Sabres of Infinity help?


Ok, since Guns of Infinity came out, I really really want to beat this game but I’m stuck on battle scene. It seems that what ever I do, I get killed. Not sure if its the choices that I made are to spread apart or I’m just fairly unlucky since I am usually able to beat the game in after a couple play through. My soldiering is at 59%, charisma 5%, and intellect 50%. My unit is 25% discipline, morale is 55% which is the highest I was able get so far, and loyalty is 35%.


Your unit stats are what’s getting you killed. Your men will abandon you with loyalty that low and won’t perform very well unless you get higher discipline. There’s a guide I could send you if you’d prefer that to experimenting on your own.


Yeah if you could. So far I’ve died like at least 20 times at end and all of my stats are around like those above.


I went ahead and sent the guide. Good luck in Guns.


Thanks man, hopefully I won’t die this time.


If you could send me a guide as well, that would be fantastic, I’ve been looking to perfect my officer.


Sent you one too, good luck.


Could I please get the guide too? Want to make sure I got everything


I would suggest putting the guide link here that way you don’t need to keep sending it to people individually.


I was considering that, and I think you’re right.

1 choose to watch the troops +2 soldiering = 32
2 choose first option because your late +2 charisma = 32
3 Be Aetorian
4 Be 18 or 25 for +5 in intellect and charisma.
5 Choose the books for intellect
6 Kill your soldering -15 = 17
7 Don’t boost intellect.
8 Boost charisma.
9 Find Caz
10 Train with caz +15 soldiering = 32
11 Save elson aka last option
12 Choose to read about antar
13 Choose to take over the boarding your friend with caz and he will persuade the sailor for you
14 Watch out for the banefire
15 Hold midships
16 Go play either kian chess or tierran poker with your fellow officers
17 Choose sergeant first and take Lanzarel
18 Choose buy and buy thunderer due to 60 charisma you buy him from 150 to 75 plus reputation boost
19 Train troops
20 Run like hell to the bridge aka last option
21 Improvise a better seal plan
22 Choose firstly the last option and then the first
23 Charge
24 Dive up all the gold to the soldiers.
25 When you hit the promotion page which has three option 2 missions and early promotion choose the second mission aka cavalry reserve.
26 Take extra ammo tell your troops to be ready for everything
27 Carrecort must be dealt with choose first and then your a idiot to the army and then the charisma option
28 Choose full out attack
29 Do what you will with carrecort
30 Keep the rune gun it gives +15 soldiering = 47
31 Take first mission choose discipline
32 Talk to your troops and persuade them to give you their story
33 Talk to captain lefvfre and persuade him to tell you his story
34 Tell the troops lefvre send you
35 Find the missing soldiers
36 Escort them back as guest +5 loyalty because lanzarel is hard ass
37 Go tell hunter what is going on
38 Blah blah blah meaningless option and then a stat boost page go and inagriate yourself with cunaris and then read his books you will have 69 int then.
39 Choose discipline
40 choose to pay to house the troops
41 choose cutting six month pay
42 At elson camp go talk to caz stick to small talk and you will get a +4 soldiering boost = 51
43 Unveil your master plan to take the fort with no causalities aka last option
44 Choose caz for military stuff and elson for charismatic stuff
45 Second or third option keep the baneblood allow the rest to leave or kill them
46 More medals and if you killed them your gonna have to choose military necessity
47 Go through all option
48 Go to window choose whatever option you wanna rp as.
49 Choose the flashiest announcement option
50 Talk to anyone you want except caz shame I know but what can you do.
51 Blah blah blah talk to caz and elson choose and then which people you wanna hang out with
52 Take the int option when talking to elson
53 Stay at castle
54 Int option again
55 Ask him what his doing here
56 Allow caz to speak
57 First option
58 Choose to hold the line by yourself
59 Barricade most damage to antari
60 Anyone not willing to die with me may go huge stat boosts especially in loyalty
61 Int option in killing the hussar
62 Your done.
Jack of all trade nets you a 50/60/69 23 year old or 30 and 50/65/74 all medals thunderer and lanzarel.

Here it is for anyone who wants it, put together by @Player


Why not start with a 30 year old? I can get 61 soldiering 69 intelligence and 70 charisma that way,


You’ll start get stat hits from old age way sooner.


How bad are we talking? And wouldn’t a stat like int go up not down?


We don’t know. The next game hasn’t come out yet lol.


As @Drbg said we don’t have any exact numbers but considering a 30 year old could very well be in his mid seventies by the end of the series, they could be quite substantial.

Also, intellect will also decrease. After all no matter how smart someone is, eventually their mind will dull somewhat.


Am I supposed to lose health during the charge? Having faith allows me to come out unharmed.


Yes, but Thunderer grants you far more in the way of rep. While Faith is great, Thunderer is simply the better long term option if you have 30 soldiering or more.


Why is thunderer better? Does the horse allow you to pass certain checks? Besides reputation (Which scales down) I don’t see the benefit.


That scaled down reputation can mean the difference between being able to commit to the Forlorn Hope with Cazarosta, or being forced to do it alone.

And yes, Thunderer does give automatic success to at least one check in the battle of Blogia. It also (iirc) makes winning the battle at River Kharan against Loch slightly easier

That, along with the reputation boost, makes him more worthwhile than faith


You’re correct, Thunderer’s able to do some impressive skull-bashing against the Antari peasants.