Sabres Of Infinity Guide


I had a question about sabres of infinity.I wanted to know if I can get my men to not run away when I want to charge with Elson in the battle and is it also possible to survive the fight and come out alive?
Some people in the forum tried to help me but I still couldn’t survive.If anyone can help me on that I’d appreciate it. :smiley:


Your start are in the beginning of the last battle?


@Player Didn’t quite understand your question,but if you’re asking if it’s the last battle then yes.When I get the choice to fight in front with Elson or stay behind with Cazarosta,I chose to fight in front and I always died.


The game has a stat page copy paste your stats here.



Soldiering: 71%
Charisma: 13%

Reputation: 16%
Health: 75%

Idealism: 95%-Cynicism: 5%
Ruthlessness: 14%-Mercy: 86%

Troop stats:

Discipline: 20%
Morale: 65%
Loyalty: 27%


I don’t think you can survive with unit stats that low.

Here’s a guide if you want it.


@Verand so basically there’s no way to survive without changing soldiering,charisma and intellect?Or is there a way to change the troop stats without touching the other 3?


Troop stats:

Discipline: 20%
Morale: 65%
Loyalty: 27%

all of these need to be at least 50+ for a perfect run.


@Player That’s the question.

HOW do I get them all to 50+ ?


I’m on a play through right now with
Discipline 55
Morale 45
Loyalty 58
Chose the loyalty first with Lanzerel as sergeant bought the rank early then used my money to buy them the nice house for the winter and the guns. If you listen most of Lanzerels advice is good so you should get your stats up to mine easy like that…
Still don’t know if I’ll survive the battle though…


@Drakenfel Thanks.I’ll try that,but what about the time when you get your new unit?Did you just choose to bring your men back or something else?


Well that asking too much from me.


You should focus less on soldiering and more on int/char. This will help with your men since it opens up several routes that could boost their stats. You could also save up 500 crowns and buy dragonlocks for your men by getting promoted as soon as possible. The guide I linked to will give you a perfect run so you may want to consider using it if you still can’t figure it out on your own.


Just finished the run. I don’t think you can win the battle but if you get your men in the battle and reform their formation into a wedge you can charge into the enemy once and it gives you a massive boost to discipline I finished with seventy. After that he Captain guy tried to do this suicide charge so I just went back to defend the castle until I was told to retreat. The King Knights you and everything.

Drini7 I think your asking who I chose to lead my men and yes I chose the men from my old unit to lead them.


here’s my stats after the game ended:
age = 23
soldiering = 75%
charisma = 5% (never once did i need this to be higher)
intellect = 56%
reputation = 105%
health 85%
idealism 87% Cynicism 13%
ruthlessness 27% Mercy 73%
all 3 major awards
sergeant fenton
discipline 42
morale 52
loyalty 90

so basically i went for loyalty and morale since that’s what i needed for the charge at the toll gate, and was basically needed for the heroic charge at the final battle… in all of my games, i always put int as my best skill just to get to the 50+ mark needed for the bane sense choice in the boat, and the bluff with nelson and cazarosta where you get the meritous award and then just focus on soldiering the whole way…


Is it possible to get promoted to lieutenant during the mock charge in Fernandescourt’s?


No, it is not possible.


So either let Cazarosta get promoted or not, right?


Yep. Either Caz gets brevetted or the board splits and neither of you do.


I see. Thanks for answering my question :grin: