Saturnine [WIP] [375K words] (Updated 15/06/2024)

Congratz on the chapter thing this is one of the few wips im following since i usually hate having to wait for updates but this one was too good. Oh and yes if you have experience with dnd its better but i personally didnt and had SO MUCH trouble learning the mechanics and something else that bothered me was how easily you could walk into a side area that was WAY overleveled for you but aside from that its great i should really go and finish my demon playthrough. Btw without spoiling if your into red flags camellia may grow on you but i think your more of a wenduag person lol nothing tops morrigan from dragon age for me tho

Never found myself as someone who enjoys playing an impulsive and hateful mc but man this is one of the few exception esp the canteen brawl lit made me tear up from laughing. I love it, i love this, 10 out of 10 would cause suffering for everyone again


Sorry if this is an obvious question, and I’m quite slow, but if I choose to have an androgynous body at the beginning of the game, does that mean that my MC doesn’t have genitals? I saw somewhere on this forum that the MC has the ability to change his body however he wants, this applies to an androgynous MC too, right?

If I remember correctly each time after visiting the possible dragon sighting the story reach some sort of a checkpoint, MC can rest and have change if they wanted.

I never use it though I only somewhat remember seeing the option, I never change my MC from the beginning.

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It’s not a topic I’m terribly interested in, to be perfectly honest. Headcanon it however you want.

More or less. There are currently three points in the story where the MC can get a sex change, plus one more to be added. And you can change from anything to anything else, so your initial choice doesn’t really matter that much.


I think I got halfway through the story and I must say- this WIP is phenomenal. I love the originality. The world seems rich and I appreciate that you’re so knowledgeable about physics and our solar system. I learned quite a lot reading your game. :smiley: I also like the sociological and philosophical topics you bring up. It’s not forced; on the contrary, it makes the game more interesting. I guess you could say most books and games touch on such topics to an extent, but it strikes me as especially well managed and pronounced here.

But that’s rather minor, compared to other things that make or break an IF. And I believe you nailed the really important ones as well. The characters, the plot and the freedom of choice. The choices are never too far apart. The characters are deep. So far I only feel like I really know Hellhound and Sheila, and I love what you are doing with those two. And while there seem to be many serious and rather dark layers to the characters as well as the world itself which I love (such as Sheila and here reason for hating organics + the way she even looks at the organic members of the group… that makes me want to get rid of her tbh :smiling_face_with_tear: or what happened to Lisa… It’s grown up stuff and well written) Despite all this you still manage to make the game geuninely funny, a lot of times actually. :grin: So that’s another great thing.

And lastly, I think you did a good job allowing us to really play the MC we want. My MC nearly killed his mistress but couldn’t do it. Then he joined the rebels, finally determined to take vengeance. Now, while still rather cold or even callous, he finds not all organics are enemies, and some can even be friends (or more), leading to sort of a “redemption” arc. Seeing all the choices I could have made, as well as the flavour text, it seems the player has great agency in shaping the MC.

I know this post probably won’t be very helpful, but I couldn’t just leave a like. It’s great to see a sci-fi story on here, and one that is so well written too. I hope that more people find their way to this WIP. Good luck!


I’m a bit further into the game now and… I don’t think that character will ever grow on me. I’m all for red flags, but a murder rapist who gets off from killing puppies is a bit much. I’ll stick with the funny cat-spider thing who hisses at everyone to kneel before me, that seems far more fun.

Not sure if I earned that praise. My world was mostly built by stealing from lots of other settings, it doesn’t take much effort to arrange these different elements in a somewhat unique way. It’s not very big on physics either, every law of nature gets broken by some magical technology or other, I just apply some understanding of what these laws actually are.

Though I do love writing about the Solar System. I just can’t get over how soft sci-fi taught us to basically ignore all this unimaginably vast expanse in favor of some “hyperspace” or other, all so that space explorers can proceed to ignore other star systems too until they find a perfect little earth-like planet by sheer chance. If not for that spite, I’d probably be writing fantasy right now, Sun knows it’s more popular around here.

Oh, such comments are very much helpful. Writing huge chapters can be a slog (and certainly has been over the last few days) so some appreciation goes a long way. And while I welcome constructive critcism too, knowing what worked is arguably as important as knowing what didn’t work. So thanks.