RPG poll


This is more or less a poll BUT YOU GET TO PICK THE RPG
1)Real world?
2)If real world what year
4)magic or no magic
5)Humans or more
6)if more than humans then what
7)What do you think the stats should be


2modern is the easiest and is intriguing, but to spruce it up maybe alittle more in the future, or way back into the past with swords and bows, which i think would be awesome
3 somewhere people can relate to (for example i used new york in my rp because its huge and lots of people live in big citys) so choose somewhere along those lines, maybe toronto to get outstats of the states? but if your going back in time make up a huge city with a great big castle
4 magic makes everything interesting and fun, i say magic
5if its modern, having only humans is easier to explain, but if you decide to go back in time, you should throw anything your imagination can come up with
6 its easy to say, vampires, werewolves, ect, because they are part human, but try to find something that is a race of their own, all i have is examples, ie elves, dwarves, and (skyrim) argonians.
7the stats should be

Agility and speed are not the same thing (as i have mixed up before unfortunatly) agility is how you handle your footing, your aim ect, speed is frankly… speed

Just clarifying that just in case, because i my self have messed that up by accident


Everything is good but I think I would have to change the name of argonians just to make it my own even more(And not deal with copyright)

  1. yes
    2)Modern can be a lot of fun since there are more things for the supernatural to have to be careful of but one set in the past also can be pretty fun as well
    3)Chicago :slight_smile:
    4)Magic definitely have magic
    5+6)Humans and more, the standard stuff obvouisly but throw maybe some slightly odd stuff like dryads, dragons, different types of weres, etc.
    (and depending on how many stats you are willing to have)
    Speed (a lot of people use agility and it for the same thing)


Good Good.Weres would most likly be the eastest(I now know there are prey were-Deers would be the best example).Dragons might be a no but dragon-born(Dungeons and dragons dragon born not skyrim) mgiht be in there.And everything else is great(I will need to look up dryads though)


Dryads are tree spirits most often it is said that as long as their tree they came from lives they live.


Oh yea.Their are water ones if I am right


Naiads I think they are called though now that I think about it what about Sirens as a race?


Maybe(Males look out).Oh and I want to get this out of the way NO DEMONS.Now there can be npcs but no demon player characters


Boo I was just about to suggest succubus lol I’m kidding


I said it for a good reason.Demons cant be killed they all ways come back from the underworld hell or whatever you beliving.


eh depends on what your source is but pretty much yeah I think they do


You kill their mortal host and they have to wait a bit for them to come back and besides most times the are OP(overpowered).


Hmm unless you have “The Colt” lol sorry I had to do that


Oh and the reason you might want to die is becouse you might get bored or you tried to kill everyone else


So are Sirens, dryads, or maybe naiads in as races?


dryads yes.Sirens and Naiads are good races so I need to have a city near water.




Maybe but we have to wait.Oh and here is a dryads power that they can use:They teleport to the tree so they can defend it if it is under attack.


Hmm definitely sounds like a good power for them,
sorry this took so long I got roped into helping cleaning up