Samurai of Hyuga Book 5

Kid Jun/ko: “Okay you Stupid Orphan, in order to keep your loved ones as yours and yours alone you have to kill everyone who could take them from you.
Kid Ronin: nodding seriously and taking notes


For real, this being the best CYOA in my opinion, and this person has read thru them all too. I don’t think they realize this isn’t “their” story it’s the ronin’s story, the authors story, we can view it thru different lenses but we can’t decide you know what my ronin is actually going to go sit in that tower and fight zombies for a few years. (Although if the author got a video game project going I would fork out 60-100 dollars for an open world rpg version of this book series with cinematics and everything like the Witcher, damn…)

But the notes are just stick figure drawings of the Ronin and Jun/ko dealing with hordes of enemies because the Ronin can’t write.


This one was really well written, the shift from stat name a to stat name b, was so impactful. I half expected to come out as a demon at the end rather than a girl/kid lol then the redemption/reversal of that was good. The only smaaaaaalllllllll thing I could imagine being different was for those who deeply loved and cared for Junko I would consider re-enacting the things that the third student did in order to reopen that gate and bring Junko back.

Also I mentioned how this world would make the best open world RPG like the Witcher. If not better than the Witcher.

Anyways this was amazing, book 4 was my favorite because damn the empathy and emotions and everything changing from hate to love in a realistic way, just was perfect but this was really good and I liked that we travelled and explored a bunch

Author guy, you’re amazing, thank you!


Lol seriously we turned into masami, i wonder if masami is in our body now
Man i really loved that possessive stat , its safe to say the death that impacted me the most in this book was the death of possessive stat and two whole books without masami ain’t funny , she better be back in book 6 , but all in all this is absolutely one of the most fantastic Series i have ever read , i would go as far as saying that if was an anime it would be in my top 3 for sure , but now have to wait for 2 years for the next installment


First of all congratulations on another successful release! I have played and re-played this series multiple times over the years and I’ve greatly enjoyed my stay in Hyuga. Thank you for many hours of fun!

I haven’t finished book 5 and I’m not sure I ever will. I stopped after Borgia’s self-sacrifice because the series has turned too dark for me. I found MC’s self-hatred on top of all the degradation, torture, trauma and loss they experience in this book too depressing. It’s a well written series with fascinating plot twists but ultimately not for me.

As a trained mental health professional I deal with trauma every day which is why I have to watch what content I consume in my free time. I can’t imagine that this is an easy series for you to write. I wouldn’t want to be in MC’s head for hours at a time so I hope you have happy things in your life to balance that out.

I wish you all the very best!


I think it’s confirmed that the kid ends up in our body at the end, or at least that’s definitely implied by her final words before everything goes to shit

Jun/ko, after the MC left, kept the notes in their room. Wondering why The Ronin ran away.
They chase after The Ronin, look at Masami, think of the notes and their own advice and just: Lightbulb moment.


If it were , It make Masashi’s dream come true :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy:

Seeing that the last thing Masa says before the game ends is asking to be strong like MC, I’m guessing that was taken literally


Since they did swap bodies with Ronin in Masa’s body and Masa in Ronin’s, would Ronin be capable of using Shugenja magic and would Masa be able to use the Jigoku?

Oh no, whatever will Masa do?


Well it was Ronins body that had the snack, I don’t remember if the magic was inherently tied to blood. It would be interesting if masa could use both magic and the jigoku

I agree that Masa’s whole thing is an unrequited childhood crush which is one sided and fine. TBH I hated the lack of input into the MC’s feelings towards Jun in book 4 because suddenly fawning all over him like a lovesick shojo protagonist was jarring and OOC for certain playthroughs (though fit others well) especially after he’d almost killed Masa and the MC previously and was currently abusing and enslaving the MC. That being said I thought it was rectified well in book 5 with your MC no longer having to have any positive feelings about him and can remember him with hatred and a “good riddance” attitude (or can miss him and remember him positively based on your choice) which was a relief.

Whatever happens , i am sure book 6 opening chapters will be hilarious


The Ronin will fly off the handle if Masa ends up using Jigoku, they will never forgive themselves for exposing the kid to that. Plus Jigoku requires certain mind space and stuff like that, I’d doubt that even if Masa ended up with an access to it they would be able to use it.


“Oh yeah kid look out, my body eats people and has actual murder eyes from hell. Dw you’re not in the right mindset to use it though… Hopefully.”


To be honest, the closest thing the ronin ever done to eating people since the orphanage is giving them head
(I am so sorry for this joke)


Don’t be sorry, it’s perfect.


Then I have another one: if the Ronin has Akita Inu spirit, is doggy style a spiritual practice?


Only in the same way in that Sister Hanna would appreciate The Ronin’s Missionary work.