Samurai of Hyuga Book 2

I’m fairly certain that out of all the theories regarding the slowburn for Toshi is because of his personality is probably the most likely canon one/canon compliant? I mean, it makes the most sense so far – based on what we’ve seen.

I’m excited though to see more of the team step up. Like as much as the MC can kick ass, it would be nice to see how they also do their part in protecting each other and generally gelling as a team (and maybe as a family? idk, am a sucker for found families)

[I know Momoko had her badass moment in Book One, and Toshi is trying his best to hold up in Book Two – which is pretty badass all things considered – but I mean this in like everyone protecting and supporting each other like PLEASE]


Hey guys I’m thinking of drawing my MC. Should I? Cant really guarantee it’ll be good. :no_mouth:


Do it, hun. All fanart is welcome fanart, I’m sure.

Ok I did it! It took two hours and it’s 2 am but I did it! I’ve made progressive pics with of course the final piece at the end. I’m actually proud of myself; I thought I would’ve fucked something up really badly. It came out better than I thought! (Psst. Does anyone know how to condense the pictures in the summary thing?)

Stage #1:

Stage #2:

Final (Tada!):

Name: Akane (meaning: deep red); Female.

Impulsive, Perverted, Charming, Drifter, and Brutal.

Spirit: Snow Monkey; Interested in men.


You know. Reading these I see a lot of people saying they didn’t like the Momoko Romance too much. I think even if you don’t want to romance her it adds depth to the story. Especialy if you are like me and play as a Samurai who is completely gay for Hatch. The best love triangle I’ve ever seen.

I’ve also noticed that Momoko isn’t the only romance available. Playing through I’ve found some scenes that imply starting a romance. Of course you don’t get a chance to make it official like you can with Momoko. I think all the party members will become romance-able in the next book.

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They do going to be romance-able, but considering there going to be 7(?) book, it’s going to take time

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It’s not just the romance that’s frustrating. It’s also the treatment of Momoko in the second book like she had the groundwork as a compelling character set for her in book one – remorseful and guilty doctor who caused an opium epidemic, who also is suffering from severe self esteem issues stemming from her stint there – only to be the designated boob jiggler of book two?

Then you factor in the romance, which is what her arc in the second book was primarily about (her attraction to the MC at the very least), and it feels…so un-compelling given what happened to her in book one. Kind of almost like a romantic plot tumor

She had a lot going on and I was disappointed that out of all the things that we could have talked about, it had to be that. This is compounded by the fact almost all the scenes with Momoko detail her…assets (like yes we get it) and the very ogle-some gaze despite choosing not to be into women in the previous title

Hence sadness and frustration ensued on my end :))

Anyway, here’s hoping her time away from the team is a good thing. I have high hopes for the author and I’d like to believe they have a plan for the third book given the hot mess that the second book is


I was playing the game again and I think I found a bug. My ronin was going to sleep with Momoko, but changed his mind after she told him Hatch had proposed. However the game still treats it like they slept together.

Did it say they sleep together afterwards or dose Hatch just get angry? He gets angrey at you no matter what you do. (Even if your MC has a crush on him.)

If the samurai or someone else said that they specifically slept together and you canceled then yeah. It’s a glitch.


I know Hatch gets angry no matter what you do. My MC and Momoko didn’t sleep together, but Toshie says they did and it’s also showed in the memory.

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Thank you for that find! I’ll have it fixed in a future patch, but unfortunately your saved character will still be thinking he got lucky that night going into Book 3.

What I can do is ask imported characters from Book 2 the Momoko question just to clarify the relationship as they start on Book 3. That should correct the problem!


Oh, that’s not a problem for me. When I play a game with more than one book I usually don’t save my characters until the next book is released. This way I can play again before continuing the story.

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Sooo Hyped for book 3 after playing the demo. I thought the murderer would be the Kinshi guy but I was wrong. At least now I know Hatch is proven innocent at the begining. Maybe now my samurai can finally get a tender moment alone with the big guy. I really enjoyed the new game mechanic and know it was probably a butt to code. (Having done a bit of coding myself.) I really can’t wait to see what the full story will be like. Please don’t kill Momoko off. My samurai may not be sexually attracted to her and he may be in love with a guy who is in love with her but I would feel bad if Jun kills her because of me. It dose make sense since he’s such a pyco and it might be a story point later on but I would still feel bad if she dies.


Cant buy Samurai of Hyuga Book 1 and 2 on steam(doesnt have add to cart button). Anyone know how to fix it? I lost my saves from android device so decided to buy Book 3 on steam . But without previous save files i would have to replay Book 1-2 which i cant buy on steam.

Just check steam in my mobile device and the add to cart is there. Have you checked with customer support?

Okay, about the romances… Um, do I have to be perverted in order to romance someone? Because I am chivalrous, most of the comments I read so far said they had been raising their pervert stat.
Please I need and sneer on this one before I play book 2

And the Romance Options:
I am in love with Masashi… BUT… I WISH HE WAS OLDER. I imagine my character to be in his late twenties if he was a genius with the sword and in his 30’s if he had been 10 years since his sensei’s death. And the height, I like my MC to be tall so… Can magic hopefully make him older? Ha haha.

And there is Jun, I am somehow very attracted to this crazy ex of mine, our past is very curious so I am just hoping that I can make him turn good? YeH, my MC feels guilty about what happened to him so yeah, or I can just kill him and be single.

According to @MultipleChoice , there’s no romance point system in this series if there’s a situation where you could romance someone it will present itself like the one with Momoko.


Oh, hello.

I made a playthrough / achievement guide for Samurai of Hyuga Book Two:

Simple playthrough guide, easy to read and no hassle. Contains two paths; one focuses on a brutal ronin whilst the other is all about finesse.

Hope people find this useful and enjoyable going forward as the books continue to release. :peace_symbol:


I have finished my review for Samurai of Hyuga 2. Thanks for reading!

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@MultipleChoice In the beginning of the first chapter, when fighting Jun/ko, you have the option to rely on Jigoku or your spirit. I did some code diving to check their consequences. The former checks on low attunement while the latter checks on high attunement. The problem is, even if you have high attunement from the previous game, it doesn’t carry over to this one. Meaning your attunement will always be on 0. So, choosing the Jigoku option will always yield an increase of attunement while choosing spirit will not yield an increase. The if statement of high attunement check will always be false as a result.