Saturnine [WIP] [294K words] (Updated 01/04/2024)

Saturn Update. A new mission into the depths of the sixth planet may now be played, either before or after the “Calypso” chapter. Three paths, 37K words and many new character interactions, not to mention lines and choices added to existing chapters.

Oh, and there are achievements now, but don’t worry about them yet. They’ll only work properly once I export the project to HTML, somewhere in the future. The new battery mechanic works just fine though.


Very fun update! I enjoy this new planet, although I have made a shambles of my build it seems.

When getting a boon from Sauce, is asking for a way to end the screams supposed to look back around to the power choices? Or is it supposed to be an end? Because the choices after that seem to indicate I’ve received some blessing that I haven’t.

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I totally just forgot a *goto there. I’ll fix it eventually.


I just finished this demo, and the option to say, “Lisa! You hear to bang Da-xia too?” will never not be funny to me.


Got an error at Saturn line 3065 it is illegal to fall in an else statement before goto. This happens in all choice after we decide whether to attack pirates or meet entity. Do I need a new save?

It is a problem with saves, yes. The old ones use a different control flow than the current build of the game. That said, I’ve recently added a fix that should fix the issue though if you just enter and exit the stats screen, so you could try that.

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After playing the demo, I realize I NEED more options to play as an unrepentant asshole MC.

It has never been MORE FUN to make everyone hate/question my choices.


Considering that airlock vs clothes moment the MC can have? Yeah, those moments are hilarious. :joy:


This WIP is fantastic. Such an interesting and creative world you’ve written, as well as such an interesting MC with which to explore it. Even the antagonist is deeply intriguing. Very well done, and I hope to read more soon.

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Thank you. I am hoping to get another update, if a small one, done within the next few days.


Easter Update. A new chapter, covering the events right after the player’s second mission, has been uploaded. Although at little over twenty thousand words, the chapter is the shortest one yet, making this update a bit of a joke in terms of volume.

Get it? I’m calling the update a joke because it’s April Fools today… but probably not by the time you’re reading this, writing this chapter took me longer than I thought it would… I’m doing my best, okay?


I get an error when I try to say sorry to Hadaly

Weird. This selection is not a *choice command, and implicit control flow is turned on in any case, so this should not be happening. Still, I’ll add a *goto and update the game in just a moment.