Sabres of Infinity help and advice


A thread for help and advice on the game.

Recently bought this game and I’ve had some questions that haven’t been answered and thought that maybe others might have the same questions.

Firstly, in the beginning while your still training is there a way to keep your charisma up? My charisma seems to always fall when it asks who I sit with when I eat lunch. The only option that appears is that i eat by myself.


Yeah, it seems like that was confusing for some people. Basically, the game was asking you to rank your traits. If you said that you were excellent at soldiering, for example, you could only be medium for intelligence and terrible at charisma (or vice versa). If you want to get good stats for charisma, then, you’d have to say you were mediocre for one of the other traits.


Did you feel that charisma helped you with anything? I managed to find a way to keep my Intelligence high and keep both my charm and soldiering a decent amount


The beauty of the game is that it’s well-balanced as far as stats go. Charisma helps, and certainly opens up a lot of doors (as well as insights to characters’ behaviors) - but you could say that of intelligence and soldiering as well. There’s no one trait that’s necessary as long as the others are developed and you play to your strengths.


Seriously!!! Holy crap lol. I just did it not too long ago but he suggested it to me and it wall went (kinda) well. I can only imagine how much worse it would’ve gone if he tried to kill you lol.


how do you get any of the decorations?


I got one medal (nonstandard) once. During the bridge battle scene, you have to capture the enemy general in order to get the medal. In that scene, I believe it is only possible if you barricade the road on your side and charge into the enemy and maintain formation (high discipline).


One medal for successfully leading the boarding team and completing the commanding sequence without troubles (You need high charisma for this one and to find a way of having that guy not get a promotion). One medal for capturing the enemy general (This one is incredibly hard, took me a few tries) and one medal for perfectly completing that mission where you need to take over an outpost with your two allies that were from school.


I didn’t even know you could lead the boarding action, and was mad that I had to submit to Cazarosta lol. Will def try to get that now XD.


Charisma its more useful people though, all stats are same level of usefullness


@lazerith you have to be friends with cazarosta then save Elton at the parade. No one will get promoted so you are now equal. Because you are friendly he will offer to let you lead.

I have not tried being enemies with him though, but as long as you save Elton you will remain Cazarosta’s equal. Then you can also win the argument through convincing the captain with high charisma.

Hope this helps



Note that if you help Elson out in a way that humiliates Cazarosta, you *will* need high Charisma to lead the boarding action. (I’d also recommend decent soldiering if you’re planning on making Caz your enemy too…)


Oh sorry I was not clear enough. You have to go solo and save Elson. If you stop the practice he will hate you :frowning:

I guess the soldiering is so that you do not die when he tries to kill you during the boarding party. Which he tries if he hates you enough.


If you stop practice he doesn’t automatically hate you he was upset first but if you was nice and try reconcile him and elison and high charisma he is ok with you leading the naval action and wastotally friendly rest of game


You need to be both equal by either stopping his charge (charisma) or saving elson (soldiering).
Then, you either need high charisma to convince the sergeant or be in good standing with him for him to give you a vote of confidence.


How many decorations are there is guide to get all of them in one playthrough?


i got 2 and knighted once i think, i think their is a max of 3


I got knighted and captaincy but no decorations :frowning:


What stats correspond with the ones for increasing discipline, loyalty and morale? I try to pick the right one but it always tells me that I was incompetent in some respect (I’m boring and don’t think up good drills, etc.) so I get a malus in some other area.


Rogar: There are three available. Try boosting your Intelligence, and make sure to befriend Cazarosta without pissing off Elson too much.

Golgot: Increasing Discipline safely in the first relevant decision requires Charisma, Loyalty requires Intelligence, and Morale requires Soldiering. All of these can be waived if you are increasing the stat corresponding to your sergeant, and then you’ll increase the stat by 15 instead of 10.