Sacrificial God

Obviously, Blood for Poppies comes first. However, since it’s the end of the semester, I’ve been too burned out to want to work on BfP, since it requires serious and extensive effort. I just released a chapter, so hopefully that’s enough until summer comes. There are still bugs and such I need to deal with.

However, I got the urge to write this short prologue to a game I may or may not continue one day. Really, I just wanted to work on something that I didn’t feel obligated to finish.

God watches the dying, ruined city of Malachtia. Little more than a decade ago, God’s unblinking, giant eye opened in the sky, but God’s unceasing gaze offers no comfort. It seems God watches only to see the city die, offering no help, never answering any prayers.

You are the Prophecy Child. You are worshiped, beloved, and gifted with a divine purpose. The people look to you to save them from the curse that leaves all living things withered and desiccated. From the time you were a young child, every aspect of your life has been rigorously controlled and monitored. Now that you’re 16, you’ll soon be sent out to complete your purpose, making your journey up the highest mountain, Hethora Peak, where you will face God, offering to give your life for your people.

This project is pretty much nothing at this point, but feel free to check it out:


There is not much content right now to give opinions, but the story seems interesting, this story has potential.

(To be honest after reading the first few lines my reaction was yeah! Im a scapegoat now hooray! :p)


I really like this premise, this false? prophet with a burden and what we choose to do with our role.
I know its potentially nothing but gosh darn is it interesting!


You should give a discrition

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I really like it. My character seems pretty powerful for a scapegoat (which I suspect is the point–the prophet gets blamed if things go pear-shaped), but I’m not gonna complain. :smiley:

And, by the way, I love BfP, but I think I speak for most of us when I say that we’re glad you’re getting a break. Don’t drive yourself to insanity.

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Pretty much nothing,yes

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I mostly started writing this because I have the itch to write an RPG in a proper fantasy setting. When I get more time (in the future… one day…) and BfP out of the way, I’m going to start looking into what it would take to make an RPG. I could go ahead and do it in choicescript. There have been plenty of great RPGs in CS, so I don’t doubt that the medium can handle it. But, honestly, a part of me craves to make a classic isometric RPG that I can get lost playing for hours.



Break? What is this break thing you speak of? I’m going to work myself into a coma! But, seriously, thank you for your kind words!

Your character’s “power” is something of an illusion. I’m leaving it unclear (up to a point) about how divine your character truly is. However, there are influential people who have something to gain from your character being the savior and chosen one. To these people, it’s only important that your character “appears” divine to the public.

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Ooh, this seems interesting. I can’t say I’m exactly hooked on it, but the idea seems interesting. Never would’ve thought something like this would pique my curiosity.


First time I read the title, thought it was Sacrificial Gold, not God. Like, are you gonna give someone a gold offering? Is someone gonna give you a gold offering?Sleepy me is sleepy… :neutral_face:

Seems interesting, but the demo so far is too short for my liking for me to really get into it. Like, didn’t even finish character creation, huhu… But really, so far it’s okay, but there’s not much in it to say anything other than “okay”.


Just from what was given, the story has intrigued me. I would like to see where you take this, should you choose to continue it at all.


Please!!! let me stab God in the eye.

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