Samurai of Hyuga Book 3



I’ll never give up my hope for the final fight in the last book! Lol unless Devon really is going for it then I’ll be pretty upset. The Jun/ko storyline is far more interesting than the demons themselves.


I’m thinking Mamoko is the only familiar face next book. I can’t imagine how any other character would contribute to the Junko storyline.


It makes sense Devon stated book 3 would build for a confrontation with Junko in next book. This books end pretty much made it clear we are tracking her down to end this. Story wise as well Junko is not really the center of the plot so it wouldn’t make sense to just build them hold off for a couple books…that’s kinda like shooting a firework a waiting years for the explosion. Plus five dollars is five dollars…you need five dollars.:rofl:


Now you see why I’m very adamant about holding on to my hope! Lol


Book 4 might turn out completely different from what we expect it to be :sweat_smile:. Also I think, Masami/Masashi is going to stick around until the end. Can’t say the same about jun/ko though, she might even end up dead before that. Nonetheless I have a feeling, jun/ko isn’t the main plot but also like @MichaelCrank said, I think it’ll be upto us to spare her/him or otherwise. Damn,can’t wait any longer. Excitement- 100


I wonder if we actually could kill Jun/ko off at the end of Book 4? I can only imagine the branching that would lead subsequent titles to have. What kind of consequences having their death on our Ronin’s shoulders would be? All the questions.


I hope IF we get the option to kill Jun/ko it’s in the last book. Killing him/her so soon would feel… idk weird. Also, I doubt Devon will FORCE us to kill him/her so if we choose not to kill on Book 4 imagine all the branching in the next books. Nah. I highly doubt it. And if we are FORCED to kill Jun/ko… :confused: I will be terribly dissappointed.


Yup! That would definitely narrow down the storyline now that you mention it.


I uh don’t know if this is the right place to post this (and if the author even approves of fanfic? I saw some on ao3 though…) but I randomly got inspired to write a drabble fic for everyone’s favorite Ronin/Jun instead of, you know, working on my WIP. Also, if there’s a way to do the ${} thing on forum pls let me know lol bc while the fic is written with Jun, it was only bc I didn’t want to use the distracting Jun(ko) format oops.

Edit: shoutout to @shiaya for the insp to write a game fic but I missed the deadline ;-;

Warnings(?): angst, Jun/Ronin (or the other way if that suits your fancy), heavy-handed weather symbolism, dysfunctional relationships (well it IS Canon-compliant so uh), ideal background music - that rain app I downloaded for this fic bc the rain stopped halfway while I was writing lol


|時雨| shower in late autumn

Hyuga is wavering on the cusp between seasons.

The nostalgic, temperamental rain of late autumn falls from the heavens in thunderous gushes; a vengeful lover wrecking havoc upon the earth in one last insistent demand for attention.

You drop the daily necessities from your supply errand down onto the wooden engawa, where it lands with a thud muffled by the pouring rain.

Sensei’s lodgings are modest by Hyugan standards, but the distance between the porch and your quarters is still too great for anyone except him to have heard the sound.

And yet when you slide the _shoji_doors open, Jun is there.

“Sensei’s still out?” You toss the question out into the indoor air, stale but warmer than the chill of rain outside.

Jun barely acknowledges you with a grunt of assent. His eyes, glowing amber in the dark light, are staring transfixed somewhere below your face.

_Oh. _ Your robes, dampened by the heavy rainfall, cling to your frame in revealing curves and lines. The realization ripples across your face, and you watch as Jun’s expression twists in raw _hunger. _

That familiar gaze is basically undressing you now - not that there would be any new secrets between his eyes and your body to uncover - but you force the answering surge of desire rising within you down.

It would only be too easy to distract yourself from the worries weighing you down by using Jun as an outlet. But then you would still have to deal with them in the morning, with an additional slice of debilitating guilt.

You change the subject hastily. “What’re you doing out here, anyways? Didn’t you stay in to train?”

The dojo is situated far enough within the house for even Jun to be unable to hurry here in time if he sensed your presence on the doorstep. And you’ve never known your fellow disciple to skip out on his afternoon practice sessions.

But Jun only replies, shortly, “I was waiting for you.”

Something in his glaring eyes, or maybe in the accusatory tone with which he says the word you, throws you off balance.

Not for the first time, you wonder how much Jun knows - or at least guesses - about your conflict with Sensei.

Your momentary hesitation gives enough of an opening for Jun to lunge - literally.

The attack, in the midst of your distraction, catches you off guard. You grapple and tussle, in sport and then in earnest; but your opponent has already gotten the upper hand - and he harbours no intentions of letting it go to waste.

Your brief but vigorous match ends with you pinned underneath him. Strong, calloused hands grip your wrists at either side of your head. His body, sitting astride your waist, is a warm, grounding weight.

Jun leans down, inch by painful inch, as you make your best efforts to buck him off. Both your chests are heaving with exertion, but this close you notice a tremor in him that has nothing to do with the heat of the rush.

“Don’t leave me. You’re not going to _leave me. _” The words are chanted below his breath, as if in a fevered prayer. His amber eyes are unfocused; his pupils dilated and gleaming with manic light.

And suddenly the vice-like hold around your wrists and the restraint of his weight feel as much like his vulnerable fear of losing you as they are his trappings against your will.

Two familiar urges, antithetical yet twins to each other, surge once more within you.

Leave him. He hurts you - physically, no more than anything else, but mentally? Like no other in this world. And do you think he will forgive you for what you’re going to do to Sensei?

Stay. You think he hurts you, but it’s no more than what you deserve. Do you think anything else this world has to offer will be any better? Have you forgotten what life was like without him?

The two thoughts each chase the other in your mind in endless figure eights, their fire and your frustration burning and building until you’re convinced you’re going to explode -

You’re so tired, and it’s not nearly winter yet. The seasonal rain streaming down outside is proof of that. Is it so wrong, just this once, to want to live on in autumn?

You know what to do to end this in a way that everyone will be pleased with.

In one swift, brutal movement, you drag Jun’s mouth down into a rough kiss.

Breathless moans and feral growls drift out of the quarters at intervals, until finally an impatient hand dives between the responsible space and slams the sliding door shut.

Outside, the backdrop of autumnal rain is fading. Soon it too, along with its season, will die.

And beyond, the cold, lonely emptiness of winter.


Why, hello again! You’re such a talented writer, in your own WIP and in fanfiction :smile: I loved this piece! Ronin x Jun is my favorite relationship in SoH, and you captured them so well… I think (?) Devon can’t read fanfiction because he might use it unconsciously in SoH (he said something like that in the blog) but the rest of us are grateful for it!

I would love to read another fanfic from you, this time from Jun’s PoV. Just a thought!


Hiiii :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:Aww, thanks for the compliment (and oops I’ve been caught slacking on my WIP lol) I feel you lol. I thought Masa/Ronin would be my one and only ship, but then Jun(ko) appeared at the end of SOH1 and I was like oh welp time to jump ship(?)

I’ll see if the inspiration bug bites again :smirk:


I’m one of the people who made an account because I’ve been starved for content since finishing all three books. I hope I didn’t miss too much of the conversation. I have a lot of things to say about the things discussed, but I’d rather not dredge up some of the old touchy topics. That being said, it’s kind of refreshing to see a place where when people agree to let a topic die down, it stays that way.

One thing I would like to mention is that I personally like how the characters would act on their feelings for you on their own, as compared to you having to initiate. It makes the world feel more dynamic, up to and including having to interact and work with people who have rejected us or who we have rejected, and how because of our willingness to open up to each other, bonds can actually be strengthened that way. Extra Credits over on Youtube did an excellent video on the topic that explains it much better than I ever could.

I also agree that the Ronin, both male and female, should be able to explore their femininity. It shouldn’t have to be forced upon the player, but I definitely prefer having the option. I understand @Sammysam’s concern about having femininity being forced onto the reader, but I’m also afraid of flip side; that the Ronin is expected to act masculine, to be tough and brash and unyielding, because that’s what it takes to save the world. Femininity and strength should not be mutually exclusive. So I’m very much in favor of an option to explore it. That being said, I would also like to see Momoko and Kuniko have more agency as characters. I’d love to be able to bond with them over the struggles of being a woman in Hyuga as a female Ronin.


Considering the authors own words about it (and the general tendency at least for female characters to get masculinity treated as something to grow out of), I doubt you have much to fear for at least if you play a female Ronin. Can’t speak for the male Ronin of course.

I would hope for the series to allow the players a multifaceted approach to genderroles and expectations, and yes that includes embracing femininity but also the option to reject it, or at least the idea of femininity that the author may has. So I obviously got a bit wary after reading the comment of the author considering the female Ronin and her relationship to femininity (no talk about the male Ronin btw, what also puts me off a bit), because it very much sounded a bit like she has to “grow out” from her masculinity, (which is also a narrative I’m by now a bit tired about because it’s honestly pretty prevalent).

Let’s hope we both get what we want with choices that will not punish either way to play our Ronins.


I only hope “feminity” isn’t just “wearing make-up and pretty dresses”. :neutral_face:


Truth to be told, labeling pretty and wearing pretty dresses should not define as something bad. =/ What’s wrong if some girls like to be pretty and wear pretty dresses? They are still part of the whole womankind. In my opinion, femininity is not defined by how pretty you are. It’s more than that: Femininity for me is a quiet strength that is drawn from the hardship we, as a woman, face throughout our life and history. The strength of being a mother, being a daughter, being a friend and being a fighter.

This… I hope Devon could touch on.


That’s… deep :hushed:
I don’t usually play as female characters but if author explores something like this in future books I’m willing to try.


Is just a personal thing… I don’t mind the “classic femininty”, but for years I’ve been always criticized by family members and people for my lack of interest toward skirts, hight heels, long hair and make-up.
Always basically making me feel “less of a woman” for this. So I’ve basically developed a little of an “allergy” to this thrope.


I feel bad that your family and people do this to you. :frowning:

I know we have our own taste. I, for one, is not really into make up and such and I have been told that I was not womanly enough as well. I have also went through the “allergy for that trope” phase but in the end, we must not let other people define who we are and not limit our perspective because of what experience before.

Though to be frank, I have reached my limit for the Moe culture though. ^^; But both you and I hope that @MultipleChoice would concentrate on a different side of femininity. Not the physical aspect but more on the character aspect.


I don’t mind girly stuff customization as long as is a choice. :slightly_smiling_face:
I just hate it when is forced on my character, or is considered a “goal in life”.


I understand where you are coming from. :laughing:

I also apologize if I delve into it too much. ^^; It will be a long wait for us until we really know how Devon will handle it. We must have faith. :hugs: