of Death now… (thanks everyone and holy sh*t)
Now to get maddox a new home. How do?


I just tried this other option… instead of going for revenge on helmut you go to cause damage. Then Andre gets in a talk with gillaine about adopting Maddox. If you bring a dead mouse when Nola starts butting in Andre and Gillaine actually shake on it to make sure it happens, but in the end he doesn’t keep his promise.

I think somehow you have to have a convo between Claire and gillaine last as was mentioned higher up by Richardf8 but I’ve had no luck in getting that scenario.

On another note does anyone know how to get either:
Mine all mine - get your own cat door
Put the cat in carthsis - moon and electrical outlet?


Oh my god. Thank You!
I played this game ages ago, and gave up after a month. Now I’m sitting in my English class ( bored to death) and thought that maby the internet could help. And voila; you guys just saved my WEEK.