Sashira's Other Game (not ChoiceScript)


I have been working on a game for a long time now (other than my known WIP in ChoiceScript) a visual novel I plan to eventually code in Ren’Py or something like it. I’ve gotten as far as character design, mechanics, some art and writing, but nothing as coherent as a demo.

People keep asking me about this other project - it’s a dating sim/CSI/science fiction game involving a serial killer - especially when I stop work on something else (like my WIP) to put time into it.

I don’t feel comfortable talking too much about a non-CS game on the forums, but we could start a PM thread if anyone wants updates on what I have so far. Or you could ask in this one thread, if you’d like more clarification on what it is I’m trying to do or how far I am.

Thanks, and let me know how interested you are in this.


now… you make me curious :grin: care to elaborate more ?


Color me me interested. What type of art will you be using? With VNs the art can make or break the game, or make it shine.


I enjoy your writing a lot. I also relate to your stories; so I’ll always be interested.


As long as it’s posted in other interactive fiction which it is. I don’t think CoG will have a problem.

I posted a topic about a non choicescript project and it wasn’t closed down. True I had a demo in choicescript but that was just easier to write the intention was always to put it into a different system.


This is really interesting, definitely have my support!


This sounds awesome! Now I have two games to be excited for from you.


visual novels coded in ren’py along with great artwork and a great plot makes a great visual novel that’s fun to read!!!


Well I’m really interested to see this happen :grinning:


Sold. Utterly and entirely sold.

Curious about this, that’s for sure.


I can’t say I’m not interested.


Count me in, definitely!


If there’s interest and I’m not actually stepping on toes, maybe I was overreacting. Here’s a quick overview of the game.

It takes place on a worldship, a giant spaceship that functions like an artificial planet. There are cameras and monitoring devices everywhere, and when someone does break the law, justice is carried out by impartial robots. Except for the first time in their history, they have a serial killer. Bodies are appearing, and they can’t figure out how.

You play an off-world investigator brought in to consult on the crimes. Gameplay consists of scenes on the worldship (meeting people, observing things), investigating the serial killer’s crime scenes (CSI-like, gathering clues about the murderer), and more deductive scenes where you’re asked to help solve other baffling crimes (they insist the robots COULD figure them out, but as long as you’re here…)

The dating sim part comes into play with five women who may know something about the crimes, or have some way of solving them. One is the partner you’re assigned at the Department of Justice (her official title is Legal Bureaucrat.) One is the priestess of a mystery faith that attracts the more unstable members of society. One is an entertainer who sings about ominous problems coming, and dark symbolism. One is a courtesan who runs the worldship’s most popular pleasure house, and hears all the rumors first. The last is a criminal, one the robots have let slip because the black market serves a purpose; she knows more about shady dealings on the worldship than anyone.

Each of these women is connected to one of the “optional” cases somehow. If you solve that case correctly, and your interactions between cases are positive, you can enlist her help near the end in catching the killer. That will then give you the chance to end the game involved with her.

I’ve been doing it all myself - art, writing, recording songs for the entertainer. I believe my art skills are up to the task, if I take a LONG time about it - the drawings I’m happy with took about 20 hours each. We’ll see when I get there whether I can learn Ren’Py well enough to code it all. Music? Eh, I’m not tone deaf, but it could be better. I’ll be looking for a singer and maybe a songwriter later on.


I don’t see the harm in having WIP threads for other games, as long as they’re related to interactive fiction, and in the appropriate forum category.

It sounds like a really interesting game.

Sci-fi mysteries are fun.

Are you playing a male or female protagonist?

Is there a reason all the love interests are women?


You can play your investigator as male, female, or non-binary. The main reason that all romance options are female is that there’s a lot of art required for them, and I’m much better at drawing women. :sweat_smile: I could go for an all-male sequel if I can overcome that, or bring another artist in for it.


Could you practice drawing men? Pleeeeeease :slight_smile: Nah that’s a perfectly legitimate reason, and it is your game, and they do sound like great female characters.

Ppphbbt to all male sequel though! I like a mix.

Or perhaps give us a non-binary love interest?

Ssshh ignore me! Just do what works! And what’s fun for you to do.


It sounds awesome and unlike anything I’ve played. I’d love to be involved


I’d love to check this out :smile:


We seem to have similar tastes!


How can I turn down a game written by someone talented, where all the RO are female and I still get to be female myself? :smile: Sounds like it was made for me!