Sabres of Infinity Sequel


Well I am a huge fan of the hit game Sabres of Infinity and loved the ending but I have no idea when a possible sequelwill be released and actually have very little to no info on that work in progress. Anyone know anything?


Wow, I’ve never had Sabres of Infinity referred to as a “hit” before.

Long story short: I’ve got some other projects that I’m working on now, but I do have a story outline for Guns of Infinity. I’m tentatively hoping to have it ready for release sometime in late April/May of next year.


Does your new profile pic have anything to do with your other projects? Because I’m sure we’d all like to see what you’re working on, if it’s fine with you.


Funny you should mention that, because I actually need to be setting up a closed beta for said project in the next few days.

Also: yes.


Ohh you got my attention, i hope there will be girls in your new proyect


Since this is a vaguely realted topic, I’ve got to ask this one question… is it possible to view the code for more than the preview in some /scenes/ page? I like to look at what various options will give me (especially later in the game, where I can be a bit afraid to change an approach that worked out well in the past) and try to drive up a skill as high as I can. While I can get a good way there (one can get up to I think around 70 reputation before so much as encountering the Antari ship, for instance) the /scenes/ portion that I accessed had nothing for the game after the ‘cliffhangar’. Is that by design? I guess having it up would allow people to freeload.


I also wanted to know if Guns of Infinity would not be directly impacted by Sabers, since there is no save game page at the end for my games.


It will be, but the version of Sabres which will have the export feature included won’t go up until I start working on Guns in earnest.


I too am curious about the next project.

@Golgot If you bought the game from the chrome store you can view the code. I’ve no idea how to do it on any other device though.


Ahh, cool cool. Just have to keep an eye out then XD. Totally looking forward to it.


thanks im really looking forward to guns of infinity and it is definitly a hit if you look at the favorite games discussions all the newer ones mention your game


i really hope you can finish guns though sooner i was addicted to the game and plaed for like six hours till i beat it


Cat you made Sabers of infinity? Your the most amazing person I’ve ever met.


I dont really like sabres of infinity but it is still good and it would be amazing if there is a guns of infinity


I actually finally bought SoI this week, it’s fantastic! Definitely up there with ZE, Way Walkers, Apex Patrol and other reputable Hosted Games.

Your new game is under the CoG label if I recall correctly?

On the subject of a sequel though, I feel like whilst another game in the same world would definitely interest me, it shouldn’t be a direct sequel (I haven’t finished it yet, so that may not even be possible anyway?).


I would say that Way Walkers and SOI are the best games in CoG ( along with CoD of course ).


Yeah, Way Walkers and Sabres of Infinity are my favorite, along with Life of a Wizard


If I had money I could tell you what I think of Wizard but I’m broke.


I know what you mean. Luckily, these gamebooks only range from 1-4 dollars and you get a lot out of them.


Yeah maybe I can make a deal where they let me play all the full games for free.