Samurai of Hyuga Book 5

If I recall correctly, the Ronin’s illusions, that they themself admits to, are delusions of the mind.


People who don’t think Masa is going to be a romance option, I have bad news:
Masami is a potential, future RO. Because Masami is depicted as underaged, there will be no intimate scenes with her until after a timeskip in the story. Their relationship with MC can still grow in the meanwhile.


Well, that’s gonna get weird… we’ll see how it’s done and then decide, I suppose. After all it’s not like we’ll have to do it.


Wow so kind of late to the party, I have probably played through this book about three or four times already. It still amazes me at how these books just continue to get better and better. I honestly don’t even know where to start with the crazy amount of stuff that happens in this one. Also this book felt way longer then 430,000 words, not that I’m complaining mind you lol

So jumping right in, one minor criticism that I did have was that the Ronin losing people started to lose more and more emotional weight, at least for me. It definitely hit me hard when we first lost Basho But after that, I could kind of see the others coming from a mile away. Still seeing how far these character’s have come, and the loyalty and love that they have for the Ronin and Masa is still a treat to see.

  • Our girl Momoko really cant catch a break can she? :cry: Considering all the shit that she has been though, I honestly cant help but to hate Jun/ko for what they did to her. Which is pretty much the event that put her in this messed up situation in the first place. It will definitely make for an interesting conflict, if the Ronin ever meets Jun/ko again.

  • Nishi was one of my least favorite characters in this series, but after book 5 she definitely grew on me. I definitely agree with other users, that I would like to see her as a romance option. Even though I know that is very unlikely. There were some moments in this book where I thought that the Ronin and her would have some angry hate sex to relive stress and then when they wake up, they would swear to never mention it again lol

  • The Tosh romance, surpassed my expectations. It was very good and well done. The thing about the loops was pretty interesting. Its also sheds a lot more context on Toshie’s past actions in the other books. I still cant help but to feel slightly apprehensive about there relationship. Because despite how much Tosh may love the Ronin, they pretty much already admitted that they love Satsuma more. I know that the Ronin was being very toxic by trying to put Tosh in that position to choose between them. But I still cant help to think that this particular conflict is far from over. Especially considering certain possible theories that Satsuma could be the final antagonist.

  • The situation with the Shepard being goro still has me reeling… Its been quite some time to where I have been given a choice that was this hard for me to make. Even when all was said and done. I still don’t know If my Ronin did the right thing. Its a testament to just how great the writing is in this series. There are probably some more things that I could cover. But these were just more or less my general thoughts.


MFW Still no Kohaku romance


I’m pretty sure their love for Satsuma is a different kind of love and not the romantic one they have for the Ronin. But even still it’s not surprising they care more for Satsuma since they grew up together and no matter how much they love the Ronin, they’re a mess let’s be real.



Yeah I know that, I don’t think its a romantic love either. Its more so the loyalty aspect of it, that I’m concerned with. Even the Ronin themselves admits that it was a foolish and selfish question to ask, considering the things you mentioned. Which is why they end up apologizing.


I’ve said this before, but I think the Masami romance can be well done as long as none of it (from the MCs side at least) happens while Masami is still so young. Which I think is obvious from the MC’s obliviousness towards Masami’s feelings and disgust towards their fake self for the way they act towards her. My guess is that it will be mostly done in some sort of epilogue in the last book, after all this spirit-slaying business is done. I can’t imagine a time-skip happening while all this chaos is going on but maybe we will get some samurai jack time travel shenanigans.


Whats the text-input word where they are talking about the vault containing gensai’s sword?

I mean, the author did confirm that no intimacy (aka sex or kiss) would occur until after a timeskip


column i think




Bless you

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It was my impression from the final AU and from what Tosh says, that they were intertwined enough to sort of make their own delusions more realistic. MC’s delusions would have Masa’s knowledge/personality, but would more often than not be puppeted by the MC’s self-deprecation.


I’m very sorry. I see how that part of my post reads and that was the product of a tired and frustrated mind. What I meant to say is that it should be the last book in the series, not ever. You are genuinely a good writer, my diatribe aside, and I don’t want you to stop writing so much as I want a new series. Again, I very much apologize for how that came across.


I remember that the mc spends some not inconsiderable amount of time wondering if they could have that kind of a life and future with the kid in…3, I believe. It’s come to my attention of the author’s intention on it since the post, sort of kind of, from the other posts and replies, but that intention is not clear in the writing. That’s what is problematic to me. It’s not that it’s a “could never happen” fantasy of a lonely (and in this book dying) child, but that it /might/ happen in the intent of an mc who is chronically disallowed from making a single categorical choice through its controller (us). The mc felt disgusted by the sleaziness of it all, but it simply didn’t read to me like they shut out the idea that they could see the child as a potential future romantic partner.

And yes, I get it that it’s fiction and people can be as screwed up as they come, and it’s not actually hurting anyone. It’s not (though I do have an entirely different line on how it treats trauma) hurting anyone.


Personally, I’m in total opposition with your point of view.

About the romances, the author does what he wants, it’s not a forced romance, so if you don’t want it you don’t have to trigger it.
It’s not the first game like that, when I personnally don’t like a romance, but I don’t mind.
Some people like it, so let them do what they want.

And for your recommandation, my favorite book is the fifth. So if the author keeps on having an interesting story, he can make one, two, three or more books.
He made the story, he forced nobody to read it or to keep reading.
There are other very good books, I think if you are this frustrated you can just stop reading this one and pass to another.


I finished the book today! I was a bit scared because I saw a lot of comments about the ending being too much, but… it was funny? lol I literally laughed with that cliffhanger. After ugly-sobbing for half an hour with Book 4’s ending, this one was very light (and kinda hilarious).

The Academy AU was so funny too! One of my favorite chapters in Book 5. Seeing Jun again… I know he wasn’t real but… siiiigh, my ronin and I miss him so much…

I killed Goro. No hesitation. In fact, I thought for a while that we wouldn’t be given the option to actually kill him, but we did! Good. This one is for Ige and Kuniko, you bastard.

In general, I loved it, SoH is still my favorite CoG! I’ll replay it these next few days to see all of the content! My greatest wish is that, by the end of this wonderful story, the ronin and Jun/ko get to have their family, their dojo, and that beautiful orchard… :wolf::two_hearts:


Tosh!!! God damn, what I would give to be loved like that! :sob:


I feel I need to reiterate what Eiwynn said here, everyone has said their piece and @MultipleChoice has made their position clear. Let’s please the move the discussion on from this particular romance debate.