Samurai of Hyuga Book 3



I was down and defeated at the end like my Ronin at all the loss. But Resolute to get the Jigoku back to not be powerless again and be the monster who kills monsters.

Also pinning for Junko.


Ehhh…okay I really dislike this. I don’t want to play a character that has to embrace her femininity. I really don’t. And I dislike the implications that to be healthy an unfeminin character has to change her gender expression and relation to gender, I really dislike it. Maybe this is not what you want to say or not what you want to imply with this, but it sounds very much like it.
And again I would dislike to end up in a narrative that forces this on me. Some may want to have their Ronin become more feminine, I don’t. And I don’t want to have to deal with a narrative that treats either way like something bad. Just my opinion as somebody who is fed up with narratives that treat gender nonconformity as something to “grow out” of. Well…by now I will just hope it won’t end up like that and that the topic gets treated with nuance…but I’m concerned.

I personally hope it’s something from the past…or if any children in the future come up that we get a say in it, because I’m not sure I would keep playing if there is a inevitable pregnancy plot for the female Ronin…That’s a (sub)plot that would weird me out too much to be comfortable with it…

(Also didn’t like the romances much “despite” being attracted to women, so I think the problem some have may not be a straight/sapphic women disconnect but more of a different ways to expirience attraction problem…I know for me Momo felt like a character that wasn’t supposed to be attractive for me but a different audience, and my problem with the Tosh romance is mostly caused by the fast pacing what led me to dislike the dynamic we ended with.)


I hope that there would not have a pregnancy plot. I wouldn’t mind seeing my Ronin have a children of her own but I would like to see it in the epilogue. But that dream might only be a metaphor of something, not in a literal sense.


Yeah, totally possible but various people have brought up the possebility that it could be foreshadowing and I’m not that sure I’m that on board with it as some of the other people. :sweat:

(But I’m weird anyway, I always pretend my MCs adopted if any children come up in epilogues and stuff)


You know people love to theorize and such. We just have to keep calm and hope for the best in Book 4. :smile:

One thing why I sometimes don’t like to provide theories since I don’t want to put my hopes too high and get disappointed when it didn’t happen but some fans do love their theories.


Oh, I just meant the dream might come up again, and the Ronin’s feelings about it…not that there would necessarily be any actual children or pregnancy plot. It might be something Jun/ko wants. But, I can’t really see that happening with the Ronin right now to be honest, without getting in the way of the action. Maybe as part of the ending of the story, depending on choices, who knows. We don’t really know at this point if there will be a happy ending in the first place. Though I kind of hope this won’t be a “your character dies at the end” type of story. :smile:


Oh for some that probably sounds like a perfect ending, but yeah, I agree I would like the option for my Ronin to survive (and be happy…or on the way to become happy at least)


Yeah I agree, from a narrarive perspective it can be great, and dramatic, and all that…but in a game, it often feels more like a giant downer, like you just ‘lost’ the game, lol. :wink:

I also think it’s much harder (and can be more interesting and rewarding) for a character to be redeemed and have to live with themsleves, than just getting the standard heroic death/sacrifice…

But, I’m sure the ending will be great, and surprising, whatever it turns out to be.


Are we still talking about MC? :wink:


All y’all really getting these deep thoughts and like, tbh, my ronin just runs around protecting masa and charming every man he sees. (He really wants to bed them, but chivalry isn’t dead here oh no.)


My ronin would dig your ronin’s style.


To be fair, it would probably be less a matter of heroic sacrifice and more what comes around goes around.


I’m so happy that my male ronin had a romance with Toshie! She’s my favorite character aside from Masami (I don’t want her to be a RO tbh. She’s too young. And I was traumatized enough.) and Hatch. I’ll be very upset if something happens to her (like Junko catching up to her.).

I wonder if Junko conceived with your MC
before and had a miscarriage and that cost complications and she cant get pregnant again that’s why she reacts to agressively when you ask her if she’s still looking for an heir. She also grabs her stomach when that happens. Hmm…

I hope the MC gets a happy ending. I’ll be working towards a happy ending with Toshie. It would be so poetic that the first time we meet Toshie she was a bride and then you end it with her being a bride again but this time she’s yours. I would probably cry.


I see a lot of people saying they don’t want to see a Masami RO, but that’s kind of what I’m hoping for the most to be honest. Age may be a concern but it doesn’t have to be blatantly sexual, and won’t be if it’s handled right. I think a RO option with Masami would focus primarily on the Ronin’s lack of self worth, Masami’s growth into a mature character (I.e. the “I’ll grow up fast for you in book 1), and as Junko so eloquently put it, the MC’s apparent obsession with Innocence. Such a route wouldn’t even have to bear fruit or gratification immediately, though a cute scene here and there would certainly be adorable. If you do choose Masami, we may just get an epilogue ten years down the line with the two finally together. And some are forgetting that she is a Shugenja. Whether her family is to high class doesn’t matter, because I’m pretty sure your family ceases to matter when you become government property, and it’s not as though the Ronin won’t be owed a favor by the emporer when this is all over. I understand the concern about age and her only having a crush on the MC, but I don’t think that’s giving Masami enough credit. While portrayed as certainly naive and childish in some respects, she was also shown to be very wise and intelligent, and has been growing as a character since the first book. I don’t know, personally I think it could be done very tastefully and to great effect where the story is concerned. I don’t know if that’s just me though. Has my Masami fanboy leaked through yet?


Interesting talk about the female Ronin’s femininity. Personally, I do think characters who break the sterotypical role you expect are quite nice change of pace. However in a way regaining and exposing herself to more of her female side isn’t so bad, I like a balance of toughness and feminity a few protags by example would despite how parody some of these games may be is, Clemintine from Walking Dead, Juliet from Lollipop Chainsaw, and Robin from Fire Emblem, as well as Zero Suit Samus. I like the clash of the two that meshes well gives them a girlish vibe that reminds you they are female and not a pretty boy! But development comes first, after all.


I agree. For me, there’s nothing wrong embracing your feminity and it doesn’t mean you become weak just because you embrace your feminine side. I just hope that Devon could manage that development well.

This song sums up what I think of being a woman in general: Most Girls by Hailee Steinfeld :smiley:


This thread was a godamn roller coaster, holy carp. So many opinions it’s dizzying! XD


That does sound nice. Although the main reason why I don’t want her to be an RO is not because of her maturity and her mental state but its her general age (In fact, she’s currently one of the most developed characters in the books). She’s still physically a prepubescent girl. If the future books will have a time skip where Masami is already past her puberty then I’ll be more than happy to have her as a RO. I’m just not comfortable romancing her when the first thing I learned about her back in book 1 was that she’s a prepubescent girl. Not to mention, romancing her prematurely in the books will just prove Junko’s assumption that you are like her father, attracted to ‘innocence’ (a.k.a young girls).

Just imagine the rōnin’s reaction seeing Masami once again after a long time (after a time-skip). Judging by her older form back in book one, she’s a true beauty.


“Junko’s assumption that you are just like her father, attracted to ‘innocence’ (young girls)”

Well now I know that it’s possible to feel even more sad about the MC’s conflict with Jun(ko). What a good morning.


Okay, I might be in the minority, but I wasn’t reading this series to become a detective. I am not sure I will even finish the story and that is a shame because the first 2 books were so good.

This doesn’t even feel like the same series. I am not a big fan of who dunnit stories, and I certainly wasn’t expecting it here.