Samurai of Hyuga Book 3



I suppose they didn’t expect that it will go that dark. In the end, it happened and we can’t really changed their view in the matter. :frowning:


For those of us who don’t frequent the author’s web page Multiple Choice Studios, I’ll leave this snippet with you.

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So, which characters do you think we’ll be seeing again in Book 4?


Oh! I’m wondering if the bar owner from the first book will come back you know, the one who tried to stand up to Jun/ko and ended up getting their hand stabbed with a chop stick.


Personally I’d love to see the bar owner again. Momoko would be nice especially the scene where the ronin finds out what happened to her. Woooo, I can tell it’s gonna be intense. And obviously I’m going to say Jun/ko too.


Toshio. XD

But I got the feeling we will see Basho at some point. :thinking:


The person whose grandpa’s reincarnation the Ronin ate.


For a guy without a Valentine, I’d love to see Momoko back. :sweat_smile:


I also have a feeling we’ll see the bar owners from the 1st chapter of the 1st book? Where we first met Toshie/Toshio in disguise? Also that creepy kid whose ancestral koi fish was the M.C’s dinner.


Basho is almost definitely going to be in the next one. I`m already arranging a meeting between him and the MCs katana :upside_down_face:


Anyone hope to see Masami’s family?


I hope to. I’d like to know about this sister that was so close.


Satsuma the Emperor! I’m still curious about him and Tosh’s relationship, since they seemed so affected by the news of his marriage. And yes more info about our dear red panda’s sister & family would be nice…


Will there be any Ronin mind journeys or adventures into the Spirit Realm for book 4? I’m rather curious how things will turn out! Also I think Masami’s arc is concluded for Book 3.


I dunno, Masami/Masashi is pretty tied in with the demon hunt, they were pulled in at the same time as the Ronin, and while they weren’t given a fancy title, what with that fact and also how their family is going to be connected to the Emperor’s pretty soon…

I imagine that the young charge still has quite a bit left to add to the story, even if they don’t appear in this upcoming book!

That said, more spirit journeys would be pretty cool. Maybe it’d be a cool way to show how the Ronin has changed since the battle with the snake demon.


The kid is definitely not finished in the series. She’s basically the 2nd most important character aside from the ronin but I do have a gut feeling that we won’t be seeing any one of the demon hunting gang for the majority of book 4 since it seems to be centered around the ronin’s past and Jun/ko. We’re probably going to run into them again by the end or sometime during book 5 since Satsuma is about to marry and after that, we got a year to start killing demons for real.


I hope so!! I mean our Ronin did say that they had a lifetime commitment to them now, so :smirk: And while I’ll miss Hatch, Nishi and the rest of the gang, I feel like I’ve literally been waiting ever since the first book ended for more scenes with Jun(ko) lol.

Angsty flashbacks? Momoko revelation? I am so ready lmao. Fingers crossed that Jun(ko) won’t die at the end of their arc tho…


5 dollars says that we probably won’t have that final fight with Jun/ko until the last book then it’s up to us to spare or kill Jun/ko.

(I was joking about betting. Don’t take me up on that since I’m broke. Lol)


I will raise you five dollars anyway since I love to gamble. LOL

And @ohmyvalar is right! The Ronin did say that their bodyguarding stint with Masa was a lifetime commitment. (I mean, mine did, since I run a Protective Ronin-- I’m not sure what a Drifter Ronin says. Anyone care to share?)


Aw dammit, I’ll have to scrape together some coins and roll with it lol my brutal ronin also said the same thing about the lifelong commitment as the kid’s bodyguard. Also said that he’d go to hell and take Hyuga with him if the kid died.


Considering the author said this book was building for confrontation with Junko, you may want to reconsider…