Samurai of Hyuga Book 3 (Patreon/Early Access info on Post 1297!)

Ige dies no matter what. But Daisuke can be saved. You can find guide at author’s site.


ahh cool, thank you. time to go back and replay that book for a third time lol

Soooo…we’re gonna ignore the entire part where:

a) according to history this is accurate as shit

b) even in fantasy, humans will be humans, as sad as that is its true

c) Kuniko wasnt a disposable character to further Hatch’s depth or development as a character. He was still the same dumb big-hearted strong headed idiot until the last moments of the game where he decided to take the responsibility upon himself because he felt like a burden and thought he should help the MC and everyone out

d) Kuniko was shown to be strong. Idk about you, but when I read the part where she disnt wanna tell the villagers what happened, it sent chills down my spine and damn near made me cry. In a fucking world where the amount of people who want to talk like there is no tomorrow (guilty of this myself) outnumber the ones who rather hold burdens upon themselves by a mile, thats a show of fucking capability and courage and mental strength that some MC dont get until way later in the story, but we’re shown feom the beginning that this character is sympathetic and kind-hearted. She wasn’t used as a tool and wasnt seen as “desposable woman” as you so kindly put it. And if I didnt understand what you said or glossed over something you wrote, feel free to shame me for being an idiot with too much time on his hands. I have been known to make mistakes while being a complete dumbass but I stand by my points. Kuniko is one hell of a character and has more going for her than a pretty face and a warm heart. Also, not the first character to be raped. MC’s mom and villagers and even Jun/ko


I don’t know if you already got your answer or not, and would much more recommend you just wait for the games full release so you arent blue balled as hard as me rn. But if you insist, you can play the first 5 chaps as a demo (link is in his twitter, google SoH 4 demo and you’ll find it) or I can spoil but minor details that wont effect the story much, but will satisfy your curiosity enough that you wont go ahead and ruin ghe surprise for yourself by opening a present before Christmas eve

wait, did someone call Kuniko a disposable woman? she didn’t at all strike me as the type. Like you said, she’s strong. Even after what she went through she was still strong. She honestly didin’t feel like just another plot device.


If you learned everything about him, you wont be as curious or at least, you wont have the same appreciation towards the ronin as you did/do. Better keep some things in the dark and for your imagination to play with imo :grimacing:

I think they already played the demo. SoH 4 demo is also available here. :smiley:

If you like to join the discussion of SoH 4 related topics, you could go here :


Says I have no access to the content :stuck_out_tongue:

You need to setup your account to be part of the adult reader group. You could see the link to registering in the FAQ.

b) huh…thnx

I wonder if Jun will be a romanceable character. Does anyone know something about this?

Jun(ko) is the most romanceable character so far, imo! I mean, it’s all very tragic and obsessive, but MC gets lots of options about still having feelings for them and Book 4 is all about finding them again and the confrontation! Some players will want to beat their ass and some to smooch them to death (not literally! lol) so yeah! I would say Jun(ko) is romanceable!


Thank you, I’m really happy now. Because there is the Toshio romance and I thought that if Jun could be our lover again or something than I will not be with Toshio. If we have to kill Jun than I would pick Toshio.

Just thought I’d put this here for anyone curious about the different spirit armors.
NOTE: These are all for male ronin & there might be some differences for a few when it comes to female ronin.


Barn swallow: a kimono with as brilliant colors as theirs. My undershirt was crimson red and ran high upon my neck, beneath a yellow kimono that the Gold General himself would envy. And of course, the brilliant blue haori jacket above all else, which carried behind it a constant wind.

Alligator: shin guards and sleeves, plated thigh pieces and shoulders. On my chest was the well-known lamellar armor, but in rigid alligator scales instead of iron.

Snow monkey: I was naked. Or at least, it felt that way. My shoulders were bare; my long, fur-trimmed sleeves connected from my arms down to a red sash. My chest and bandages were on full display, yet I felt incredibly warm inside this brown-and-white yukata.

Akita inu: chainmail above a traditional men’s kimono. The problem was the bright-orange haori jacket, which to my horror had the same white mountain trim as the Shinsengumi.

Firefly: a kimono that looked plain black and delightfully low-key. I had feared it would be something more flashy, and rightfully so. My haori jacket was silk, and more than that, it was semi-translucent, and its gold patterns gave off a remarkable shine. The simple kimono was, in truth, carefully embroidered with a dozen designs revealed at my every step.

Giant salamander: It was in the style of some obscenely well-outfitted ashigaru—a foot soldier—with shin guards and sleeves, plated thigh pieces, and shoulders, too. Like the salamander, my chest piece wasn’t made out of iron, but a spongy material of black-and-brown speckled skin.

Spider crab: Shin guards and sleeves, plated thigh pieces and shoulders—and the chest piece, of course, all colored in the white and orange of the spider crab. It was surprisingly lightweight, save for the back piece, which I couldn’t see.

Chipmunk: shin guards and sleeves, plated thigh pieces and shoulders. They and my chest piece were colored in browns and blacks, and each was outlined in white. It was a samurai’s gusoku, save for one major detail: instead of a helmet, I wore the unmistakable cowl of a sohei.

Wild boar: I wore nothing atop my bandaged chest save for a sleeveless jacket. A general’s surcoat—a jinbaori painted in bloody red and white. It was the sight every samurai feared most on the battlefield. I had no armor save for plated sleeves, which included gloves with tusks on them.

Striped snake: It was a ninja’s mask, part of a fully featured shozoku colored black. The shinobi outfit was surprisingly low-cut and sleeveless—though hardly revealing, for atop my skin was some sort of mesh or webbing that had an uncanny resemblance to snakeskin.


Wild boar is the most badass


Agreed, though snow monkey & the firefly are my favorite light weight armors. Akita is my favorite “heavyweight”.

My favorite and spirit animal is Wild Boar with highest protective stat 77%, no doubt. Maybe I will choose Firefly in the next playthrough while waiting patiently for Book 5 :thinking:

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I was glad with the firefly armor. I’m not really a fan of heavy armor. :joy:


My spirit is also firefly and the moment I turned into a thunder bug was awesome.


I don’t care if I’m a garden snake, Imma bite the shit out of everything. Snek power assemble. :snake: