Saturnine [WIP] [330K words] (Updated 04/05/2024)

Sorry to hear that, but look at the bright side; Now your character can start a “can’t date the werewolf” club with Marshal and talk about how sad being sapphic is sometimes. Which sounds funny enough for me to maybe make it an actual option.

More seriously, while it always sucks to disappoint people with RO sexualities, I can’t really bring myself to do anything else with Lisa there. It may not be clear in the current version yet, but making her queer would look very bad in the context of the full story. Not to mention my irrational, but surprisingly strong desire to give the player the exact same number of male and female ROs in every playthrough.


I personally prefer it, having not everyone be into everyone. Was worried going through when I saw pan, pan, bi. It helps make it feel not so bland, like not taking into account that not every single person is pan/bi. Might just end up friends with her as a replacement, since I haven’t been interested in any of the other full ROs.

Definitely curious about why her being straight is pretty necessary to her story. Looking forward to learning more about her, then :slight_smile:

Hangout Update. I got the “interlude” chapter written a little quicker than I expected and added it to the game. At 54k words it just narrowly manages to beat Calypso for the title of the largest chapter & update thus far. In this new section, taking place during a long break from action, you can:

  • Learn how to play guitar
  • Roast Marshal’s painting skills
  • Destroy your teammates at Chess
  • Watch bad movies
  • Become Christian
  • Become a retro-gamer
  • Drink bad coffee
  • Have sex with a big, metal spider
  • Find an abrupt game-over

I’m not really sure what comes next. I’ll probably take a break to take care of some pending IRL issues of mine, then try writing the “Saturn” and “Telesto” sections at once. For those reasons, the next update should be pretty far away.

But hey, my story is already longer than most WIPs out there, Tale of Heroes and Thicker Than included. Take that, Barb.


I know these three things aren’t related, but they sound as if they are! :joy:


An update here I come :crazy_face:


Me… jk or am I… I’m scared to know :joy::joy:


Take all the time you need, you’ve definitely done a great job so far :+1:

get (38)

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I believe this is a bug. When I’m given the choice to go after Hadaly (when we explore the planet before Crystal arrives). She has a negative attitude towards MC and says that I don’t behave well with people. Although I play as an android that honors its creators and is generally against violence.

The scene you’re talking about triggers because your relationship stat with Hadaly is low, and that’s not necessarily because of MC’s attitude towards humans or violence. I can’t know what happened in your playthrough, but I really don’t think it’s a bug, since the code looks just fine.

Also… “honouring your creators” is not the best of way of making friends with Hadaly. As mentioned earlier in this thread, the girl is actually pretty misanthropic and will not be impressed by the Veteran being a perfect human shill. It’s just not the vibe that the MC’s group particularly likes.


I haven’t seen the specific scene they’re talking about, so if I’m wrong or talking nonsense, feel free to ignore this, but their post reminds me of an issue I had in Dragon Age Inquisition.

Sera’s maximum disapproval cutscene includes a reference to the Inquisitor punching down, using their power to hurt people but the problem is that the reason I hit max disapproval with Sera isn’t that I was punching down on people who don’t deserve it, it’s that my character was an elf mage who followed elvish religion all of which Sera also disapproves of. So like, I understood why the cutscene was playing, it made sense that Sera didn’t like my character but the specific criticisms Sera raised in that cutscene didn’t actually relate to the reason why her approval was in the toilet.

Again I haven’t seen this specific scene in your game so ignore if this doesn’t apply, but that disconnect might be what’s happening? Like if Hadaly doesn’t like their character because they love humans too much, maybe there could be specific dialogue for that since there’s already a stat for tracking human loving that you could check against.

Sorry if this is like, not helpful. I’m really enjoying the game so far, I’m like saving at every point so I can go through as many options as possible because all the characters are so interesting.


It’s just that what I’ve been doing doesn’t quite match up with what Hadaly says about me. She says I’m an asshole and could have at least tried not to make trouble and been generally friendlier. If she had told me that I was acting like a spineless slug, I would have realized that she didn’t like these particular actions. My relationship with Hadali is 33, Is it low enough that she doesn’t like MC? And I was never rude to her and we communicated normally before and after Calypso.

I could spend some time making the scene more varied depending on the player’s actions, it’s just that I already have a bunch of stat-specific dialogue there (see below) and I didn’t think more was needed. The scene doesn’t trigger if your relationship with Hadaly is above 34, so you just barely managed to get it. I guess I’ll keep in mind that triggering the conversation is possible without being a total asshole, but no promises as to what I’ll do with that knowledge. Maybe just adjust the stat changes a bit.


I love this, the world, the action, the characters, beautiful.

I REALLY love this WIP, probably one of my favs, and i hope to see an expansion on customizing our Veteran. Particularly i want to customize what they were before the shriek and some more aspects of their physical appearance, especially their eyes and their build.

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While I’m working on an update, I don’t think it will expand customization much. There’s no way for such small things to impact the story or stats in any real way, and while there are people who enjoy robust customization, there are also players who really don’t care for superfluous details like eye color. Not sure if adding such choices is worth the effort, let alone slowing down the beginning even further.

As for customizing the MC’s pre-calamity history, that will simply never happen. Player choices represent the Veteran’s free will, something they only got from the Shriek. Everything before the Shriek is unchangable and pre-determined by design. I cannot change that without brutally defeating the whole point of the backstory, not to mention messing up some… stuff I planned out for future chapters.


Love this wip so much. Looking forward to the update.

Picked “I have no weapons” and preference for my own energy projection instead of pistols.

Then picked 'lower their guard with talking" option, and it seems there’s a placeholder for my weapon in the text that got empty. His gauntlet got destroyed by my…?


107-99=3? Someone needs to check their computations.

quite like OURS


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I actually wrote a line for that scenario, but there’s a condition error that prevents it from appearing. I’ll fix that in the next update I guess.

107-99=3? Someone needs to check their computations.

Like coins in our world, axions can have values other than “1”. The equation could just as easily be something like “107-5-2-1 = 99” and I’m pretty sure that lines up. I can show you my math degree if you’re still in doubt.


I’m just a bit confused on wording then.

If they have different value, it makes sense to tell the whole value.
If they count by coin, tell the number of the coin.

This one sounds like “I’ve stolen 107 bank notes, lost 3 and have 99”. Much more convenient to say “I’ve stolen about 200.000 dollars, lost a few notes” or something.


Man, I Love this game so much!

Playing Good, playing Evil…what a treat!!

Just tried this one. Actually, I liked it enough to do a few more playthroughs. It is quite an interesting take on the sentient AI and android setting, with space exploration and some fantasy/mythical influences.

One thing I wondering is if personal data can be placed on the main stats page. It is slightly tedious to have to click through twice each time I (think) I need to try passing a skill check.

Other than that, writing is pretty solid and there is a good mix of humor and action scenes. The exposition gets a little heavy at times, although that is more of a personal preference on my part.