Sabres of Infinity - National Hero


I’m curious if anybody has gotten the National Hero achievement (get all medals in one playthrough, end game with 80 reuputation) in Sabres of Infinity. The closest I’ve gotten is two medals and 60 reputation at the end of the game.


I’ve passed the threshold for the achievment but the achievments are bugged(at least for IOS) so they don’t trigger.


I’ve got all medals and 92 reputation. I can PM you a walkthrough if you like.


Would you mind sending it to me.


sounds good too me highest i got was 82


could you send me a walkthrough to get all the medals + 80+ reputation too? :smiley:


Can you send the walkthrough to me aswell


I would like this walk through as well


Perhaps you should post the walkthrough on this thread. I did that on another thread and it was a lot more efficient than replying to each individual request.


Can you please send me the walkthrough as well.


Can you please send me the walkthrough as well please ?


I’d like to see it too. :smiley:


It’s really easy with intelligence and soldier high


I got all three and 113% reputation. No joke lol.


intelligence ? and what high ?


If anyone still knows how please send it to me


all I can get up to is around 70 reputation and 3 medals lol


I get 85 intelligence and 50 soldier and get 90 respect and all medals. I can’t with Charisma as main stat. But I am terrible metagaming so If I can made it easily all of you can.


I’ve gotten all medals and high rep with high int and high charisma.

(The metagame is strong with me)


The roleplaying is strong in me. Metagaming is the boring light side of the cogs. Long life to dark side roleplaying!!