Royal Affairs Discussion Thread and Romance Guide (Spoilers Within)

Thank you so much. Both of you, and many people here and elsewhere, have helped the game so much during and after its production. I feel incredibly fortunate that people feel passionate about my work! :heart:


That’s amazing to hear Hannah, Royal Affairs is the best I’ve read from you so far it is no wonder it is so highly valued on the community!

Gotta wonder how much your narrative will surprise us on Honor Bound, the Creme de la creme universe is such a growing treasure.

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Does anyone know how to get Hyacinthe into their dance school at the end of the game?I’ve done all the romance routes and I’ve always gotten that ending for Hyacinthe.

Sorry I missed this a while back!

You’ll need to speak to them at the picnic in Chapter 9. Saying you’ll ask the Moradi Conservatory to reconsider is the way to get Hyacinthe into the dance school: they’ll talk to you about it if you invite them to the palace in the final chapter.

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I’ve been wondering, is “college” what high school is called in the UK? I mean, we have colleges in the US too, but usually an 18-year-old student would be entering their first year.

Haha, you have unlocked my “worked in education for a while” mode!

The equivalent of US high schools are usually called secondary schools (or high schools), though they are confusingly sometimes called colleges like this one. That isn’t the norm though. They’ll also often be called academies formally, but you’d not usually call them that in casual speech.

There are Sixth Form Colleges for students aged 16-18 where A-levels are studied (which are the highest school qualification, usually required for university applications) although A-levels can also be studied at secondary schools. Then there are Further Education colleges that are usually for students aged 16+ but sometimes for adults returning to education, which may involve studying A-levels or retaking GCSEs (exams taken at 16) but also may provide vocational courses or apprenticeships - perhaps roughly equivalent to community college. They wouldn’t typically have student housing in the same way a university would.

In the UK at age 18 you’d have finished mandatory schooling and might be going to a Further Education college to do a vocational course, going into Higher Education (a university course which could be studied at university… or at some Further Education colleges. I know :weary:), doing an apprenticeship, or applying for a job.

In Westerlin the final year of school is 18-19 but they are considered a significant step up more mature and ready for life responsibilities than the year below. Gallatin is inspired by finishing schools / charm schools and Archambault is inspired by places like Eton or Harrow, though both are less grim in various ways than their real-world counterparts (more grim in others, of course).


me: hm I think I will try out a different romantic partner this time
asher: exists
me: dammit dammit dammit dammit dammit dammit


I’ve romanced them all, and they’re all worth it, but Asher is definitely one of my favorites.

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I’ve managed to try out a few more options—Dominique & Javi, and Beaumont & Trevelyan poly were extremely cute and gave me more appreciation for all of them—but it’s just so hard to resist Asher. They’re such a sweetheart and it’s friends to lovers and the slow burn version goshh.


Heads up for anyone that tries out the Dominique-Javi route, what a fantastic pair, the perfect contrast combined with perfect character evolution, that Javi was opening up more and more for romance at the end of the novel made all the progress come together.


I rather love Javi and his personality and even though my MC has a romantic/sexual nature as opposed to his romantic non-sexual nature. I loved the idea of a match with him. Both because I liked him and because I felt it would be a good solution for both of us politically and personally. However, I felt it was a huge failing that I could then not choose who I romance on the side to fulfill my other needs. I have a lot of love to give and I wanted to give it to Asher. Whom I felt honestly wouldn’t want to face the scrutiny of being in the position of marrying into the royal family anyway. I feel extremely disappointed that this was left out. Kind of like not being able to be with Max and Delacroix in the first game while Marrying Gonzalez, though in that case I understood the coding was preventative. I don’t think that was quite this issue here.

I’m so glad you liked Javi and Asher! I did consider some other polyamory options than what ended up in the game, but the other characters didn’t feel compatible to me, or I felt that they wouldn’t enjoy being in that situation. It gets touched on late in the game if you’re romancing multiple incompatible people - the characters speak to the PC a bit about how they feel about the situation and express their preferences. (If I was doing it again, I might try to expand that section a bit, but it’s a very complicated bit of the game!)

In Asher’s case, it was something where I didn’t feel they would feel fulfilled in that setup. With Javi, again it did not feel to me like they were in a place to want a V polyamorous arrangement with someone, especially if they didn’t get along with them very well personally. They do, however, enjoy having a triad relationship with the PC and Dominique if you pick that route. Or you can marry Javi entirely-nonromantically while having a romantic or physical relationship with Beaumont or Trevelyan.

I’m sorry that element was disappointing - I hope that you had a good time in the game in other ways!


Hi, I finished Creme de la Creme and started this one. So far so good! I am like glad that I chanced upon your works. And this game has definitely more poly options so I am happy :).

My one suggestion would be to add checkpoint system(it can be given along with premium or separately), at the start of each chapter so that we can trace back some of our mistakes and not have to completely restart the game(believe me, it’s very tedious), given the fact that I always strive for a perfect run lol. Or a ‘foresight’ premium option that allows us to see what stats will be affected with any option before I choose them. It’s kinda hard to control the situation without them(I would rather not use cheats, they kill the experience).

Also, is starting a romance with someone same as committing like we used to do in creme de la creme? Or I can start multiple romances and fool around for a bit before someone asks me to commit.


RA does have checkpoints. They’re the same as in CDLC. :slight_smile:

You can also start multiple romances. Actually the best way of making sure you can do the poly options is to take those selections with both characters you’re interested in as soon as possible.

but yes you can fool around a little. At certain points one character or the other will approach and ask about your intent


A 50k words long epilogue! I am excited! I am dying! I am excited and dying! I didn’t even realise how much I needed it until I replayed Trevelyan’s route and realised the road to a happily ever after for the MC and the country would be long and arduous. And, of course, there was my kidnapping-happy, dictatorial, pro-monarchy MC. I need to see what happened to them in greater detail too.


We are one week away from the free epilogue update! (which also includes various fixes and a new way of doing checkpoints so you can load from the stat page, but that’s a bit less exciting…)

One year after the ending, it’ll be time to go on an exclusive whirlwind trip to a foreign country! Hobnob with the President of Teran, have fun with your siblings, eat delicious food, and enjoy some extra-special moments with a friend or loved one along the way… and maybe wedding bells are on the horizon…?


As a tester who put in a lot of time on the Epilogue, I can’t wait to see what everyone thinks. I’m sure they’ll enjoy their travels as much as I did!


I’m incredibly grateful for your feedback, both for the epilogue and for finding some remarkably obscure bugs that I don’t think anyone else has seen in the main game! :sweat_smile:


Indeed a real pleasure to participate once again, it does not matter the content you throw at us Hannah we know that certain standards of quality will never decrease.

Excited to know more about your next project though.

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Thank you so much, I really appreciate it - I’m looking forward to the epilogue being out soon! I hope you enjoy Honor Bound if and when you play it!