Samurai of Hyuga Book 3



Don’t you dare say that in front of my Toshie! I don’t wanna hurt her anymore than I already did…


Is there a theory on how they become demons in the first place?


I doubt the Junko plot would hang around for six books. Especially with every other plot peice going on, it makes sense that we would beat them now. Junko is a vital part of our past, but book 4 is about confronting the past. So it would make sense for the Ronin to move past it and focus the 99 other problems.


Well Junko decided to try to become one by killing people…maybe they just met at a convention…or take on a creigslist add?


As of now, Satsuma most likely is not a demon yet. Remember, the last prophecy he gave us was about this person that is supposedly pure but will eventually become corrupt when this person marries another from a different strong clan.

Maybe both Satsuma’s and the kid’s clans are two of the strongest and richest in Hyuga. That’s kind of the theory about him being the last demon.


I will admit (not to Toshie’s face) I do find somthing off about him.


@Harian I can’t seem to find it. Such theory exist since there is a line in the prophecy:

And finally, a spirit still yet pure. Of warring bloodlines of two clans. If they are united they will grow too powerful…you will have to swing your sword in a different way to finish this.

I think differently though since according to the prophecy, they will come from two clans. =/ It might also refer to Masa’s sister as well. XD

@Chain321 Perhaps but Jun/ko has been there since Book One and it felt like they are a huge part of the series that finishing off in the middle seems anti-climatic. XD


I suppose it would be fitting for the Emperor to become the last demon, bringing the slaying to a full circle. But how would the MC need to swing their sword in a different way?


By killing the kid’s sister?


Probably defeating this demon would be not be killing it per se. There must be some way to purified them without killing them?


I think it would rap up their plot nicely. I like Junko’s character but to be fair I don’t think they were ever ment to be the big bad. They seem to just be a storyline apart from the main plot.


I’d imagine the poor kid will hate us after that…


Yet still using a sword in the process - some kind of exorcism? Maybe literally cutting it out?

I do wonder if we’ll finally learn what The Sword Who Cuts the Heavens in supposed to mean.


They probably hate us at this point. Well more like little kid angry hate but she’ll get over that.


I just hope we don’t kill Masa’s sister. That would be beyond redemption.


Are we sure “swing your sword in a different way” was the Emperor?


Maybe. Maybe not. Honestly, we have so few clues to the true identity of the last demon and the only suspect so far is Satsuma. But we can’t rule out the possibility that the last demon may be an entirely new character just like the Baron.


I ment are we sure it was the last demon being described.

I already don’t like the emperor (really interrupting Toshie time?)and there is something off about him. Maybe I just don’t want to believe anyone is that nice…:sweat_smile:


To be honest… I don’t find him nice. He is mysterious and as an Emperor, like some politicians, would know how to play politics. XD


He does give off a don’t trust vibe…