Save system - Demo and discussion inside

It’s not so much about the number of slot as the number of variables. I don’t think it would be that much of a headache. Like I said I started to implement it myself and went considerably far.

CoG has its own save system, which is not available to developers. They only implement it to games with sequels and wouldn’t allow to use it for midgame check-points, even because it’s their position to stand against any “back” mechanics.

Access the game through the browser and add /scenes/{name of the scene}. You have to have bought it or you won’t be able to access the locked scenes.

You may want to start with the startup file to see the name of scenes. Not every scene will be listed though, since some are accessed at playtime through *goto_scene.


I see the point in this. However, my main interest is not changing the last choice, but just reading the last page again, as I usually do with non-interactive books. I know that implementing a way to replay the last page with a frozen choice would not be trivial, though.

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